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 TS conductor corpJason huangCeo Small Business Cross-Cutting Advanced Conductor for hvdcCost of structures and conductors are a major component in project Capex. With no skin effect, larger conductors are better suited for hvdc lines to minimize line loss. Typical large conductors are heavy and saggy, and drive significant project Capex cost. With TS technology, we feature protected carbon core with the highest strength and lightest weight possible, and we can significantly reduce project Capex through fewer, shorter and lighter structures (TS conductors are also low sag because of virtually no thermal expansion in carbon core, and adequate modulus to minimize ice load sag or wind blowout). With DC circuit (two conductors in bipolar, or one conductor with earth return), the number of conductors are also less than AC circuit (3 phases - minimum three conductors). This further drives down project cost! With the minimum possible resistance (maximum packing of the most conductive aluminum, and smallest core possible, larger geometry facilitated via strong/light weight protected carbon core), we get the lowest line loss possible. This line loss reduction, compared to all other conductor alternatives, can be leveraged to subsidize and pay to cover project upfront expense, and drives for affordable grid upgrade. Furthermore, besides the incorporation of best possible materials from materials science today in building a conductor, the TS conductor is volume manufactured today (in california, soon to be in east coast as well, ready to deploy), the TS technology features the carbon composite core without glass fiber, with effective protection against mishandling in the field, shielding protection of the core especially its organic constituents inside against degradation from elements (moisture plasticization of organic matrix, oxidation of organic matrix at high temp, UV or ozone destruction of organic matrix), and compatibility with traditional work practice (same tool, same equipment, same methodology and same training as ACSR or ACSS conductors. All of these attributes are made possible because of the aluminum encapsulation protection for the pretensioned core. This allows for safety, reliability and longevity, designed-in the product, instead of relying on perfection from linecrew (which is unrealistic).


Phone: 7148423392

Address: 15272 Newsboy circle, Huntington beach, CA, 92649, United States
 Ideal PowerJeff KnappVP Business Development Small Business SmartGrid  Ideal Power is pioneering the development of its broadly patented bidirectional power switches, creating highly efficient and ecofriendly energy control solutions for electric vehicle, electric vehicle charging, grid, renewable energy, energy storage, UPS / data center, solid-state circuit breaker and other industrial and military applications. The company is focused on its patented Bidirectional, Bipolar Junction Transistor (B-TRAN) semiconductor technology. B-TRAN is a unique double-sided bidirectional AC switch able to deliver substantial performance improvements over today’s conventional power semiconductors. Ideal Power believes B-TRAN modules will reduce conduction and switching losses, complexity of thermal management and operating cost in medium voltage AC power switching and control circuitry.


Phone: 512-697-3904

Address: 5508 Highway 290 West, Suite 120, Austin, TX, 78735, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Cross-Cutting Community Benefits, Project Planning, and Project ReportingFedsprout helps businesses and non-profits secure government funding and provide support during project execution. We help strategize, plan, and ensure successful projects when working with the federal government, especially when it come sto clean energy and other DOE initiatives.

Area of Technical Expertise: Community Benefits Planning for Proposals, Community Engagement, Implementation of Community Benefits Plans, Clean Energy Demonstration Planning. We are experts in community engagement, workforce development, DEIA, and Justice 40. We have technical experts that have been a part of many DOE proposal submissions and projects.

Brief Description of Capabilities: We help write, strategize, and implement community benefits plans for proposals and projects. We provide planning and strategy for successful government-funded projects. Our experts are familiar with federal regulations, budgeting, and compliance.

Area of Interest: Partnering for Community Benefits, Successful Demonstration Planning, Project Reporting, and other aspects from proposal preparation through project completion


Phone: 3233634459

Address: 76 Pettit Pl, Princeton, NJ, 08540, United States
 Forethought Advisors, LLCTim SimonsCOO Small Business Cross-Cutting Community Benefits - DEIA - Workforce DevelopmentPioneering Community-Centric Solutions

At Forethought Advisors, we are the architects of impactful Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) that prioritize the essence of community – genuine engagement, quality jobs, and a fervent commitment to promoting diverse supplier relationships.

