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 Desert Research InstituteXiaoliang WangResearch Professor Non-Profit General Battery fire early detection and suppressionFire safety is an important area of concern during battery collection, transportation, storage, and recycling. Funded by NASA, we have been conducting fire emission and early fire detection research for spacecraft relevant fuels, including lithium ion batteries. We are interested in further research in fire detection (in outgassing, thermal runaway, and fire stages) and suppression over the battery recycling process.


Phone: 775-674-7177

Address: 2215 Raggio Pkwy, Reno, NV, 89512, United States
 i5 Services, LLCDana PopePrincipal Investigator/Exec Coord Small Business General  CONNEX Marketplace™ (CM), is an existing, already mapped supply chain base that has the functionality the industry is looking for; qualified U.S. manufacturers (mfgs), risks and disruptions illuminated and mitigated, and procurement assistance resulting in a resilient, sustainable supply chain ecosystem throughout the U.S. CM has assembled the largest network of partners creating a comprehensive ecosystem leveraging over 250 local, state, and national organizations to assist manufacturers not only to be found, but with new opportunities.

Our Value to You:
o Visibility of small and medium-sized manufacturers not just by what they manufacture but by what they can produce based on their equipment, processes, materials, etc.
o Connect buyers with small through large sized mfgs
o Strengthen supply chain resilience by identification of gaps
o Provide an Exchange Center for buyers to post RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs, and for mfgs to respond
o Provide mfgs with Risk Illumination, and Mitigation help to increase national security objectives
o Connect companies having waste or abundance of materials to recycling/repurposing companies.
o Connect industry with Workforce to identify future trends and skills workers will need, academia creates education on those skills, and industry hires academia’s skilled workforce
o Connect industry with R&D to work on prototypes for needs now and in the future
o Catalyst for bringing together states, regions, industries

Who Uses CONNEX Marketplace™:
Manufacturers – small, medium, and large-sized
Buyers - Primes, OEMs, the DOD, and suppliers
Workforce/R&D – universities, colleges, trade schools, and researchers
Others – the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), MEPs, local, state, & national government and legislators, manufacturing associations and organizations

Let’s talk about the possibilities and what we can collaborate on now.
CAGE # 7BB13
NAICS Codes: 541519, 541512, 541511, 54151S
SBA Distinction: Small Business

Contact Dana Pope at


Phone: 214-315-0516

Address: 515 W 500 S, Bountiful, UT, 84010, United States
 Midwest Recycling CenterGregory CookseyDirector Business Development & Compliance Officer Small Business General Electronics Battery Recycling, Reprocessing, and Battery CollectionTeaming Partner Opportunity with Midwest Recycling Center (MRC)

Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) is actively exploring teaming partner opportunities to further our vision and commitment to sustainable recycling practices. As we stand on the brink of expanding our operations within our existing facilities, our primary focus is on the shredding and processing of Lithium Primary and Secondary batteries. We are diligently collaborating with leading shredder/separator manufacturers with the objective of designing and building a system that prioritizes safety while efficiently producing black mass output, marking our Phase I in this endeavor.

A core area of our interest lies in pioneering technologies that can seamlessly and effectively mitigate risks throughout the battery recycling value chain - starting from the collection phase, where we have a robust mechanism in place catering to commercial accounts and community collections, all the way to handling and, critically, during the discharge process either before or during shredding.

Moreover, we are in pursuit of potential feedstock partners to complement and enhance the current feedstock we acquire directly from generators.

About MRC: Operating out of three strategic locations in the State of Missouri—St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, MO; and Park Hills, MO—MRC boasts a formidable infrastructure. We manage a fleet of 10 box trucks dedicated to business-to-business E-Waste and Universal Waste collections. Furthermore, our commitment to the community is evident in the 80-100 E-Waste Community Collection events we organize annually, catering not just to the State of Missouri but also to neighboring states.

We welcome interested parties to reach out and explore collaborative avenues that align with our vision of a sustainable future.


Phone: 314-602-0079

Address: 3751 Old State Road M, Imperial, MO, 63052, United States
 University of MemphisAlexander HeadleyAssistant Professor Academic Energy Storage  Expertise in battery system dispatch optimization. Current research investigating degradation conscious control methods.


