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DE-FOA-0001910: Notice of Intent to Issue DE-FOA-0001837 entitled "Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Advancement and Data Dissemination"

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) intends to issue, on behalf of the Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO), a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled “Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Advancement and Data Dissemination”.

The FOA objectives are to further the development of Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) technologies by reducing costs, accelerating technology, and reducing deployment timelines. It is anticipated that the FOA may include the following Topic Areas to support these objectives:

Topic Area 1: Early Stage Device Design Research  The objective of Topic Area 1 is to advance technology by providing early stage development and evaluation of next generation wave and tidal/current systems, targeting prototype scale systems that have high potential that can be proven through numerical simulations and testing validation.

Topic Area 2: Controls and Power Take Off (PTO) Design Integration and Testing  The objective of Topic Area 2 is to support early stage design of PTO and control systems in parallel. Projects are expected to build and test the PTO with an operational real time control system at a relevant scale in a laboratory and/or tank setting. 

Topic Area 3: Dissemination of Environmental Data and Analyses to Facilitate the Marine Energy Regulatory Process  The objective of Topic Area 3 is to develop tools and methodologies that capture recent advances in the scientific understanding of environmental impacts of marine renewable energy and make this information widely available in a synthesized and easily digestible format to inform and facilitate Federal and State MHK regulatory processes.

Please review the full Notice of Intent, which can be accessed under the "Documents" heading below.

This is a Notice of Intent (NOI) only. EERE may issue a FOA as described herein, may issue a FOA that is significantly different from the FOA described herein, or EERE may not issue a FOA at all.

This Notice is issued so that interested parties are aware of the EERE’s intention to issue this FOA in the near term. All of the information contained in this Notice is subject to change. EERE will not respond to questions concerning this Notice. Once the FOA has been released, EERE will provide an avenue for potential Applicants to submit questions.


  • Notice of Intent to Issue DE-FOA-0001837 (Last Updated: 4/10/2018 02:25 PM ET)

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