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 DEW HVAC Training Services CenterDr. Whiteoperation specialist Academic HVAC  DEW HVAC Training Services Center stands as a premier institution dedicated to offering comprehensive training programs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) systems. With a solid background entrenched in the HVAC industry, our commitment revolves around providing top-notch training solutions for both novices and seasoned professionals. Since our establishment, we've garnered trust and recognition for delivering high-quality instruction that equips participants with the requisite skills and expertise to thrive in the HVAC sector. Our team comprises industry experts, seasoned instructors, and HVAC professionals, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience is infused into our training programs. At DEW HVAC, we're driven by a fervent interest in empowering individuals and organizations with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in the HVAC-R domain. Our mission entails fostering a dynamic learning environment, brimming with interactive sessions and hands-on experiences, thereby facilitating skill development that resonates with real-world applications. With state-of-the-art facilities including modern classrooms, labs, and training workshops, participants benefit from immersive learning experiences tailored to meet diverse needs and skill levels. From fundamental principles to advanced techniques encompassing HVAC system design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover all facets of HVAC-R systems. Moreover, our commitment extends to offering customized training solutions to accommodate specific requirements, schedules, and budgets. Upon completion of our programs, participants have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications, further enhancing their credibility and employability in the HVAC-R field. In essence, DEW HVAC Training Services Center remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, poised to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving HVAC industry.


Phone: 844-723-3922

Address: 3820 Faber Place Dr., Ste. 300, North Charleston, SC, 29405, United States
 The McGhee CorporationPriana McgheeCEO Non-Profit Windows  In summary, our technology innovation represents a pioneering effort to push the boundaries of smart glass technology, delivering unprecedented levels of performance, durability, and affordability. By focusing our Phase I project on addressing critical research challenges and advancing the state-of-the-art in electrochromic materials and manufacturing processes, we aim to create a sustainable competitive advantage that positions us for success in the rapidly evolving smart glass market.


Phone: 5127847550

Address: 5216 Holly St, Bellaire, TX, 77401, United States
 Oregon Department of TransportationEgan BullEnergy Analyst State and/or Local Government Whole building Performance Whole Building PerformanceThe state of Oregon Department of Transportation owns a portfolio of over 2000 buildings with over 1,825,900 square feet across the entire State of Oregon. Deferred maintenance and retrofits continue to grow while available funds to bring our systems to code are becoming less available each biennium. Compounding high material costs and inflation have seized hiring unfilled positions and prolonging vital retrofits and repairs. We have ambitions to be a carbon neutral portfolio. We are open to entertaining teams looking for a "host" to demonstrate emerging technologies. We offer a wide variety of application in commercial, automotive, industrial, and first response accident crews. Our Employees stretch across the entire state and we must house or offer working conditions in 23 building types from Large Commercial Office and Maintenance Station Field Offices to Residential Halls and Warehouses. We offer a unique challenge and opportunity as a host site and hope to be considered.


Phone: 15033021020

Address: 885 Airport Rd SE, Building X, Salem, OR, 97301, United States
 Wyoming Energy Co-OpLevi PurdumDirector Non-Profit Residential Weatherization & ElectrificationOur nonprofit has a broad knowledge base to draw from between our Board of Directors and active volunteers. We have years of experience working for our state's largest LIEAP program ranging from Retrofit Instillation Technician all the way up to Project Management. Holistic residential weatherization testing, budgeting, instillation and inspection are all areas we can facilitate and train. Additionally our nonprofit is the REAP TAG team for our states USDA program. We have experience with electrification both from a production (primarily solar) and utilization (heat-pumps, tank-less water heaters, etc) perspective. Wyoming can be a difficult nut to crack, let our local nonprofit help your team as needed. Thanks for your time.


Phone: 3073493918

Address: 347 Bicentennial Ct., Powell, WY, 82435, United States
 YMCA of San FranciscoDustin LewisExecutive Director of Facilities Non-Profit Commercial 1a, 1e, 2, 3a, & 4At the YMCA of San Francisco, we are building communities where you can Be, Belong, and Become. Our mission is to build healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities for all generations. Per our mission, we have joined this Teaming Partner List because we would be extremely grateful to partner with others to modernize, decarbonize, and climate-proof our facilities and the essential services we provide.