Phone: 8593277896

Address: 3720 Alumni Ave, 3720 Alumni Ave, MEMPHIS, TN, 38152, United States
 The University of Texas at San AntonioOmar AbbaasAssistant Professor Academic General Supply chain engineeringI lead the Optimal Performance through Innovative Modeling and Analytics Laboratory (OPTIMAL), a dynamic team of experts with diverse backgrounds. I hold a dual-title Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and my research touches various areas including:
- Process improvement (Lean Six Sigma)
- Supply chain engineering
- Logistics and transportation
- Facility layout
- Operations research (Optimization and decision support)
- Advanced data analytics
- Survey creation and analysis
- Renewable energy and sustainable practices
- Design of experiments
- Engineering design and testing
- Quality and reliability


Phone: 2104588746

Address: 1 UTSA Boulevard, , TX 78249, Engineering Building, 3.04.54, San Antonio, TX, 78249, United States
 Ohio Workforce AssociationJennifer Meek EellsExecutive Director Non-Profit General Workforce DevelopmentThe Ohio Workforce Association represents and supports 20 local workforce boards and their directors across Ohio. The local boards manage WIOA Title 1 funds and oversee operations of their American Job (OhioMeansJobs) Centers serving job seeker and business customers.


Phone: 3308812858

Address: 570 E Leffel Lane, Springfield, OH, 45505, United States
 X UTILITYDeborah GalimbaUtility Interconnection Consultant Small Business Deployment Utility integrationX UTILITY is a DBE utility Grid-tie consulting firm with over 2 GW of renewables interconnected. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in: Energy grid-tie interconnection, Land Rights and Permitting, Grid Integration - Transmission and Distribution, Utility eligibility/tariff, Project prospecting, and Pioneering new technologies. Point of interconnection and project concepts.


Phone: 5599084148

Address: 114 East Shaw ave suite 103, Suite 103, Fresno, CA, 93710, United States
 Blumen SystemsMike MattimoeDirector of Operations Small Business General  Capabilities and Expertise:
- Siting and permitting regulation at federal, state, and municipal levels.
- Full stack software development
- GIS / mapping software
- Data aggregation and integration
- LLM / AI / ML software integration
- Developing modern software based workflows for complex processes

- Built and operated a data application for siting and permitting intelligence deployed with customers across 10 states.


Phone: 4044228518

Address: 2235 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110, United States
 SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryXueli Sherry ZhengAssociate Scientist Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Materials  Battery recycling;
Materials innovation for lithium-sulfur batteries; sulfide solid-state batteries, and polymer based all-solid-state batteries.
Advanced characterizations including in situ studies on battery systems, including synchrotron X-ray absorption/scattering/diffraction for batteries.


Phone: 5106798124

Address: 2575 Sand Hill Rd, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, United States
 University of California, RiversideBryan WongProfessor Academic Materials  My research group develops and applies first-principles, quantum-mechanical computational techniques to predict, understand, and rationally design chemical/material systems (either previously synthesized or yet to be made). I would be interested in partnering with a lead organization to leverage our predictive quantum calculations to complement experimental efforts in any of the topics of the FOA. In addition, UC Riverside is a Minority Serving Institute (MSI) which qualifies us to submit proposals that encourage/require MSI opportunities and requirements (such as the required DEIA and Community Benefits plan of this FOA).


Phone: 951-827-2163

Address: 900 University Ave., Riverside, CA, 92521, United States
 Engineered Filtration SolutionsCarl DiMannoTechnical Director Small Business Materials Transmembrane Chemisorption systems for hydrometallurgical recycling, isolating components at the molecular scaleTangential flow filtration, electrodialysis and chemisorption specialists with experience with brine filtration, DLE eluent concentration and black mass component separation with transmembrane chemisorption systems. Expertise in nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis and osmotically assisted reverse osmosis along with the use of Liqui-cel contactors for dealcoholization, degassing and liquid-liquid molecular transfer. A channel partner with Veolia and a 3M reseller, EFS designs and builds bench, pilot and demonstration scale filtration and electrodialysis equipment to conduct proof of concept efforts. Engineered Filtration Solutions (EFS) provides custom, self-contained skid systems for brine filtration, DLE eluent softening and concentration along with electrodialysis reversal (EDR) for acid and caustic recovery. EFS has pioneered osmotically assisted RO to concentrate DLE product beyond the capability of standard reverse osmosis along with the use of Ultra high pressure reverse osmosis as a replacement for seawater RO systems. Designed skid mounted systems for transmembrane chemisorption and isolation of battery components in hydrometallurgical recycling process.


Phone: 7037287977

Address: 1446 Industrial Drive, Sebastopol, CA, 95472, United States
 EnerStrat ConsultingAadil AhesanPrincipal Consultant Small Business Deployment Expanding Consumer Participation in Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling ProgramsWith an established background in marketing strategy and a robust understanding of customer behavior dynamics, EnerStrat Consulting is strategically positioned to guide organizations in driving customer adoption of environmental initiatives, particularly those focused on battery recycling, a critical yet often overlooked component of sustainability due to barriers such as lack of awareness and perceived inconvenience.

