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DE-FOA-0002143: Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT) 2019

As part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)’s mission is to promote widespread energy efficiency and renewable energy technology adoption in the Federal sector. FEMP assists Federal agencies in meeting energy-related goals by bringing expertise from all levels of project and policy implementation to identify affordable solutions and facilitate public-private partnerships.

FEMP’s Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT) 2019 Federal Agency Call (FAC) will build on FEMP’s prior AFFECT grant program efforts to provide direct funding to Federal agencies for the development of energy and water efficiency projects and processes. The purpose of the AFFECT 2019 FAC funding is to initiate, supplement, improve or otherwise increase the viability and adoption of energy efficiency at U.S. Federal government-owned facilities through the use of a privately financed performance contract such as an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) or Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC), etc., or demonstration of a Federal agency’s enterprise-wide approach to implementing energy efficiency. An enterprise-wide approach is defined as an all-inclusive strategy to energy management for an entire portfolio of sites. Through the AFFECT 2019 FAC, FEMP intends to facilitate and promote the wider adoption of energy and water efficiency projects and processes at all Federal facilities.


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