Transforming Community Engagement

Genuine Engagement: Our method at Forethought Advisors isn't merely consultative. We dive deep into the fabric of the community, ensuring we understand, represent, and integrate every voice and narrative into our strategies.

Quality Over Quantity: Job creation under our guidance isn't just about filling vacancies. We emphasize creating meaningful, lasting roles that add significant value to the community and the diverse people it encompasses.

Championing Diversity: We recognize the vast potential in diverse supply chains and promote robust supplier management strategies that diversify and elevate the quality of inputs, products, and services.

Mastering CHIPs and Bipartisan Infrastructure Funding

Aligned with Biden Administration Goals: Our expertise at Forethought Advisors stretches to a comprehensive understanding of the objectives set forth by the Biden Administration for CHIPs and Bipartisan Infrastructure funding. This allows us to craft CBAs that are not just compliant but exemplary in meeting and exceeding these guidelines.

End-to-End Expertise with Continuous Oversight: From the initial conceptual spark to the detailed development processes, hands-on implementation, and post-implementation monitoring, we ensure that our clients are supported throughout. This holistic approach guarantees that their Community Benefit Plans are effectively implemented, consistently optimized, and aligned with their intended outcomes.

Dual-Focused Strategies: Our CBAs are crafted to serve a dual purpose – aligning perfectly with the objectives of businesses seeking funding while also resonating with the overarching goals of the Biden Administration, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

Forethought Advisors - Where Community Vision Meets Expert Execution. Engage with us today, and together, let's lay the groundwork for community transformation through strategic, impactful CBAs.


Phone: 2028276596

Address: 1730 M Street NW, Suite 502, Washington, D.C., DC, 20036, United States
 Pinnacle Workforce StrategiesRegina SerranoManaging Director Individual Cross-Cutting Workforce-Community Benefits and DEIAAreas of expertise include workforce development, career pathways, training and education, and strategic planning. Community Benefits Plan development including working with community partners and development of workforce strategies to meet the needs of job seekers and employers.

Expertise in working with workforce boards and federally funded programs across the country. Additional areas include project management, inclusion of economic development in program and employer strategies, working with community colleges and technical schools and designing and improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, and Justice40 Initiatives.


Phone: 16197331091

Address: 5999 North Campo Abierto, Tucson, AZ, 85718, United States
 Alleima USA LLCRyan StoaDirector of Strategy and Business Development Large Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Corrosion Resistant Tubing SolutionsAlleima produces advanced corrosion resistant tubing (seamless stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium and other materials) for use in extending the life of materials and equipment that is placed into service within harsh environments (such as offshore HVDC systems).

We will happily work with parties to perform testing and development for next generation HVDC systems to develop case studies to extend the equipment service life.


Phone: 5705857785

Address: 982 Griffin Pond Rd, Clarks Summit, PA, 18411, United States
 Oregon State UniversityYue CaoProfessor Academic Wind reliability modeling, fault tolerance, condition monitoring, predictive maintenanceDr. Cao is interested in contributing to the lifetime improvement aspect. He has recently worked on this topic for the hydrokinetic turbine and wind farm applications, sponsored by ARPA-E, WPTO, NSF. Multiple recent publications regarding power electronics (with SiC devices) electro-thermal modeling, reliability modeling, fault tolerance, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance, focus on reducing the operation and maintenance cost. See (J13, J10, C42, C41, C37, C36, C29, etc.) In the past, he has also worked on the topology and control of multilevel converters for solar energy and industrial drives. Our university and the Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC) have put strong effort into offshore wind research, as the Oregon coast is a geographically advantage site identified by DOE. The WESRF lab has a dedicated 750 kVA connection to utility, and multiple high voltage and high power equipment.


Phone: 5417378201

Address: 1148 Kelley Engineering Center, Corvallis, OR, 97331-8600, United States
 University of HoustonHarish Krishnamoorthy and Kaushik RajashekaraAssociate Professor and Distinguished Professor Academic Cross-Cutting Power converter R&D, Lab-scale hardware, Real-time HiL SimulationPlease visit the following link to view a brief list of our research projects and capabilities:
We have recently been funded by the NSF, DoE, DoD, State of Texas (via SSI/RESTORE ACT), etc.