In the recent years, the company has directed its expertise towards the environmental sustainability sector, recognizing the imperative role that effective communication and strategic outreach play in shaping responsible consumer behavior. The company’s approach is holistic and data-driven, tailoring strategies that resonate with targeted consumer values. The company has had success in converting insights into compelling narratives that not only educate but inspire action. The company’s strategies hinge on creating pathways for increased consumer participation in battery recycling programs, from safe handling and data sanitization practices to identifying local recycling locations.

One of the strengths of the company is the ability to design and implement campaigns that reach diverse audiences. With a track record of successful engagement in Justice40 communities, our campaigns demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, thereby ensuring widespread impact.

By leveraging expertise in marketing strategy and a nuanced understanding of environmental sustainability is team is well-equipped to foster customer adoption of recycling initiatives. Collaboration with EnerStrat Consulting provides an opportunity to shape consumer behaviors, promote environmental stewardship, and contribute significantly towards ambitious sustainability goals.

The focus is on driving positive, meaningful change on a large scale. Partnering with EnerStrat Consulting provides organizations with a committed ally in the journey towards a more sustainable future.


Phone: +(331) 472-7056

Address: 4356 Monroe Ave, Naperville, IL, 60564, United States


Phone: (914) 525-3795

Address: 6 Brighton Way,, Avon, CT, 06001, United States
 Wisconsin Department of Natural ResourcesSarah MurrayE-Cycle Wisconsin coordinator State and/or Local Government General Consumer outreach and collection programsThe Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is interested in partnering with other organizations or agencies on consumer education and outreach on batteries and battery-containing devices, or on collection programs for batteries and electronics.

Since 2019, the DNR has run annual campaigns aimed at raising awareness among the public about the various types of household batteries and how to manage them safely. These campaigns have included news releases, paid and unpaid social media posts, a video public service announcement, digital display ads and paid search engine results (e.g., Google search ads). The DNR also conducts year-round outreach campaigns focused on recycling of consumer electronics. These campaigns are informed by regular statewide household surveys that help identify awareness gaps and barriers to recycling. The DNR has also been working to expand its Spanish-language outreach.

Examples of additional outreach the DNR could do with additional funding include:
• Develop, print, and distribute information about safe battery and battery-containing device disposal, including making printed materials available for free to local recycling programs and businesses.
• Hire a project specialist dedicated to improving battery outreach and collection infrastructure.
• Run larger year-round public education campaigns, including digital ads, social media and broadcast media.

Wisconsin has a well-established collection program for electronics from households and K-12 schools through its extended producer responsibility program, E-Cycle Wisconsin. There are underserved areas of the state, however, that lack convenient and affordable access to electronics and battery recycling options. The DNR has an existing grant program that could provide addition electronics collection grants to underserved areas with more funding. The DNR could also work with partners to increase the number of public battery collection sites around the state.


Phone: 608-234-0533

Address: PO Box 7921, Madison, WI, 53707-7921, United States
 www.recycle1234.comEddie InamdarCEO Small Business Energy Storage Recycling BatteriesWe are a Battery, E-Waste and Solar Panel Recycler in SF Bay Area


Phone: 5104682642

Address: 33548 Central Ave, Union City, CA, 94587, United States
 Higher Wire Inc.Trevor WarrenCEO Small Business Energy Storage Battery Renewal and Second LifeHigher Wire Inc. creates innovative technologies that remove barriers to sustainable energy storage and generation. We are experts in assessing batteries for continued use, then designing and deploying renewable energy systems to maximize their useful life.

We have developed a patent-pending process to renew lithium batteries from various first-life applications - EV, ESS, material handling, personal mobility, etc. - and remanufacture them for stationary energy storage. We have been able to redeploy over 2/3 of all cells analyzed, reducing strain on the global supply chain and lowering the cost of battery storage. Our carbon-negative process transforms nuisance waste back into useful assets, and our renewed batteries are responsible for up to 99% lower emissions as compared to brand new batteries.

Higher Wire has been awarded several R&D grants by the DOE to develop advanced power conversion systems at the battery and system level, technologies that will eliminate waste in the battery value chain and make renewable energy more equitable.


