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Question 1: Why is this certification and rating project not being conducted by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)?
Answer 1:

 As discussed in Section 1. A. 1. (Program Overview) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement, Department of Energy’s Office of General Counsel has determined that EPAct Section 121 is inapplicable to window attachments. Specifically, Section 121 establishes a requirement for and procedures to develop a “voluntary window rating program that will develop energy rating and labels for windows and window systems

Question 2: The test data and rating for a window film would be identical if the film is applied during or after manufacture. There is currently in place a valid and well-established rating system for window film with NFRC. Is the intention to just continue to use the same data that is used in Optics and Window? Or is there additional information that is being requested beyond this? Would window film manufacturers be required to pay both rating agencies for rating the identical product (applied during or after window manufacture)?
Answer 2: As stated in Section 1. A. 2. (Funding Opportunity Objectives) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement, LBNL will provide the underlying validated tools, including WINDOW and THERM, to determine product properties and attributes. The Program will determine how the information from those tools is converted into an average value, annual rating or another format suitable for rating and labeling purposes.
Question 3: The technical report by LBNL cited in the FOA indicated window coverings that can be user operated, can be closed as low as 30% of the time. If the assumption is that the window covering is closed 30% of the time, then it can be inferred that the window coverings are not performing any energy savings benefit when open up to 70% of the time. Will a single rating be given to a product that is influenced by occupant behavior? If so, how will a single rating account for energy savings in user operated window coverings? Will a rating be given for coverings in both open and closed position?
Answer 3:

These are all possible considerations that DOE expects to evaluate in a well written application proposing a robust and complete methodology to fenestration attachment certification.

Question 4: Please clarify the daylighting potential (DP) definition, found on page 84. Which products would be rated with DP?
Answer 4:

Daylighting potential (DP) is required only for commercial applications. The daylighting potential of a fenestration system is measure of its ability to reduce building energy lighting load.

As stated in Section 1. A. 2. (Funding Opportunity Objectives) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement, DOE expects the Program to develop and implement, in a fair and unbiased manner, rating and certification procedures for residential and commercial fenestration attachment categories. DOE also expects the Applicant to identify and justify the fenestration attachment types it would prioritize when developing a rating and certification Program and procedures.

Question 5: Will daylight redirecting attachments be included? They are not included in Table 1 (page 6).
Answer 5: As stated in Section 1. A. 2. (Funding Opportunity Objectives) of the Funding Opportunity Announcement, Applicants should use Table 1 as a reference list of fenestration attachment types, but applicants are not limited to the attachment types in Table 1.
Question 6: We are newly founded association and represent manufacturers for exterior shades and rolling shutters here in the USA. We agree that fenestration attachment products conserve energy but that it is important for consumers to be able to utilize a rating to differentiate between their choices. We do not intend to submit a proposal. Rather, would like to offer our support and expertise to those organizations that are submitting proposals. Therefore, we would like to participate in the webinar, planned December 9th and act as a source of information regarding exterior shading.
Answer 6: The intent of the Webinar is to provide potential applicants with an overview of the Funding Opportuninity Announcement objectives, clarify the applicant submission process and to further explain the evaluation and selection process.  To ensure the integrity of the application and selection process, there will be no third-party participation allowed prior to selections being made.  The opportunity to be considered as a source of information may be initiated post-selection.
Question 7: Appreciate if you can let me know the control number for DE-FOA-0001000 (CRAFT).
Answer 7: A control number is issued when an applicant begins the Exchange application process as indicated in Section IV, A of the Funding opportunity Announcement.
Question 8: Would you please share information for how to attend the December 9 webinar, as noted in the CRAFT FOA?
Answer 8: All the Principal Investigators and Business Contacts for each of the concept papers were directly notified via email of the registration details for the Webinar. 
Question 9: During the meeting an acronym was provided "FARCA". Could you please elaborate as to its meaning and intended purpose?
Answer 9: FARCA was the original acronym for the FOA, and it stands for “Fenestration Attachments Rating and Certification Agency”.  That acronym has since been replaced with  “Certification and Rating of Attachments for Fenestration Technologies” (CRAFT).  At this point the term FARCA has no meaning, and its inclusion in the presentation was an error.
Question 10: While submitting the concept paper, the "Funds and Costs" tab showed 20% as minimum cost share. However, the presentation at the webinar showed a minimum cost share of 35%. Is it 20% (minimum cost share) as the Prime Recipient is a university?
Answer 10: The Recipient cost share is 35% as indicated in Section III, B. of the FOA.  The ‘20%’ figure displayed is an error and is being addressed for correction.
Question 11: When will the notification of the concept paper be announced, i.e., by noon or 5 PM on December 20th, 2013?
Answer 11: As presented in the Webinar, Concept Paper notifications will be made by 23:59, 20 DEC 2013.   
Question 12: Q: What is required to be reported for: US manufacturing plans?
Answer 12:

A: Please refer to Section V. C. 1. Program Policy Factors of the FOA noting “…the Selection Official may consider the Selection Official may consider the following program policy factors in determining which Applicants to encourage to submit Full Applications…” and “…Whether the proposed project is likely to lead to increased employment and manufacturing in the United States“.

Question 13: In tab “i.Indirect Costs,” there are two cells (D14 and D15) that have formulae that are not in sync with cells corresponding to other Budget Periods in the same tab. Kindly let us know if this is an error in the budget sheet which we will have to correct while completing the budget justification.
Answer 13:

As provided in the instructions on the worksheet “…formulas/calculations may need to be adjusted by the preparer.  Please enter formulas as shown in the example.”

Question 14: Are extensions for submission of a full application later than Feb 5, 2014?
Answer 14: As listed on the title page of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0001000) , the full application deadline is February 5, 2013 at 5:00 PM EST.
Question 15: For DE0001000 CRAFT FOA, we would like to submit two documents about 75 pages each as part of the appendix to the technical volume. Is that allowed?
Answer 15:

Please see section IV.D.2 of the Funding Opportunity Announcement ( DE-FOA-0001000),  “ The Technical Volume to the Full Application may not be more than 45 pages, including the cover page, table of contents, and all citations, charts, graphs, maps, photos, or other graphics, and must include all of the information in the table below.”

Question 16: The FOA indicated submitting a US manufacturing plan. When I submitted our application today, I did not see an upload link for this item. How can I submit it? Is it required?
Answer 16:

Please see the table in section IV.D.2 of the Funding Opportunity Announcement ( DE-FOA-0001000), the last required item in the work plan within the Technical Volume is identified as “Market Transformation/Commercialization Plan:  The Applicant should provide a market transformation/commercialization plan, …”

Question 17: We have submitted a full application but has not received any comments and would like to make certain that we did not miss an opportunity to respond before the March 7th deadline.
Answer 17:

The March 7th date contained in the FOA is in error.  It is the intent to provide reviewer comments to each applicant March 12th,  2014.