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 Decarbonization Inc.Mansour Masoudi  Small Business Carbon Capture Carbon capture; modeling capture, contactor design, desorption processes; techno-economics, process optimizationDecarbonization Inc. assists in various areas of carbon capture, esp. in Direct Air Capture/ DAC, via designing contactors, modeling complex processes of adsorption, desorption, separation, process control/ optimization including costs and techno-economics of carbon capture, to name a few. We are interested in working with external partners on developing processes and procedures to enhance CO2 removal measurements, reporting, practices and other related activities.


Phone: 4252311686

Address: 16300 Mill Creek Blvd., # G - 2, Mill Creek, WA, 98012, United States
 SustainafyJuanita Garcia  Small Business Buildings Construction Carbon AccountingBuilt a beta carbon calculator to be used for construction carbon accounting. Co-founders have over 25 years combined in the construction and sustainability industry. Interested in partnership to test the calculator to eventually build out a fully web-based platform with integration with other industry software.


Phone: 312-480-6775

Address: 1717 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL, 60616, United States
 VerraBenktesh D Sharma, Ph.D.  Non-Profit Cross-Cutting  Verra is a mission-driven non-profit organization that is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve livelihoods, and protect natural resources by working with the private and public sectors. We support climate action and sustainable development with standards, tools and programs that credibly, transparently and robustly assess environmental and social impacts and enable funding for sustaining and scaling up projects that verifiably deliver these benefits.

Verra’s standards and frameworks are critical and evolving components in the ongoing effort to protect our shared environment. They vet environmental and sustainable development efforts, build their capacity, and drive large-scale investment to them to sustain and scale up their benefits.

The VCS Program is the world’s leading GHG crediting program. It allows certified projects to turn their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and removals into tradable carbon credits. VCS projects include dozens of technologies and measures which result in GHG emission reductions and removals, including forest and wetland conservation and restoration, agricultural land management, transport efficiency improvements, and many others. There are currently over 1,900 registered projects in over 85 countries that have generated more than 1 billion carbon credits.

The JNR Framework is the world’s first accounting and verification framework for jurisdictional REDD+ programs and nested projects. It was designed as a market-ready accounting and crediting framework to catalyze high-impact forest conservation activities that produce important co-benefits for the communities that maintain them while also supporting national governments in reaching their long-term climate goals. The JNR framework serves as a comprehensive carbon accounting and crediting platform for governments to guide development of their REDD+ programs and help nest REDD+ projects and subnational jurisdictions within these programs.


Phone: 2029260009

Address: 1 Thomas Circle NW Suite 1050, Washington, DC, 20005, United States
 Drax Group plcAngela Hepworth, Michael Goldsworthy  Large Business Cross-Cutting Measuring carbon, Quantifying net-carbon removed, Increasing transparencyDrax owns and operates a portfolio of flexible, low carbon and renewable electricity generation. Drax is the world’s largest producer and generator of sustainable bioenergy. We have operations in North America and power generating facilities across the UK. At the Drax Power Station we have been trialling BECCS to produce carbon removals following the conversion of the power station to operate using sustainably sourced biomass. We successfully proved we can capture carbon from a 100% sustainable biomass feedstock. Drax will deliver 8Mt of removals as part of phase 1 of the Drax BECCS programme in the 2020’s. We have an ambition to deploy our BECCS technology globally. We’ve set a target to deliver 12Mt of negative CO2 emissions per annum – including 4Mt from BECCS projects internationally by 2030. We believe the US is an ideal location to deploy our first BECCS project outside the UK given its access to one of the world’s greatest fibre baskets, well-established forestry sector and suitable geology for CO2 storage. We are progressing our plans to build a new facility with the capacity to generate over two million tonnes of carbon removal each year. As part of our BECCS programme we’ve developed the following capabilities: extensive experience conducting LCAs for bioenergy technologies and developing processes for accurately calculating the ongoing emissions associated with scaled international value chains. Drax has developed the Biomass Carbon Calculator, a LCA tool used widely across the wood pellet sector for calculating lifecycle emissions. Drax also has knowledge and experience of evaluating direct and indirect land use impacts of bioenergy supply chains. We are currently piloting the draft GHG Protocol land sector and removals guidance. We are also researching and testing the use of economic models for establishing predicted land management and land use change occurring in response to introduction of new demand for low grade wood fibre from bioenergy investments. Drax is currently working with Standards bodies in the Voluntary Carbon Market to develop MRV approaches appropriate for permanent removals delivered through BECCS. We are also working with initiatives to develop CCS specific methodologies in the VCM. Main interests: sharing best practices around LCA, standards and MRV for CDRs and BECCS