Phone: 4804422007

Address: 813 N 13th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85007, United States
 easyXAFS LLCDevon MortensenDr. Small Business Materials  easyXAFS is the world leader in laboratory based x-ray spectroscopy, including x-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) and x-ray emission spectroscopy (XES). Our instruments have proven capability for characterization of the oxidation state and local atomic environment around 3d transition metal species in Li ion battery cathodes, including for rapid measurement of evolving oxidation state during pouch cell cycling. Our systems can be customized for industry-specific tasks, such as quality control testing of cathode materials under working conditions. We look to partner to further apply and develop this technology in the battery sector.


Phone: 2086974076

Address: 879 Rainier Avenue North Ste A103, Renton, WA, 98057, United States
 Hwyl Consulting CorporationLuke McCartyConsultant Small Business General  Our consultants have a proven track record of helping organizations submit competitive DOE grant applications. We specialize in:

• Developing Community Benefits Plans that align with the federal government’s community engagement, workforce investment, DEIA, and Justice40 objectives.
• Writing the narrative component of full applications that connect your technical project to the federal government’s broader energy efficiency, renewable energy, and equity strategies.
• Review/edit of concept papers and full applications.
• Assisting with implementation of Community Benefits Plans for awarded projects, including reporting and compliance during the Go/No-Go review process.


Phone: 9312006405

Address: 1 E Erie St Suite 525-2519, Chicago, IL, 60611, United States
 SAE InternationalWillian GouseMr. Non-Profit General Standards DevelopmentSAE standards are widely adopted by the industry and are incorporated into policy, regulations, best practices, research, and rulemaking documents of the DOT, EPA, DOE, and independent test laboratories and evaluators. The SAE portfolio includes standards, recommended practices, information reports, testing and design tools. A sample of topics contained in the SAE portfolio are New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Hybrids, EV Charging, Batteries, LNG/PNG, Hydrogen Combustion, Fuel Cells and Energy Consumption and Emissions Measurement to name a few. Committees addressing above topics include Global traceability standards committee, Battery standards recycling committee and Secondary battery use committee. Related critical topics are also included in the Battery transportation and Battery test equipment committees. Battery Standards Recycling committee covers all recycling concerns for lithium-ion, and new chemistries, has published J2984, J2974, J3071 documents. Secondary battery use committee has an open WIP J2297. Battery Standards Recycling Committee covers all recycling concerns for lithium-ion, and new chemistries and has published J2984, J2974 and J3071.

SAE has many subject matter experts and the committees to develop and publish standards, information reports and best practices related to the topics in this funding offering. We welcome teaming with others in a supporting role to develop a standards roadmap and potentially, standards development necessary for safe Battery Recycling, Reprocessing, and Collection.


Phone: +12022815844

Address: 901 15th Street, NW Suite 520, Washington DC, DC, 20005, United States
 EIT InnoEnergyMark VasuHead of Sales Large Business General Workforce DevelopmentThe InnoEnergy Skills Institute (ISI) is prepared to support applicants in developing their Community Benefits Plan and workforce development strategy. Developed in 2021, the ISI has trained more than 40,000 learners with over 200 hours of content.

We provide modularized and flexible skill development training through virtual instruction, in-person labs, and continued learning support. InnoEnergy is developing industry-recognized credentials to provide workers with verified and transferable skills. Our existing curriculum spans job profiles across the battery value chain and we are working with industry partners to develop content in photovoltaics and green hydrogen. The ISI is trusted by universities, community colleges, and industry partners across North America and Europe to train and prepare a sustainable energy workforce.


Phone: 6174809192

Address: 444 Somerville, Somerville, MA, 02143, United States
 Batteries PlusMatt BormetConsultant Large Business General 1,2,3,4Batteries Plus is the national on-the-ground experts on consumer battery recycling. Our customers come to us because they know we’ll do it right. They trust our experienced team to make sure that these often volatile materials are handled safely and in an environmentally friendly way. With over 700 stores in 48 states and growing, Batteries Plus is the first choice for responsibly and safely recycling batteries of all types. Most of our stores are owned by franchisees, including many veteran, minority, and women-owned small businesses. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is part of our business model, and we’re investing in that commitment by pledging to recycle more batteries than we sell. Every year, we recycle almost 50 million pounds of batteries.

We anticipate applying for multiple topics in the FOA, and are looking for partners that can help improve our logistics, training, safety, and marketing capabilities to better serve the battery recycling supply chain. We are interested in partnering with state and tribal governments, non-profits, higher education institutions and anyone else willing to work to improve the outcomes for consumer battery recycling.


