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Question 1: Page 5 of DE-FOA-0000722 includes the following requirements for the successful applicant: “As a part of the competitive process, it is expected that the consortium will perform technical evaluations of proposed sub-awardees …which include an evaluation of the sub-awardees accounting system,financial management, and procurement system in accordance with 10 CFR 600 to determine if the sub-awardee is capable of managing costs and technical performance under a Federal award…” Will the receipt by the Recipient, of a completed Form PMC 121.1, Pre-Award Information Sheet, signed by an authorized official, from each sub-awardees be sufficient to meet the recipient’s requirements listed above?
Answer 1:

The Recipient needs to demonstrate an adequate review process to ensure that subawardees have acceptable systems to receive and track Federal award dollars.  DOE can not mandate the method of evaluation elected by the Recipient.  The onus is on the Recipient to determine the best method for their organization and to explain that method in their application for DOE's consideration as a part of the application evaluation process.