Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1: May multiple companies join together to  submit a single joint application to this FOA?
Answer 1: Yes, multiple entities may join together in the form of a consortia to submit a joint application. Please see section III.A of the FOA for more information regarding the eligibility of Incorporated and Unincorporated Consortia.
Question 2: I am writing to inquire about the DE-FOA-0002680 concept paper requirements. Are we to provide an ROM or otherwise, any other requested funding information for the project? I do not see it mentioned in the Concept Paper requirements section.
Answer 2: Submission requirements are detailed in section IV.C.i. of the FOA.
Question 3: Our organization has tried to register with the System for Award Management (SAM) however the system appears to be down for several days now and their contact number appears to be incorrect or disconnected. Can you please assist with this? We cannot move forward with our registration as the next step required us to create an organization account with our SAM MPIN which we cannot obtain because their system is down.
Answer 3: Please coordinate with your IT department for these technical issues. appears to be working correctly. Additionally, the second page of the FOA has a link for SAM FAQs.
Question 4: The provided excel spreadsheet for the Budget justification only allows to input 3 Budget periods. However, based on the FOA awards can have up to 5 budget periods. Will an updated version of the spreadsheet will be posted?
Answer 4: This FOA calls for 3, 12 month budget periods.
Question 5: Can you let me know when the funding applications are due? Also, do you have a projection of what the average funding amounts will be and and the terms of the funding?
Answer 5: Per the title page of this FOA, Concept Papers are due 5/31/2022 and Full Applications 7/19/2022. See Section II.A.i. for estimated funding levels.
Question 6: For DE-FOA0002680 (Topic 1), are the team members and their percentages of effort written in stone once we submit a concept paper? In other words, can the team members and their percentage of effort change once we create the proposal?
Answer 6: Yes, team members and percentage of effort can change between Concept Paper and Full Application stages. However, the prime entity who submits the Concept Paper must also submit the Full Application.
Question 7: I am having trouble downloading this file. It says the pdf file is damaged. Please check or email me the file: DE-FOZ-0002680.
Answer 7: Please try either using a different web browser to open/download the document or download the document to your computer and then use the Adobe software on your computer to open the file locally.
Question 8: I was wondering if you had a concept paper template for this funding opportunity? Or if we should create our own using the guidelines in the solicitation?
Answer 8: There is not a required template for the concept papers. Please see Section IV.C.i. of the FOA for content and form of Concept Papers.
Question 9: We want to investigate the early stage feasibility of reusing, repurposing, and recycling the batteries from an environmental and safety perspective. Does it fall within the scope of this funding grant? We understood the contents need to be in a concept paper. However, it is not mentioned how many pages are allowed on a concept paper. Can you please help with these questions?
Answer 9: Please submit a concept paper detailing your concept for an encourge or discourage assesssment. Form and content for Concept Papers is specified in Section IV.C.i. of the FOA.
Question 10: • Within Topic Area 2, will EERE consider Concept Letters and Full Applications for DoE funding totaling less than $4M? • Within Topic Area 2, will EERE consider Concept Letters and Full Applications for projects with a period of performance other than 36 months? A second life energy storage system may take >>12 months years to commission, so a longer period of performance may be helpful to characterize and validate the performance of such a system over a 12+ month period • Could you provide more detail on the required "written assurance" of proposed cost share contributions in Full Applications? • Could you provide more detail on the "additional information and documentation" regarding cost share contributions which are required during award negotiations?
Answer 10: While there is no minimum on federal funding for either AOI in this FOA, the anticipated minimum award size is contained in Section II.A.i. of the FOA. This FOA calls for 3, 12 month budget periods. DOES does not define "written assurance", but this could be in the form of a commitment letter submitted at the time of application. For cost share, please review Section III.B. of the FOA.
Question 11: We are looking to apply for this funding and are working on the concept paper that is due at the end of May. On the EERE website we can't seem to find where we upload this document. When completed do we hand it into this e-mail?
Answer 11: This email is for Q&A only. Concept Papers and Full applications must be submitted through the EERE Exchange for consideration. Please utilize for technical issues navigating the EERE exchange.
Question 12: 1) I was wondering if it would be possible to talk to a DOE rep on the phone who is working on DE-FOA-0002680 to ask a few questions as I am trying to determine what a suitable applicant is? 2) I am specifically curious if this FOA includes projects / technology which recycle/upcycle EV Batteries from damaged EVs for use in the conversion of ICE vehicles to EV, thereby extending the life of the EV battery prior to a premature end-of-life application?
Answer 12: Please submit a concept paper detailing your concept for an encourge or discourage assessment.
Question 13: I have a question related to Topic Area 2 - Second Use Scale-Up Demonstration Projects. On page 15, the FOA states “…second use applications outside of the automotive industry such as stationary energy storage systems.” So, if a battery is used in stationary EV charging station, will that application be considered as outside of the automotive industry and be eligible for the funding or not? Thank you very much for helping addressing the question.
Answer 13: Please submit a concept paper detailing your concept for an encourge or discourage assessment.
Question 14: “Applications must include a plan to use the new process, technology, or technique to produce a representative sample of the second use article for 3rd party national laboratory validation and characterization by the end of the period of performance.” Questions: • Should a national lab be identified/chosen as part of an applicant’s Concept Paper and Full Application? • Does the applicant need to develop and include a detailed testing plan (i.e. testing parameters, performance metrics, defined testing period, etc.) for the 3rd party national lab as part of its application? • Does the applicant need to allocate funding within the proposal budget (either requested federal funds and/or cost sharing) for the costs incurred by the national testing lab? • Should the applicant partner with one or more national labs prior to submitting an application in order to develop and propose relevant testing and validation tasks?
Answer 14: DOE will be responsible for action items and funding relating to 3rd party validation and characterization at national laboratories.
Question 15: The pdf download is not working correctly.
Answer 15: Please try either using a different web browser to open/download the document or download the document to your computer and then use the Adobe software on your computer to open the file locally.
Question 16: Company A and Company B are separate entities under Company C. Company B has the necessary account registration requirements in order to submit an application for the second life battery usage grant, but Company A does not. But there aren’t any obstacles to the mechanics of transferring funds between Company A and Company B. Questions: 1. Are there any lawful restrictions or terms of the grant to pass the funds from one entity to another? 2. Would having Company B as the grant requester make Company B technically responsible for any further follow-up activities such as subsequent reporting, etc.? (If so, what?) 3. Would receipt of a grant in Company B’s name cause any change to Company B’s status (e.g. to becoming a Federal supplier) or bring Company B under the jurisdiction of any regulations (labor, environmental, etc.) to which Company B would not already be subject?
Answer 16: Applicants must review 2 CFR 200 and 2 CFR 920 to fully understand all regulations. A pass-through entity is defined in the CFR as a "non-Federal entity that provides a subaward to a subrecipient to carry out part of a Federal program." While not expressly unallowable, it would be unusual for the prime to perform no work and act only as a pass through. If Company B is the prime applicant, then Company B is legally responsible for adherence to all of the terms and conditions of the resultant grant, including adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.