Dr. Harish S. Krishnamoorthy's profile:
Research Interests:
- High density power converters, solid state transformers (SSTs) and control for utility grid integration of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.), data centers, electric vehicles and adjustable speed drives
- Advanced power electronics and health analytics (using machine learning and statistical methods) for applications involving extreme environments or critical mission profiles such as offshore systems, defense, aerospace, downhole and subsea

Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara's profile:
Research Interests:
- Power electronics and Drive Systems; Subsea Electrical Systems; Transportation Electrification: Electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicle; Electric and hybrid electric aircraft, VTOL, and flying cars; Renewable Energy and Microgrids.


Phone: 7137437382

Address: 4226 Martin Luther King Boulevard, N308, Engineering Building-1, Houston, TX, 77204, United States
 The Pennsylvania State UniversityYunting LiuAssistant Professor Academic Wind  Topic of interest: 1) MMC module capacitor minimization; 2) WBG integration into MMC modules.

I am an Assistant Professor at Penn State with extensive experience in MMC design and control. I have a track record of MMC self-balance control and dc capacitor reduction. Please find a list of selected papers below:
1. Y. Liu and F. Z. Peng, “A Four-Level Modular Multilevel Converter with Self Voltage Balancing and Extremely Small DC Capacitor,” IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), Anaheim, CA, USA, 2019, pp. 2865-2871.
2. Y. Liu and F. Z. Peng, “DC Capacitor-Less Solid-State Variable Capacitor,” in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 3540-3550, March 2021.
3. Y. Liu and F. Z. Peng, “A Modular Multilevel Converter with Self-Voltage Balancing Part I: Mathematical Proof,” in IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 1117-1125, June 2020.
4. Y. Liu and F. Z. Peng, “A Modular Multilevel Converter with Self-Voltage Balancing Part II: Y-Matrix Modulation,” in IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 1126-1133, June 2020.
5. Y. Liu, F. Z. Peng, and L. M. Tolbert, “Arm Inductance Quantification of Y-Matrix Modulated Modular Multilevel Converter,” International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (IPEMC2020-ECCE Asia), Nanjing, China, 2020, pp. 3499-3504.

Penn State would like to partner with OEMs that are interested in MMC footprint minimization, especially with a focus on capacitor/inductor minimization and high voltage WBG device integration.


Phone: (814)863-5760

Address: 319 Electrical Engineering East, University Park, PA, 16802, United States
 Center for Future Energy Systems at RensselaerBrian ApkarianDirector of Business Development Academic Cross-Cutting  The Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES) is located on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.
Our center is one of Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation’s 15 designated Centers for Advanced Technology. Dr. Jian Sun is the Director of the center and leads a team of over 30 research faculty and support staff. Our mission is to pair the talent and resources of a world-leading research university with industry innovators to move technology from the lab to the marketplace for an energy-sustainable future. Our research focus areas include wind, solar, energy storage, green hydrogen, smart-grid and energy-efficient technologies. The Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES) is located on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Our center is one of Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation’s 15 designated Centers for Advanced Technology. Dr. Jian Sun is the Director of the center and leads a team of over 30 research faculty and support staff. Our mission is to pair the talent and resources of a world-leading research university with industry innovators to move technology from the lab to the marketplace for an energy-sustainable future. Our research focus areas include wind, solar, energy storage, green hydrogen, smart-grid and energy-efficient technologies.
Specific to this FOA, we have faculty engaged in research in the areas of HVDC, smart-grid, and power electronics.


Phone: 5182766953

Address: 110 8th Street, CII 811, Troy, NY, 12180, United States
 Ohio Workforce AssociationJennifer Meek EellsExecutive Director Non-Profit Strategic Programs Workforce DevelopmentThe Ohio Workforce Association represents and supports 20 local workforce boards and their directors across Ohio. The local boards manage WIOA Title 1 funds and oversee operations of their American Job (OhioMeansJobs) Centers serving job seeker and business customers.


Phone: 3308812858

Address: 570 E Leffel Lane, Springfield, OH, 45505, United States
 The University of Texas at DallasMona GhassemiAssociate Professor Academic Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Dielectrical and Electrical Insulation, High Voltage EngineeringI am interested in electrical insulation and high-voltage engineering aspects of IDEAL HVDC.