Phone: +444475261668

Address: Drax Power Station, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 8PH, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8PH, United Kingdom
North Yorkshire
 OxiCool Development CenterGary Ezekian  Small Business Cross-Cutting  The OxiCool Development Center is a new approach to building out and scaling up solutions in the ClimateTech & HardTech space. Leveraging our modern facility in the greater Philadelphia area with the latest in fabrication equipment and an experienced team of engineers & technicians, OxiCool engages in flexible partnerships with early-stage startups and lab researchers to collaboratively mature their technologies. Our team is well suited to work closely with domain specialists and support the TRL4 to TRL7 maturation sweet spot. We are open to a spectrum of creative arrangements that take advantage of our capabilities and infrastructure, including joint grant applications, licensing, work for equity, and build to print work packages.


Phone: 2154622665

Address: 508 Lapp Road, Malvern, PA, 19355, United States
 Via Science, Inc. (VIA)Colin Gounden  Small Business Cross-Cutting  Summary: Via Science, Inc. (“VIA”) is a small business with a mission to make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable through Web3 and blockchain-controlled data privacy.


Mission: Make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable

45 FTEs
Members of the VIA leadership team have worked together for 5 to 25 years with two successful exits
Large percentage of PhDs and graduates from Harvard, MIT, and other top universities

Web3 Technology:
10 issued patents related to data privacy and federated data analysis
Cybersecurity accreditation to TOP SECRET level with U.S. DoD
Scale testing with a major U.S. intelligence agency


Collective good from collective action
National Security: Humanitarian aid and secure logistics through integration of building, electric vehicle, and workflow data across multiple secure systems
Improved Health: Reduced respiratory illnesses due to increased adoption of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time verification of energy demand at building and tenant level, and fuel source verification for electric vehicles
Community-Led Resilience: Increased grid flexibility of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time incentives to balance renewable supply, and V2B and V2G charging


Web3 technologies to verify, integrate, analyze private data:
Verify: Real-time and anonymous verification of valuable data (e.g., clean energy)
Integrate: Connect data sources currently decentralized, and / or inaccessible due to privacy
Analyze: Enable experts and third parties to analyze and act on data securely and confidently

Differentiation: Cybersecurity, Cost, Real-Time, Anonymity, Flexibility
Cybersecurity: The only blockchain and Web3 platform with a U.S. Department of Defense TOP SECRET level accreditation, ideal for critical infrastructure (i.e., energy) customers
Cost: Web3 tech stack enables cost-effective coordination of volumes of decentralized assets
Real-Time: Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) provide real-time verification of energy to enable real-time compensation
Anonymity: ZKPs provide anonymous verification of energy consumption / generation
Flexibility: Smart contracts enable programmable flexibility of timing, thresholds, and incentives for energy


Phone: 617-431-8398

Address: 49R Day Street, Somerville, MA, 02144, United States
 AirCapture LLCMatthew C. Atwood  Small Business Carbon Capture CO2 capture, removal measurements, reporting, etc.AirCapture designs, develops, constructs, deploys and operates modular scale and larger scale CO2 capture systems at industrial and commercial locations. It has an active commercial program in various technologies and processes involved in the capture of CO2 from ambient air and point source emissions, and in its uses in industrial and commercial settings, including developing new market uses and processes. AirCapture also designs, develops, constructs, deploys and operates supporting systems to the CO2 capture processes such as liquefaction, compression, purification, etc. Additionally, AirCapture is interested in working with organizations on the development of processes and procedures to enhance CO2 removal measurements, reporting, practices and other related initiatives.


Phone: 203-940-2173

Address: 2629 7th Street, Berkeley, CA, 94710-2509, United States
 InplanetElisabete T. Pedrosa  Small Business Carbon Capture Enhanced Rock WeatheringBackground and Interest
At Inplanet, we focus on applying silicate rock powder on agri- and silvicultural land in regions where the potential for increased weathering rates is highest: the tropics. This practice can restore degraded soils and has various ecological benefits for humans and wildlife. It guarantees future food secure and allows for impactful socio-economic capacity building. Our solution connects farmers and mines with the global carbon market to accelerate the transition to a low carbon, nature based, and regenerative tropical agriculture.
We have exclusive access to data and measurements from the first of its kind tropical field monitoring station (FMS) in São Paulo, Brasil in collaboration with the University Agronomy institute ESALQ. This allows us to gain a unique understanding about the weathering of basalt in South American oxisols. Additional field monitoring stations are planned in other locations throughout Brazil, each one representing a specific climate-soil-crop-rock powder nexus for a precise MRV. We are on the process of patenting innovative forms of monitoring silicates dissolution in the field and developing empirical and modeling methods to create the most accurate plan for the development of a minimum viable product the takes into account all relevant parameters.