When you partner with our non-profit, you'll have a proving ground of over 15 branches and many childcare, before-, and after-school-care sites throughout 3 counties. At this very moment, multiple locations are investigating pathways to boiler modernization and decarbonization, to roof retrofits with prep for solar PV, to lighting advancements, and more. Your expertise and our infrastructure will produce real-world data as well produce meaningful community impact and a genuinely marketable partnership. If you view this as a great opportunity or would like to suggest something equally good but different, please reach out!


Phone: 415-957-9622

Address: 169 Steuart St., San Francisco, CA, 94105, United States
 AJC Mechanical LLCJulius JohnsonOwner/CEO Small Business Building Envelop  AJC Mechanical LLC is a SDVOSB that is focused on providing energy efficient building upgrades throughout the central and northern virginia areas. Our goal is providing all aspects of building analysis and IDL testing, as well as HVAC installation and conversion procedures.
Website: N/A


Phone: 8082564290

Address: 829 castile pl, Henrico, VA, 23238, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Whole building Performance Community Benefits, Project Planning, and Project ReportingFedsprout helps businesses and non-profits secure government funding and provide support during project execution. We help strategize, plan, and ensure successful projects when working with the federal government, especially when it comes to clean energy and other DOE initiatives.

Area of Technical Expertise: Community Benefits Planning for Proposals, Community Engagement, Implementation of Community Benefits Plans, Clean Energy Demonstration Planning. We are experts in community engagement, workforce development, DEIA, and Justice 40. We have technical experts that have been a part of many DOE proposal submissions and projects.

Brief Description of Capabilities: We help write, strategize, and implement community benefits (DEI) plans for proposals and projects. We provide planning and strategy for successful government-funded projects. Our experts are familiar with federal regulations, budgeting, and compliance.

Area of Interest: Partnering for Community Benefits, Successful Demonstration Planning, Project Reporting, and other aspects from proposal preparation through project completion


Phone: 8443947268

Address: 76 Pettit Pl, Princeton, NJ, 08540-7644, United States
 Flip Energy, Inc.Ben LarraldeCEO Small Business Appliances Topic 3AFlip Energy is specialized in turning Decentralized Energy Resources into positive assets for both owners and the grid. Our advanced software adds grid-smart capabilities to appliances such as HVAC, thermostats, water heaters, solar panels, energy storage, and EV chargers, providing significant savings to owners, and reducing their burden on the grid during periods of peak use. In the context of topic 3A, our solution can further boost electrification by providing ways to locally reduce load, therefore preventing the need to upgrade distribution systems and preventing blackouts. We are open to working with any entity that may benefit from adding these software capabilities to their deployments.


Phone: 4159679461

Address: 2261 Market Street #5160, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States
 City on a HillArt SernaCEO Non-Profit Commercial  The campus of the historic Milwaukee Hospital, now managed by City on a Hill, presents a unique opportunity for innovative energy efficiency and technology projects under the BENEFIT program. Situated on a hilltop near downtown Milwaukee, this property, now used for an after school youth and family center of excellence and apartments, encapsulates a rich history of medical innovation and architectural significance, dating from 1912 to the mid-1980.

The property comprises several historical buildings arranged around a landscaped court. The buildings with vitreous brick and limestone, and a reddish-orange brick structure, stand out for their historical and architectural value. The site is bounded by W. Kilbourn Avenue, 21st, and 23rd streets, including an ornamental wrought iron fence and blue stone wall dating back to 1903​.

Proposed Utilization for BENEFIT Initiatives:

1) Energy Efficiency Retrofitting: These historical structures provide an excellent canvas for demonstrating cutting-edge energy retrofitting techniques while preserving architectural integrity.
2) Innovative Technology Demonstrations: Utilize the unique layout and historical significance of the property to showcase innovative building technologies that align with the BENEFIT program's objectives.
3) Educational and Community Engagement: Leverage City on a Hill's existing educational and community programs to foster awareness and engagement in sustainable practices and energy efficiency technologies.
4) Research and Development Hub: Establish the site as a hub for research and experimentation in building technologies, capitalizing on the property's historical role in medical innovation and building community equity.


