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 BIG DATA CONSULTANTS INCSHADDYOWNER Small Business Other Balance of Systems  Our team brings a wealth of expertise in the AWS cloud and a proven track record in renewable energy innovation, perfectly aligning with phase 1 objectives of this funding opportunity. You need a centralized data system.

With a background in power systems engineering and a demonstrated ability to lead complex projects, BIG DATA CONSULTANTS offers the visionary leadership needed to drive this initiative forward. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, with over 15 years delivering scalable data pipelines and ML, including experts in data analytics and wind energy research, we possess the diverse skill set required to tackle the challenges of grid stability enhancement head-on.

A highly scalable and fault tolerant, change data capture solution is the foundation of delivering results through a robust data discovery to delivery standard, empowering ML and AI integration to empower the next generation of power.


Phone: 7034038431

Address: 3118 COVINGTON ST, FAIRFAX, VA, 22031, United States
 Elevation Direct CorporationDaniel SuurkaskDirector Small Business General SWIFTRWe model power systems, variable generation integration, renewable production curtailment, and project interconnection on behalf of clients. We have completed transmission expansion studies using various methodologies and developed screening software to identify potential points of interceonnection in the grid. We would like to team with other experts power systems modeling and analysis.


Phone: 5092702345

Address: Howard Hughes Pkwy, Ste. 219, Las Vegas, NV, 89169, United States
 Sandia National LaboratoriesKailey WulfertTechnical Business Development Specialist Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) General AllSandia’s Distributed Energy Technology Laboratory (DETL) is a research facility that studies grid integration of energy technology including PV inverters, WTG, and ESS. The Opal-RT RT simulator and PHIL equipment allows integrating power converters into RT simulation models of power systems that represent the bulk grid. DETL will be used for testing the VPP using its PHIL platform, testing the controls on commercial solar, wind and storage devices.

DETL has the capability to conduct tests on utility-scale equipment by using utility and surge simulators, high-power waveform analyzers, and related test equipment that includes the following: • 180 kVA Ametek AC grid simulator RS180 • 200 kW Ametek TerraSAS PV simulator with up to 20 individual outputs • 100 kW high-voltage NH Research battery simulator • 48 kW low-voltage NH Research battery simulator • 280 kVA/225 kW diesel generator with grid-interconnection controller • OPAL-RT power hardware-in-the-loop system • Motor control center-based microgrid • 100 kVA, 30 kVA grid-forming inverters • 320 VA microinverter test bed • High-fidelity inverter model development and validation • Wind turbine physical motor-generator • IP-based communications emulator

GLEAMM/GNIRE/SWiFT Hybrid Power Plant is a collaboration between Sandia, TTU and GNIRE, located in Lubbock, Texas and connected to the SPEC system. The hybrid power plant resources include a 150 kW solar array, a 600-kW wind farm, multiple distributed phasor measurement units (PMUs) to monitor the grid, a 500-kW diesel generator, a 50-kW / 400-kWh energy storage system, and a control building fully instrumented with voltage and current sensors for data acquisition and a local meteorological station. This site also has a 2.7 MW wind turbine.


Phone: 5058592708

Address: 1515 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87123, United States
 Transform Computing, Inc. (XFR)Steve ReinhardtCEO Small Business General Topic Areas 1 and 2EMT simulation is already too compute-intense even for today's microgrids or solar/wind power plants; EMT simulation at the scale needed for imminent solar/wind plants will be impractically compute-intense. XFR is developing capabilities exploiting the power of advanced math and GAI to simulate EMTs at the needed scale much more effectively, with sanity checks built in, targeted initially at interconnection planning but soon for dynamic contexts. XFR has ground-breaking AI/analytic expertise but modest energy-grid expertise and no access to operational grids and seeks partner(s) who can provide these last two.

For the professional background of one of our founders, see


Phone: 1.612.802.9618

Address: 716 Bridle Ridge Rd, Eagan, MN, 55123-3974, United States
 Meltran, IncThomas E. McDermottPresident Small Business Power Electronics Topic 1: Improved Efficiency of EMT Simulations for Interconnection Studies of IBRsI am interested in contributing to the reduction of overall engineering time by a factor of ten for EMT studies. My approach is to 1) extend the Common Information Model for Dynamics (CIM Dynamics) with management of dynamic link library (DLL) "real code" IBR models and other data necessary for automating EMT network model management, and 2) extend the model validation and study automation scripts that were developed for the NERC/i2X EMT Bootcamp in 2023. Both elements would leverage prior DOE funding, and may complement larger teams that focus on other aspects of Topic 1, such as computational efficiency, screening criteria, training materials, etc.

I have decades of experience with EMT studies and co-led the 2023 NERC/i2X EMT Bootcamp, including the automation scripts. I've developed many code models and have implemented part of the CIM-based network model workflow using ATP. I currently participate in related IEEE standards and the NERC EMT Task Force.


Phone: 434-312-4608

Address: 732 Empire St, Charlottesville, VA, 22901, United States