Phone: 2024526865

Address: 1325 Walnut Ridge Dr, Hartland, WI, 53029, United States
 CONNEX Marketplace/i5 ServicesDana PopeExecutive Coordinator & Principal Investigator Small Business General Topic 3CONNEX Marketplace™ (CM), is an existing, already mapped supply chain base that has the functionality the industry is looking for; qualified U.S. manufacturers (mfgs), risks and disruptions illuminated and mitigated, and procurement assistance resulting in a resilient, sustainable supply chain ecosystem throughout the U.S. CM has assembled the largest network of partners creating a comprehensive ecosystem leveraging over 250 local, state, and national organizations to assist manufacturers not only to be found but with new opportunities.

Problem: More than 3 billion batteries are thrown away each year in the U.S., creating 180,000 tons of hazardous waste. For the most part, these batteries can be recycled/repurposed.

Currently: CONNEX is in discussions with a U.S. state in the carbon fiber industry, to create a system through CONNEX Marketplace where manufacturers list their surplus, search for carbon fiber available for recycling/repurposing, and identify carbon fiber collection/storage facilities. This same system can be created for batteries.

Goals: Create an easy-to-use system where used batteries go from a home to a collection facility to manufacturers who repurpose/recycle batteries, then back to companies for sale or use.

Usage: CONNEX has over 160,000 U.S. manufacturers, and the largest partner network to aid in finding qualified suppliers. Manufacturers, Buyers, and Recyclers find each other through capabilities.

Experience: CONNEX has created industry-specific sectors within the database in Air Mobility, Advanced Manufacturing, and is working in the Energy and Defense sectors. There has been great success in these areas and more industries are being requested.

Battery Collection, Recycling, and Repurposing along with sending the product back out can all be filled through CONNEX Marketplace. The DOE funding can be used to implement this sector in the already proven CM solution. CONNEX is a catalyst for bringing states, regions, and industries together.

Who Uses CONNEX Marketplace™:
Manufacturers – small, medium, and large sized
Buyers - Primes, OEMs, the DOD, and suppliers
Workforce/R&D – universities, colleges, trade schools, and researchers
Others – the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), MEPs, local, state, & national government, and legislators, manufacturing associations, and organizations

CAGE # 7BB13 NAICS Codes: 541511, 541519, 541512, 513210
SBA Distinction: Small Business


Phone: 214-315-0516

Address: 515 W 500 South, Bountiful, UT, 84010, United States
 ESSPIRonald M ButlerCEO Small Business Deployment Battery Transport and StorageESSPI has been funded by the USDOT PHMSA to design and develop specialized systems and processes for safe, efficient battery transport, storage, and charging. We've developed the Battery Logistics Integrated Safety System (BLISS) that allows creates the tools and process for the often ignored component of the battery life cycle...logistics.


Phone: 3132208967

Address: 2050 15th Street Detroit, MI 48216, Detroit, MI, 48216, United States
 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Matthew KeyserElectrochemical Energy Storage Group Manager Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Energy Storage Recycling of Lithium Ion BatteriesNREL is on the leadership team for DOE's ReCell effort investigating direct recycling of lithium-ion batteries. There are several established approaches to battery recycling, each relying on a distinct series of processing methods. Pyrometallurgical recycling uses high-temperature smelting to reduce components to their elemental form, which may then be recovered and resynthesized into fresh components. Hydrometallurgical recycling relies on a series of leaching and separation processes to isolate components at the molecular scale. Finally, direct recycling methods seek to recover and refurbish components in nearly intact form, thereby retaining the maximum engineered value. Direct recycling is the recovery, regeneration, and reuse of battery components directly without breaking down the battery components to their elemental level. By maintaining the process value in the original battery components, a lower-cost re-constituted material can be supplied to battery manufacturers for future systems. This will in turn help reduce the cost of advanced vehicles and decrease the energy and environmental impacts of other recycling methodologies. NREL has expertise in both direct and hydrometallurgical recycling techniques.


Phone: 3032753876

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80004, United States
 Loans and Grants HelpDarrin RiberdyMember Small Business General  We assist firms with grant and loan applications:

1. Project management of grant and loan application from start to finish
2. Create application template with client logo and branding
3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
5. Agency documentation of solicitation and Q&A
6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
7. Assistance to complete the concept paper
8. Assistance to complete full application
9. Assistance to complete application forms
10. Assistance to upload to agency portal
11. Assistance with obtaining UEI and
12. Packaging services
13. Assistance with application compliance
14. Assistance with application evaluation


Phone: 9563603960

Address: Schuerbach Road, Mission, TX, 78574, United States