Phone: 414-810-6670

Address: 2224 W. Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53233, United States
 Electric Power Systems, Inc.Patricia PerrymanGrant Writer Small Business Building Envelop Topic 3 Building Resilience & Capacity ConstraintsElectric Power Systems is an Alaska based multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm that offers complete solutions to industrial and government clients of all sizes around the globe. Since 1996, EPS has provided engineering and technical services to clients in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the South Pacific. EPS engineers are registered in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, South Dakota, Guam, and Commonwealth of Northern Marianas. Our services range from planning studies, design, construction, and start up/commissioning to periodic testing and maintenance. Our backgrounds in power system operation, engineering, and administration allow us to perceive the operational effects of design decisions, prior to them becoming operational or regulatory issues. Our “cradle to grave” suite of services, from planning, through design, construction, startup and commissioning, to in-service testing and failure analysis provide our clients with a full range of support.

• Industry Wide Experts in Islanded Power Systems
• Renewable Generation & Energy Storage Systems
• Studies, Consulting, & Planning
• Generation to Distribution Design & Construction
• Microgrids, Automation, Monitoring, & Integration
• Start-up, Testing, Commissioning, & Maintenance
• Right-of-Way Acquisition & Permitting Assistance
• Emergency Power Systems for Critical Needs


Phone: 9076465141

Address: 3305 Arctic Blvd., Anchorage, AK, 99503, United States
 University of Saint ThomasMahmoud KabalanProfessor and Director Academic Modeling 3The Center for Microgrid Research is in the midst of an exciting growth phase with more than $25 Million grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DOD), and Minnesota Department of Commerce. Through the awards, the Center’s infrastructure is expanding in capability and size. The microgrid’s on-site generation capacity is increasing to more than 1.5 MW to feed power to 5 buildings on campus, covering more than 400,000 sq. ft. of space. The expanded microgrid will be made up of 2 smaller microgrids and have 4 points of connection with the local utility resulting in a unique networked-microgrids layout. The research and development infrastructure is growing to include state-of-the-art Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testbeds for controller-HIL, power-HIL, and power-system-HIL. Research findings developed and prototyped on the HIL testbeds will be immediately applied to the real-world microgrid for real-world case studies and experiments. Moreover, the CMR’s industry partnership network is rapidly broadening. As an example, the CMR is a founding member of the Minnesota Cleantech Consortium which includes 3M, Cummins, Xcel Energy, Connexus, Great Plains Institute, and many others.
The microgrid is located in the University of ST Thomas campus in St Paul, Minnesota. The microgrid is connected to a 13.8-kV Xcel Energy feeder through a 13.8 kV/480V transformer. The UST microgrid is a 480Vac system that includes: 50 kWdc Solar Photovoltaic system, 125kW/390 kWh Enersys Lead-Acid battery bank, 50kW Cummins diesel generator, 320 kVA computer-controlled load, and two 125 kVA GTIB 125 Princeton Power inverters. The GTIB 125 inverters are: (1) capable of grid-forming and grid-following modes, and (2) have a power factor rating of 0 to 1 leading and lagging. The computer-controlled load bank is rated at 320 kVA (0.8-1.0 power factor lagging) controllable in steps of 1 kVA. The microgrid can seamlessly transition from grid-connected to island modes and vice versa. Moreover, the microgrid is equipped with indoor and outdoor third-party test bays at 3 phase (480Vac and 208 Vac) and single phase 120Vac power. High speed data acquisition equipment and power quality analyzers are also available.
Considerable cost share available.