Phone: ‭+55 11 95855 5486‬‬‬‬

Address: R. Dr. João Sampaio, 2082, Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, 13418-340, Brazil
Sao Paulo
 Indian Institute of Technology, PalakkadDeepak Jaiswal  Academic Cross-Cutting Climate Change Impact Assessment, Nature-based solution, crop modelling, bioenergy, fast growing forestBackground:
Development of process-based model to assess impact of climate change on plants. Using such models to quantify potential of expanding bioenergy to mitigate climate change. Photosynthesis measurements & modelling, wastewater recycling by land application of waste, measurement of tree biomass in a newly man-managed forest
Interest: How can we use plants to mitigate climate change and offset GHG emissions (either by promoting bioenergy or/and growing more forest). How resilient are these plant-based (nature-based) solutions.
Capabilities: Plant ecophysiological traits measurements and modelling, access to a newly establish forest using Miyawaki method to gather scientific data for statistical and processed-based modelling, modelling expansion of bioenergy without causing conflict with food crops.


Phone: +919741581121

Address: Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad, Kanjikode, Kerala, 678623, India
 BattelleStefan Metzger  Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Direct flux mapping, Ground truth, Nature-based solutions, Technological solutions, Traveling standard, GeoreferencingDIRECT FLUX MAPPING: extensive georeferenced ground truth unlocks cross-discipline potential.

SUMMARY: We provide directly measured greenhouse gas exchange maps for impartial monitoring, development and validation of nature-based and technological carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Unique benefits include hourly and decameter map resolution, process attribution, quantification of co-emissions (e.g., CH4, N2O) and bio-physical co-benefits (e.g., heat, albedo).

BACKGROUND: Carbon quantification for individual CDR systems has greatly progressed, e.g. of agricultural soils, forest aboveground biomass, or industry and urban emissions. However, comparability of these wide-ranging quantification approaches within and across systems remains a challenge to enabling net-effective CDR, and equitable carbon market mechanisms.

INTEREST: Eddy-covariance measurements as mentioned by the California Air Resource Board Low Carbon Fuel Standard are capable of impartial quantification across this broad range of applications. This is accomplished by direct, sub-second measurements of molecules into and out of the very atmosphere that connects all CDR systems, from masts, aircraft or vessels. Yet, traditional eddy-covariance measurements are expensive per unit area and difficult to use.

CAPABILITIES: We unlock the potential for impartial quantification across CDR systems by transferring eddy-covariance into ready-to-use greenhouse gas exchange maps. The georeferenced maps combine observational assets in the most efficient way to provide order-of-magnitude improved economy, certainty, and ease-of-use over status quo approaches.

APPLICATIONS: A decade of successful applications range from natural and agricultural emissions, over industry leak detection and urban air quality, to extensive ground truth for remote sensing and modeling. Additional information can be found at .


Phone: 720-836-2421

Address: 1685 38th Street, Suite 100, Boulder, CO, 80301, United States
 ClimastryJake Stevens  Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Sustainability-link project financing with Manufacturer Carbon CreditsClimastry gets manufacturers paid for decarbonizing. We do this by commoditizing net-zero projects for listing on the voluntary carbon market (VCM). We invented the only statistically significant method of estimating emissions from manufacturing operations: piece-rate emissions factors, through funding from the UKRI. This allows SMMs to safely access sustainability-linked debt capital markets. Our pilot cohort companies are the first to exercise this market mechanism.

The Climastry platform assesses and presents decarbonization and detoxification solution pathways to engineers which occasionally includes partners we've identified. There is a strong interest from the R&D community in these credits to fund deployment but supporting early stage entrepreneurs is much more nuanced than providing capital alone - particularly with LCAs for chemical and thermal processes.

