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 Navia Energy IncBabu JainFounder & CEO Small Business Power Electronics Topic Area 1: Robust Experimentation and Advanced Learning for Distribution System OperatorsWe are building an energy management and planning platform with AI enabled Edge computing to address situations with the energy systems of mission critical facilities and C&I buildings. We are looking for expertise in IOT, Edge AI, SCADA technology development, testing and certifications.


Phone: 4084655525

Address: 525 S. Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013, United States
 WT PartnersWilliam ThaiManaging Director Small Business General  WT Partners (WTP) was founded in 2018 and is a U.S. certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) consultancy based in Florida. WTP provides professional services such as technical, advisory, strategy, writing, and management services solely to the Power, Energy, and Utilities ecosystem. Our former and current clients include academia, government, industry organizations, utilities, startups, and venture capital/private equity.


Phone: 9499434554

Address: 8911 LAUREATE BOULEVARD, ORLANDO, FL, 32827, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business General DEI Plan, Project Planning, and Project ReportingFedsprout helps businesses and non-profits secure government funding and provide support during project execution. We help strategize, plan, and ensure successful projects when working with the federal government, especially regarding clean energy and other DOE initiatives.

Area of Technical Expertise: Community Benefits Planning for Proposals, Community Engagement, Implementation of Community Benefits Plans, Clean Energy Demonstration Planning. We are experts in community engagement, workforce development, DEIA, and Justice 40.

Brief Description of Capabilities: We help write, strategize, and implement community benefits (and DEI) plans for proposals and projects. We provide planning and strategy for successful government-funded projects. Our experts are familiar with federal regulations, budgeting, and compliance.

Area of Interest: Develop DEI Plans for proposal and implementation during project


Phone: 3233634459

Address: 76 PETTIT PL, PRINCETON, NJ, 08540, United States
 Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHannah BurroughsPower Systems Engineer Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) General Topic Areas 1 and 2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has expertise in power systems engineering, modeling and simulation, co-simulation, computational mathematics, and high performance computing (HPC). Specific capabilities and facilities are: Hardware-in-the-Loop lab facility, HPC facilities, experience with and development contributions to the HELICS co-simulation platform including integration with other modeling tools such as Functional Mock-up Interfaces (FMI) and Simulink, and development of tools for adapting to new HPC architectures. LLNL is interested in collaboration on applications for both Topic Areas 1 and 2 of this FOA.


Phone: 9254221100

Address: 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA, 94550, United States
 Pecan Street Inc.Scott HinsonChief Technology Officer Non-Profit General  Pecan Street Inc is a research and development organization focused on advancing data-driven solutions for energy and resource management. It operates a real-world testbed for residential energy data collection and technology testing, capturing detailed information on real power, apparent power, current THD, voltage-current phase angle, and current RMS at a second-level interval with circuit-level granularity. Data is collected in Texas, New York State, California, Colorado, Delaware, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan, and Puerto Rico. Ground truth data is collected near real time, at a rate of 14-18 Billion records daily, with a rich historical data set.

Previous field trial technologies have included fixed energy storage systems, smart inverters, V1G and V2G controlled charging/energy dispatch. The team excels in developing hierarchical and local controllers, adeptly handling the necessary trade-offs in communications and control system architecture and development decisions.


Phone: 5129404701

Address: 3924 Berkman Drive, Austin, TX, 78723, United States
 S&C Electric CompanyPeter CurtissPrincipal Consulting Engineer Large Business General 1 - Robust Experimentation and Advanced Learning for DSOsThe Consulting and Analytical Services division of S&C has extensive modeling and data analysis experience. This includes everything from arc flash studies in individual facilities up to power flow and stability studies at the distribution and transmission scale. The S&C team would work on the improved system models and we are interested in partnering with a utility to identify an appropriate grid region for the demonstration.


Phone: 720-643-9295

Address: 6601 N. Ridge Blvd, Chicago, IL, 60626, United States
 University of Delaware Institute of Energy ConversionSteven HegedusProfessor and Senior Scientist Academic Photovoltaics Smart Inverter and Battery Testing and ControlsI have a Power HIL (P-HIL) testing lab with two 5 kW PV simulators and residential inverters and batteries. A grid simulator can provide a wide range of unstable or non-standard grid conditions to test the inverter response inlcuding default or custom Volt-VAr, Freq-Watt, PF, or ride through controls. We have collaborated with a utility in a previous DOE project where they established communication via internet and API so they could test inverter controls and data acquisition. We have published several papers with several under review covering impact of line impedance on Volt-VAR, Freq-Watt controls and also cyber attack detection. We are currently looking into battery dispatch algorithms to maximize economics or grid support. We have a strong interest in collaborating with utilities or other partners for this FOA. WE can provide P-HIL testing using inverters and battery, simulation, and analysis. I have worked with utilities and small and medium businesses at the grid edge. I am also Chair of the Grid Modernization working group for DE Governor's Energy Council so am very familiar with utility concerns of DER hosting capacity, grid reliability, coordinated vs local control.


Phone: 3028316253

Address: University of Delaware, 451 Wyoming Rd, Newark, DE, 19716, United States
 New Mexico State Energy OfficeEvan RogersEconomist State and/or Local Government General  Currently researching energy markets and DER integration at the distribution level. Interested in exploring DSO models for VPP integration within vertically integrated frameworks.


Phone: 505 549 9983

Address: 1220 S St Francis Dr, Santa Fe, NM, 87505, United States