Phone: 16519625598

Address: 2115 Summit Ave, Mail OSS100, Saint Paul, MN, 55105, United States
 eSai LLCDr. Nandini MouliPresident/Founder Small Business Whole building Performance Topic 3: Building Resilience and Capacity Constraints Novel approaches to maintain essential loads during blackouts and add power capacity to buildings without the need for major infrastructure upgrades; localized thermal management systems and thermally reSai LLC is an energy management and climatech-solutions provider based in Maryland. It has deep experience in the buildings sector providing implementation of state-of-the-art energy efficiency, Industrial Heat pumps, DER and other strategic technologies. We have deep modeling experience to model different scenarios to maintain essential loads during blackouts and add power capacity to buildings without the need for major infrastructure upgrades. eSai’s Principal has 49 patents in the low GWP refrigerants, HVAC materials and processes to apply for the infrastructure of large buildings and complexes. eSai also has been a deep, grass-root oriented company working with the CFO’s, CEO’s and COO’s of the companies influencing them to take up advanced Grid-Interactive technologies for reliability and resiliency of critical operations and to provide carbon foot print reduction and operational savings. For example, eSai worked with MedImmune/Astra Zeneca in 2009-2012 as the first cohort of the ISO 50001 program and made the company the first pharmaceutical company in the nation to be certified. Same way it has enabled many small to large companies such as CertainTeed, Domino Sugar, Beckton Dickinson, Terumo Medical, Plastipak and Coty install CHP's and HVAC with advanced Building Automation Controls for deep energy savings and hence carbon reduction. From 2013-2022 it has audited 120 manufacturing companies, recommended suitable technologies and enabled the companies to achieve over 25% on the average of energy savings. eSai is uniquely positioned with technology and marketing knowledge and skillset with proven record of being the "go-to" resource in Maryland for building energy efficiency. The Company to-day has contributed to the MD State 60 MW of cleaner energy from its focused efforts for the industries.
For the same reason, the Company's principal received, the 2022 Manufacturing Champion of the year" award by the Regional Institute of Manufacturing. The Company’s Principal also has certifications in Six Sigma Black Belt, Superior Energy Performance (SEP), ISO 50001 and CEM. The company's staff is also PE and CEM Certified. In addition, the company is US-SBA: 8(a) Woman-Owned Certified, Maryland-MDOT Minority certified and has received the SBA's 2018 Woman-owned business of the year, Bridging the Gap Award in 2015.
Website: www.eSai.Technology


Phone: 4436917664

Address: 12309 Highgrove Ct, Reisterstown, MD, 21136, United States
 Organization of Clean Energy and Climate, IncTao WuDirector of Computing Heat Recycle Center Non-Profit Water Heating Computing heat recycle technology developmentOur Missions:
1. Develop technologies and systems to demonstrate how residential, commercial and industrial can recycle the computing heat waste as a replacement of traditional heating.
2. Provide accessible information, engage in advocacy, and collaborate with stakeholders to educate individuals and communities about the urgent realities of climate change and inspire computing heat recycle for a sustainable future.
Our Goals:
1. Build the center in a way to benefit local community.
2. As the first of this kind of R&D center, continue to be the leader of this field in the world and bring the best computing heat recycle solution to the world.
3. Be one of key contributors in achieving carbon neutral efforts.


Phone: 480-2660965

Address: 550 Gravel Bank Rd, Marietta, OH, 45750, United States
 Research ProductsJatin KhanparaChief Technology Advisor Large Business HVAC  Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 25+ years of product Development experience working on appliances, HVAC systems, and consumer products. Track record of delivering Technologies/products from conceptualization to commercialization.


Phone: 6086922230

Address: 1011 East Main Street, madison, WI, 53703, United States
 Welch ElectricDebbie WelchPresident Small Business Whole building Performance Topic 4 Lighting Retrofit, Topic 3A Behind the meter electrical systemsWelch Companies Inc dba Welch Electric is based in Tempe AZ and provides licensed & bonded electrical contracting services and green program solutions throughout the state of Arizona. Our firm is certified SBE, DBE and WOSB. Our role as a stakeholder in the team focuses on enabling energy efficiency by contributing to a more efficient electric infrastructure. Our past performance includes audits, design, build and installation of high efficiency energy retrofits such as LED Lighting Retrofits to include commercial, institutional, municipal and federal buildings. Other electrical work performed "behind-the-meter" can reduce major electric loads through installation of energy management systems which schedule and track efficient use of electric through smart panels. Contact us for a capabilities statement. Our numerous past contract awards in the federal sector can be located at sites such as ,


Phone: 4802414251

Address: 2447 W 12th St, Suite 5, Tempe, AZ, 85281, United States
 University of California San DiegoYuanyuan ShiAssistant Professor Academic Modeling Topic Area 3Yuanyuan Shi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the UC San Diego. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, masters in Electrical Engineering and Statistics, all from the University of Washington, in 2020. From 2020 to 2021, she was a Postdoctoral Scholar at Caltech. Her research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, dynamical systems and control, with applications in sustainable energy systems.

Related to Topic Area 3, Dr. Shi has worked in developing novel deep learning models (convex neural networks) for building HVAC system modeling and model predictive control (MPC) for energy optimization and peak demand management. It has lead to top publications in energy and ML conferences, as well as applications in commercial buildings with 10-15% energy cost reduction. Dr. Shi's recent work develops an operator learning framework that combines physics knowledge with data for building airflow modeling and optimization.