Phone: 9728834993

Address: 800 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX, 75080, United States
 Blumen SystemsMike MattimoeDirector of Operations Small Business Strategic Programs  Capabilities and Expertise:
- Siting and permitting regulation at federal, state, and municipal levels.
- Full stack software development
- GIS / mapping software
- Data aggregation and integration
- LLM / AI / ML software integration
- Developing modern software based workflows for complex processes

- Built and operated a data application for siting and permitting intelligence deployed with customers across 10 states.


Phone: 4044228518

Address: 2235 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110, United States
 American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)Kirk WaltzDirector, BD - Clean Energy Transition Non-Profit Cross-Cutting  ABS is a not-for-profit marine classification, standards/certification, and research organization headquartered in the U.S. with over 100 full-time staff working (most with advanced degrees) on internal R&D and contract R&D projects as well as numerous industry based Joint Industry Projects/Joint Development Projects around the world. And, because of our role in maritime Classification, Certification, and New Technology Qualification/Approval-in-Principle, we are engaged in maritime innovation projects and programs in their earliest stages. Our Technology department has the internal methods, processes, and tools as well as industry/academic/government relationships to provide support for this project. Also, ABS has developed requirements for offshore substations and electrical service platforms to provide requirements on the design, construction, and survey for Electrical Service Platforms. Requirements are outlined for the power supply for installed electrical equipment and devices, battery systems and distribution equipment installed on board. The rules are linked for reference. TX
 University of Nebraska-LincolnJun WangAssistant Professor Academic Renewable Energy Integration (REI) HVDC Power Converter Cost ReductionI have 16 years (since 2007) of solid academic and industrial background in Si IGBT or SiC MOSFET-based MV/HV power electronics, HVDC, MMC converter hardware and control, and power semiconductor packaging. I hope to team up with an HVDC converter manufacturer, Si/SiC device supplier, and/or national labs to submit a proposal to this FOA.


Phone: 5405535005

Address: Nebraska Hall E421K, Lincoln, NE, 68588, United States
 Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc (MEPPI)James BenkeCorporate Large Business SmartGrid HVDCExisting HVDC manufacturing company. MV / HV Breakers. System studies. Transformers. Generators. Turnkey solutions.


Phone: 7247137931

Address: 530 Keystone Dr., Warrendale, PA, 15086-7537, United States
 X UTILITYDeborah GalimbaUtility Interconnection Consultant Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Utility integrationX UTILITY is a WBE/WOSB/LGBT certified consulting services firm based in Fresno, CA and Oahu, HI. The firm is comprised of former PG&E utility renewable experts that have pioneered over 2.9 Gigawatts of safe and reliable retail and wholesale utility grid tie wind, solar, EVCS and energy storage battery resources. We specialize in portfolio grid integration, renewable utility interconnection requirements, energy roadmap development, utility reconciliation, utility POI feasibility assessments, grid services aggregation, value stacking income streams, workforce development, vehicle electrification, and energy resilience for critical facilities. Our expert knowledge of utility technical dependencies, requirements, processes, application submittals, permitting, land rights/environmental, engineering, procurement and construction creates a market advantage for our clients. We’re anxious to leverage our lessons learned insight and apply relationships to maintain project progress to achieve a safe, reliable and compliant project/program delivery. Our non-profit and for profit markets include: Muni’s, Coops, Utilities, CCA’s, Developers, contractors, Tribal Governments, Cities/Counties, engineers, installers, non-profit 501-C3 entities and business owners.


Phone: 5599084148

Address: 114 East Shaw ave suite 103, Fresno, CA, 93710, United States
 Loans and Grants HelpDarrin RiberdyMember Small Business Project Management Coordination Office  We assist you with completing the grant application package:

1. Project management of grant applications from start to finish
2. Create application template with client logo and branding
3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
5. Agency documentation of solicitation and Q&A
6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
7. Assistance to complete the concept paper
8. Assistance to complete full application
9. Assistance to complete application forms
10. Assistance to upload to agency portal
11. Assistance with obtaining UEI and
12. Packaging services
13. Assistance with application compliance
14. Assistance with application evaluation


Phone: 9563603960

Address: Schuerbach Road, Mission, TX, 78574, United States