Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1: We are technically ready for a test, but financially we are not able to provide the matching fund. We read that the matching fund must be 20%. Would it be possible for you to evaluate our proposal without the matching fund?
Answer 1:

 In accordance with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, cost share in the amount of 20% is a statutory requirement of this Funding Opportunity Announcement.  Applicants that do not propose a minimum 20% cost share will not be considered, nor will they be able  to submit their applications in Exchange, as the system automatically blocks all applications that do not propose the required cost share amount.   Please see Appendix C (Cost Share Information) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement and 10 CFR 600 for further information on what qualifies for cost sharing.

Question 2: Would the OWC technology qualify for consideration?
Answer 2:

Please see Section 1-Funding Opportunity Description of the FOA, Subsection A. Description, which states, “Only WEC buoy  (point-absorber) device types are being considered for funding at this time.”  Applications that propose devices other than wave energy conversion buoys will not be considered.

Question 3: Will the Contractor be compensated for the power produced? At what rate? Can the value of electricity be considered as cost share?
Answer 3:

The value of electricity will not be considered as cost share for the DOE funded award.  However, the recipient (device developer) will also be required to enter into a CRADA with the Navy as described in the FOA.  A power purchase agreement (PPA) would also be developed in parallel with the CRADA negotiations.

Question 4: Will a modification be issued to extend the FOA closing date?
Answer 4:

The FOA will close as scheduled. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on June 18, 2012.