Phone: 2069661377

Address: 3180 Voigt Dr, La Jolla, CA, 92093, United States
 Arizona State UniversityYang WengProfessor Academic Modeling Topic 3AThe research team is composed of ASU, MIT, and UCSD. Dr. Marija Ilic at MIT is a NAE member and an expert in the control domain. MIT’s team can provide resilient and accurate HVAC control in the smart home. Dr. Yang Weng at ASU is famous for the distribution and BTM level system modeling and Artificial Intelligence. ASU’s team can deliver cutting-edge data-driven and physics-consistent models for the BTM system. Dr. Yuanyuan Shi at UCSD has rich experience in building-level energy management and optimization. UCSD’s team can provide optimal solutions which are scalable and adaptable to different settings.


Phone: 4809658202

Address: ERC 563 Engineering Research Center (ERC) 551 E Tyler Mall Tempe, AZ, Tempe, AZ, 85281, United States
 ThermēShadeDiana EastmanOwner Individual Building Envelop Topic #3ThermēShade's innovative reflective insulation for windows presents a groundbreaking solution in the realm of building energy efficiency. As an emerging technology, ThermēShade aims to collaborate with a host demonstration or a reputable research center experienced in building science verification, aligning with the goals outlined in Topic #4 of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) – 2024 funding opportunity.

The unique capabilities of ThermēShade lie in its potential to address critical challenges related to building resilience and capacity constraints. By harnessing its reflective properties, ThermēShade offers a novel approach to maintaining essential loads during blackouts without the need for major infrastructure upgrades. Additionally, its application contributes to localized thermal management systems, providing effective cooling and protection against overheating during extreme heat events.

We envision ThermēShade as a key player in advancing the resilience of buildings, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution to enhance energy efficiency and mitigate the impact of climate-related challenges. Through collaboration with a demonstration host or esteemed research center, ThermēShade aims to validate its capabilities, contributing valuable insights to the broader discourse on building technologies and energy innovation.


Phone: 5309064640

Address: 8630 Wise Rd, Auburn, CA, 95603, United States
 muGrid AnalyticsTravis SimpkinsCTO Small Business 3A, behind-the-meter electrical systems for building resilience and peak load managemenmuGrid Analytics solves wicked problems at the intersection of energy and economics using math and modeling. We provide bankable techno-economic optimization of renewable energy, energy storage, and microgrids to project developers, financiers, component manufacturers, utilities, and property owners. With a one-two punch of in-depth experience in the new energy industry and in the modeling, design, and operation of complex technical systems, muGrid provides comprehensive, data-driven advisory and design services to a wide range of energy stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. muGrid was founded by Dr. Travis Simpkins, who previously architected and developed the microgrid modeling capabilities for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, including the REopt platform.

muGrid is a woman-owned small business.

muGrid has recently been awarded a DOE Phase 1 SBIR for the Predictive economic optimization of energy storage microgrids. That work would be very syngierstic with this BENEFIT FOA, particularly Topic 3A, that focused on behind-the-meter peak load management and resilience.

muGrid has developed optimized command and control for building-level BESS, intelligent EV charging, building HVAC, and other distributed energy resources that uses weather forecasts, real-time energy prices, and real-time building and network electrical load data. We have multiple deployments of the technology underway.

muGrid would be particularly interested in teaming with those who could benefit from our Redcloud Energy Management System, our modeling and economic optimization expertise, and our experience in the space.


Phone: 6175013287

Address: 8989 S Murphy Gulch Road, Littleton, CO, 80127, United States
 Blockchain Hive LLCColumbus PressleyCEO Small Business Solid State Lighting Smart LightingThe Blockchain Hive is a certified SBE/MBE & VOB/SDVOB team that provides solutions through our innovative Energy Conservation Pilot Program addressing total fleet electrification inclusive of a microgrid/virtual power plants, battery/energy storage systems, smart lighting/buildings, radiant heating, fleet telematics/logistics & green/renewable fuel processing. The difference is our amalgamation of emerging technology solutions designed to augment legacy-to-cloud modernization with a smooth process of deployment, training, and retrofitting with a "show me" practical incremental implementation operational & engineering excellence coupled with dynamic UX/UI & CX.

