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Amendment 000005 to DE-FOA-0000991.  

The Vehicle Technologies Office supports a broad research, development, and deployment technology portfolio focused on reducing the cost and improving the performance of a mix of near- and long-term vehicle technologies including advanced batteries, power electronics and electric motors, lightweight and propulsion materials, advanced combustion engines, advanced fuels and lubricants, and other enabling technologies.  Specifically, activities are aimed at meeting the goals and objectives of the President's Electric Vehicle Everywhere Grand Challenge as well as improvements in other vehicle technologies such as powertrains, fuel, tires, and auxiliary systems and Vehicle Technologies Office . Investment in advanced vehicle technologies, like vehicle electrification, lightweighting, and combustion engines will yield benefits to conventional vehicles, as well as yielding the technologies necessary for alternative fuel vehicles.

This Funding Opportunity Announcement contains a total of 14 areas of interest in the general areas of advanced light-weighting; advanced battery development; power electronics; advanced heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems; and fuels and lubricants.



  • Amendment 000005 (Last Updated: 3/14/2014 01:38 PM ET)

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