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 University of Nrth Texas (UNT)oJens NeuAss. Prof. Academic Solar Topic 2; Topic 1 (testing/quality control)We are Spectroscopists (Terahertz and ultrafast):
My group is mainly focused on discovering and understanding novel materials for solar applications. We develop ultrafast spectroscopy techniques to measure charge separation, trapping, and recombination. Our contact free techniques can be applied on powder samples to single crystals. Our core expertise is with emerging materials, but we are eager to learn more about application relevant materials.


Phone: 9403696197

Address: 210 Avenua A, Room 324, Denton, TX, 76201, United States
 Clarkson UniversityBrian HelenbrookProfessor Academic Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) PACERSMy expertise is in the numerical simulation of silicon crystal growth. I have a current NSF grant on the horizontal ribbon growth (HRG) process for producing Silicon wafers and am interested in finding an experimental partner to help push towards commercialization of the HRG process. I am also open to working with others to contribute numerical simulations of thermal-fluid manufacturing processes.


Phone: 315-268-2204

Address: 8 Clarkson Ave., Potsdam, NY, 13699, United States
 Penn State UniversityNutifafa Y. DoumonAssistant Professor Academic Solar Topic Area 1: PACERS (OPV technology)The Doumon lab draws inspiration from current and next-generation materials to conduct research at the interface of energy, chemistry, device physics, functional device engineering, device stability and reliability for sustainable energy technology deployment and energy transition. The group focuses on cutting-edge research with state-of-the-art experimental techniques and tools to fabricate, characterize, and probe thin-film-based optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices. And organic/hybrid semiconductor materials are central to these efforts. Our researchers explore various materials coupled with different architectures and processing techniques to achieve highly efficient, stable, and reliable devices through device engineering.


Phone: 7207427958

Address: 131 Whisper Ridge Dr, Port Matilda, PA, 16870, United States
 Univ. of California RiversideMing LiuAssociate Professor Academic Topic Area 1: Nano-imagingWe can conduct 3D photocurrent imaging using near-field optical microscopy, achieving approximately 4nm spatial resolution. This third dimension enables us to investigate photocurrent generation mechanisms, particularly distinguishing between photothermal and photovoltaic effects.


Phone: 9518276317

Address: Winston Chung Hall, Bourns college of engineering, UC Riverside, Riverside, CA, 92521, United States
 VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.Daniel RadachDirector Sales, PV Technologies Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Topic 1 (specifically, TCO), Topic 2Lab-to-Fab PVD equipment for cSi and Thin-Film technologies: Sputter, thermal evaporation, E-Beam, others, from single substrate to GW scale. Interest in potential partners for Topic Area 1, primarily with focus on TCO's for HJT, or Area 2, CdTe capabilities.


Phone: 2134448960

Address: 28304 Cedar Park Blvd., Perrysburg, OH, 43551, United States
 Rutgers UniversityDeirdre O'CarrollProfessor Academic Solar Topic Area 1: Organic photovolaticsR&D experience in organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials and devices. Focusing on understanding factors that affect the stability of active layers that use non-fullerene acceptors for high-efficiency OPV. Also, have current projects aimed at minimizing non-radiative recombination in OPV through materials and device engineering. Lab capabilities include: lab-scale (1x1cm) OPV device fabrication and test; optical and electronic materials characterization; thin-film deposition and characterization; spectroscopies to assess electronic states and recombination processes in organic semiconductors.


Phone: 8484451496

Address: 607 Taylor Rd., Piscataway, NJ, 08854, United States
 School of Planning and ArchitectureDr. Khushal MataiAssistant Professor Academic Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Architecture and Design of Photovoltaic IntegrationI am an architect, researcher and an academician with experience of more than 12 years in the field of sustainable design, renewable energy
and building level energy efficiency. Currently working as an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Ministry of Education, Government of India. Received a PhD and Masters in architecture with specialisation in renewable technology, environment and sustainable streams.
My major research work focuses on Renewable Energy Integration at Building and Urban level with specialisation in Solar Photovoltaics and architecture. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in Architecture, hybrid integration of renewable energy systems at campus level, RE retrofits in heritage type construction. I have been working on BIPV guidelines for Indian cities in collaboration with MNRE, GIZ, SDC. Also worked on various other interdisciplinary research areas such as; urban heat island effect, Eco-Tourism, wood architecture. I have had the privilege of being member of organizing committee, review committee, moderator and resource person for various international and national conferences Moreover, i have organized various Faculty development programmes, pedagogical workshops and chaired various international conferences. I have coordinated various international courses in India, in collaboration with European universities.
I have authored 13 publications spanning over 6 journals and magazines. I have been the reviewer for various Journals, papers and reports in the field of architecture and renewable energy. I have played a pivotal role in research and pedagogy advancement by facilitating the signing of several MoU’s and collaborations with various international universities and organizations from different countries.
I have been a member of Rajasthan Scrutiny Committee for the Prime Minister Skill Development scheme (PMKVY). I am registered with Council of Architecture, an associate of Indian Institute of Architects, Rajasthan chapter, and an active member of Indian Science Congress Association. Furthermore, a Section managing committee member of ISTE, Rajasthan Section. Member of Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) and International Solar Energy Society (ISES).


Phone: +919983454645

Address: 6 Block B, New Delhi, 110002, India
 Auburn UniversityMehmet ArikAssociate Professor Academic Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) Photonics systems thermal managementARTgroup at Auburn University focuses on thermal management of electronics and photonics systems. Our team performs both computational analysis and experimental valdiation. We also has experience in taking technolgoy development from TRL 1 to TRL 8. We would welcome a further discussion for joint research activity.


Phone: 3347284981

Address: 354 War Eagle Way, 2446, Auburn, AL, 36849, United States