Our mission fully integrates Justice40 workforce and community engagement mandates as well as creating next-level solutions to our national defense and energy dependence issues while saving the environment and creating jobs supporting the mission of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation created through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and directly responding to President Biden’s Presidential Executive Orders 4028, 14008, 14057, 13693 & 13985 towards net-zero emissions to abstain from China & Russia's resources.


Phone: 2027170013

Address: 201 N UNION ST STE 110, Suite 110 Number 11042, Alexandria, VA, 22314, United States
 FSECRob VieiraDirector, Buildings Research Division Academic Residential ALLFSEC Energy Research Center is a research Institute of the University of Central Florida and has full time dedicated researchers averaging over 20 years of experience in building science, photovoltaics, fuel cells and training. Research expertise often involves combinations of simulations, field measurements and laboratory. Facilities include a roofing test facility, an HVAC test facility, full scale residential side-by-side buildings, a manufactured housing lab with 4 different duct systems, a building science laboratory capable of small commercial scale building research, a hot water laboratory, night sky side-by-side test structures, solar evaluation fields and measurements, fuel cell testing lab, electric vehicle to grid test center, and a building science training center equipped with 7 mini-house structures for student hands-on testing. We have interest in all topics in this BENEFIT Proposal.


Phone: 3216381404

Address: 1679 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL, 32922, United States
 Sandia National LaboratoriesDaniel L. VillaEnergy-Water-Climate Resilience Assessments Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Modeling 3BI have created a tool called the Multi-scenario extreme weather simulator that I have conducted passive thermal resilienced studies with in both Hawaii (published: and and and Santa Fe. I would like to provide modeling services for verification how worst case heat (for any location in the U.S.) for both present and future conditions will affect passive or semi-passive design measures.

Beyond topic 3B, I am able to provide specialized modeling services that include climate change issues and extreme heat assessments should they be profitable to other areas.


Phone: 505-321-1269

Address: 1515 Eubank Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87123, United States
 ILLUME Advising, LLCAnne DoughertyCo-Founder/Co-Owner Small Business Residential  ILLUME Advising, LLC (ILLUME) is a wholly woman-owned research and strategy consultancy specializing in in the human dimensions of energy industry transformations. ILLUME operates nationwide, having served more than 50 public and investor-owned utilities, regional and state agencies, and the federal government in advancing, re-envisioning, and equitably transforming the energy industry toward cleaner programs and
services. Founded in 2013, ILLUME’s team includes a deep bench of more than 40 consultants leveraging building science, data science, social science, applied research, and strategic consulting to support our clients in meeting their energy and climate goals.

The ILLUME team has supported several clients, including Xcel Energy, Commonwealth Edison, CenterPoint Energy, and the Massachusetts Program Administrators to research, design, and evaluate offerings and initiatives spanning all customer segments. We understand how to produce data-driven research to inform program design and delivery strategies, verify program results, and ensure ongoing program and organizational improvement. We have also helped clients successfully design and assess programs that respond to legislatively directed initiatives such as beneficial electrification and equitable service.


Phone: 608-807-2061

Address: 440 Science Drive, Madison, WI, 53711, United States
 BlueGreen AlliancePesach ChananiahNevada Policy Organizer Non-Profit Whole building Performance  Partner with building trades experts in HVAC, insulation, piping, interested in utilizing skills to implement energy efficiency retrofit projects of public/MUSH (municipal, university, school, hospital) buildings to decrease emissions, increase energy efficiency and indoor air pollution, and create good-paying jobs. Also working with municipality on facilitation of IIJA/IRA funding to implement county sustainability plan.


Phone: 5108834511

Address: 9901 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89117, United States
 City of Santa MonicaElias Platte-BermeoSustainability Analyst State and/or Local Government Whole building Performance  Santa Monica has a long history of forward-thinking climate commitments and climate action. In 2019, Council adopted the City's Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP) which calls for carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner and an 80% emissions reduction from 1990 levels by 2030. The City of Santa Monica owns a portfolio of over 100 buildings. In 2022, 39% of municipal emissions stemmed from buildings and facilities, so programs to electrify and improve performance of existing buildings are necessary to achieve the City's climate goals.

The City is open to discussing concepts for collaboration with entities looking for a “host” to demonstrate emerging technologies.


Phone: (310) 458-2201 ext. 2526

Address: 1685 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90401, United States
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