- Emissions Baselining
- Sustainability Management
- Project-level net-zero initiative mapping
- Piece-rate emissions factor manufacturing process assignment
- Emissions factor building

- Process engineering AI
- Landscape architecture AI

- Sustainability partners - those looking to scale sustainable technology within manufacturers
- Audit partners - those supporting organizations with managed ESG disclosure
- Sustainability consultants - those supporting organizations with developing net-zero transition plans
- Specialty Emissions Accountants (by industry, process, or medium)
- FPGA & quantum engineers
- Supercomputer


Phone: 8723339837

Address: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Ste #1212, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States
 Ebb Carbon, Inc.Matthew Eisaman  Small Business Carbon Capture Electrochemical approaches to marine carbon dioxide removalEbb Carbon uses low-carbon electricity to accelerate natural ocean processes, pulling carbon dioxide out of the air to safely store the carbon in the ocean as bicarbonate. Electrochemical approaches boost nature’s carbon cycle in a way that is safe and within the bounds of natural ocean pH cycles. The process uses electricity and membranes to separate salt water into slightly alkaline seawater and an acid stream that can be sold for commercial uses or used in processes that capture additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Electrochemical approaches have the potential to be one of the largest scale and lowest cost approaches to remove excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Ebb Carbon technology is modular and scalable, with the first 100 ton installation being readied for field trials in 2022. With ~1,000 tons of removal capacity in 2023 and ~10,000 tons in 2024, over the next five years Ebb Carbon plans to deploy a megaton (1 million tons) of carbon removal systems. Together with other strategies to capture carbon and vigorous efforts to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Ebb is harnessing the power of the ocean to help heal the planet and rechart our course towards a sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.


Phone: (631) 632-8421

Address: 950 Commercial Way, San Carlos, CA, 94070, United States
 Air Quality Solutions Worldwide DACJohn R West  Small Business Carbon Capture TA-3Air Quality Solutions Worldwide DAC (AQSWWDAC) is a Direct Air Capture (DAC) firm launching its first DAC units in January 2023. Our DAC already has its global infrastructure in place as it retrofit to all global, commercial building HVAC systems. It uses no new net energy but rather reduces building amps used slightly as it reduces the buffeting of the large cooling tower fans. We have both dry sorbent filter and water filter versions of our DAC. The dry sorbent filter version captures only CO2. The water filter version captures CO2, Methane, Ozone, and Heavy Particulates. Each water filter version captures about 400 tonnes CO2 per year which adds up quickly when you consider we could have hundreds, if not thousands of DAC units running simultaneously depending on the size of the city. For example, New York City has about 3800 registered cooling towers. If we retrofit to 70% that would be 2700 DAC units for New York City alone. We have already contacted a DOE national lab and are in discussions with them. With our water based system there is no longer a need to wait for emissions to be cut, as we will be capturing/cleaning many of them until they are cut. Our cost to capture rate is well below to two best known DAC companies.


Phone: 770-880-1918

Address: 6409 Tall Oaks Loop S, Springdale, AR, 72762, United States
 Blue PlanetMohamad El Hajj Younes  Small Business Carbon Capture Carbon Mineralization and the Usage of the Carbon Star Rating SystemBlue Planet Systems Corporation, was founded in 2012 to commercialize a revolutionary approach to CO2
management at the gigatonne scale by converting captured CO2 into limestone construction aggregates where
it is permanently sequestered into building materials.
Blue Planet uses it’s proprietary Geomimetic ® process, that mimics similar natural chemical processes that
have regulated Earth’s atmospheric CO2 over many hundreds of millions of years and created coral reefs, the
White Cliffs of Dover, and almost all natural limestone, which contain most of Earth’s carbon.
Without complex CO2 separation or purification steps or reliance on subsidies, and now ready to implement
with existing aggregate handling infrastructure available worldwide, Blue Planet believes it has developed the
only truly scalable method for capturing and permanently managing billions of tonnes of CO2 before 2035.


Phone: 408 458 3912

Address: 718 University Ave Suite 200, Los Gatos, CA, 95032, United States
 Argonne National LaboratoryMichael Wang  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Cross-Cutting  Life Cycle Analysis (LCA): Argonne National Laboratory develops and applies life cycle analysis (LCA) methodology, data, and modeling framework within the Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies (GREET®) model to holistically evaluate and quantify cradle-to-grave emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) of different energy technologies, including CO2 removal (CDR), capture, and utilization technologies. GREET LCA evaluates the environmental impacts of capture-to-delivery activities throughout supply chains of industry and ambient CO2 capture, in addition to CO2 compression for pipeline transport to sequestration and/or utilization sites. For CO2 utilization, GREET LCA evaluates the environmental impacts of generation, distribution, and consumption of electricity and hydrogen from various feedstock sources and technology options, as well as embodied emissions associated with infrastructure. Argonne conducts LCA to evaluate GHG emissions associated with various CDR technologies and inform the research, development, and deployment of CDR technologies with consistent reporting of cradle-to-grave LCA results.

Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA): ANL has conducted extensive technoeconomic analysis (TEA) of CO2 capture, utilization, and sequestration, including CO2 supply chain analysis, CO2 capture modeling, CO2 pipeline cost modeling, and CO2 conversion process modeling. Further, the detailed energy and mass balance data developed for TEA are used in GREET LCA so that LCA and TEA are based on consistent datasets.

Energy Equity and Environmental Justice (EEEJ): Argonne’s comprehensive online mapping tool capabilities are built on an extensive catalog of data layers, including energy resources and infrastructure, as well as relevant information that can inform siting decisions of CDR technologies. Regarding Environmental Burdens on local communities, Argonne examines the place-based emissions benefits of deploying alternative fuel applications and fueling infrastructure in energy justice neighborhoods. Argonne’s community-driven science framework helps inform DOE’s RDD&D efforts. Argonne has a long history of supporting the national clean cities network through technology integration and community engagement. Argonne’s Workforce Development programs are helping to build a diverse, domestic workforce with the knowledge and hands-on experience that will help our nation transition to clean energy and transportation.


Phone: 6302522819

Address: 9700 South Cass Avenue, Darien, IL, 60439, United States
 GreenTech Energy LLCJames Khreibani  Small Business Carbon Capture  We are a representative for Krohne USA who are a manufacturer of CO2 flow meters that are currently in-service and proved up to and beyond supercritical transmission pressures. Greentech Energy has a provisional patent titled Monitoring and Reporting Of Carbon Dioxide Flow Within A Network Of Pipes. This allows us to monitor the pressure, density, flow rate and quality of CO2 within a network of pipes comprising multiple users with differing CO2 production rates. Real time data monitoring is provided to users and government to monitor production, quality, and process conditions within the piping network.

We would like to offer our technology and expertise in this industry to support the departments goals.


Phone: 7864739051

Address: 801 North Venetian Dr, Unit 902, Miami, FL, 33139, United States
 Yard Stick PBCChristopher Tolles  Small Business Cross-Cutting soil, soil carbon, soil CDR, soil carbon MRV, soil carbon stock quantificationOur Mission:
Yard Stick provides easy, accurate, and affordable quantification of soil carbon stocks. Our mission is to enable gigaton-scale agricultural carbon sequestration via scalable, trustworthy measurement solutions. We are the measurement backbone of soil carbon.

Scientists and farmers alike have known for decades that climate-friendly agricultural practices have the potential to remove atmospheric GHGs at gigaton/year scale. But significant measurement challenges have held soil carbon back - until now. By reducing the cost of statistically-sound and agronomically-legitimate soil carbon measurement by 90%+, Yard Stick will dramatically expand the opportunities for evidence-based regenerative agriculture and ranching practices to simultaneously improve ecosystem health, increase farmer/rancher livelihoods, and combat climate change.

Our Technology:
Powered by technologies from the world’s top soil scientists and supported by leading grant funders and venture investors, Yard Stick brings soil carbon measurement into the 21st century. Our solution spans an integrated suite of software and hardware offerings which solve key soil carbon measurement challenges.

Our flagship hardware technology is a rapid, in situ soil organic carbon (SOC) and bulk density (BD) measurement probe for field evaluation of soil carbon stocks. This handheld device, based on over a decade of soil spectroscopy research, is currently being validated in Midwest farming contexts and, at maturity, will replace conventional soil sampling and labs.

Yard Stick’s broader software offering, available now, combines technologies that standardize and economize sample plan creation, sample tracking, and soil C stock data management in an integrated web-based platform. These features help establish a single SOC data authority - a key requirement as regen ag and soil C efforts mature.

Our work is funded by significant recent USDA Climate Smart Commodities awards, additional grants from ARPA-E, NSF, and CDFA, as well as by leading climate investors such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gate's climate fund) and Lowercarbon Capital (Chris and Crystal Sacca's climate fund). Additionally, our co-founding scientific advisory team features some of the most highly-regarded soil scientists in the world, including Dr. Cristine Morgan of the Soil Health Institute.


Phone: 9083776515

Address: 58 Park Ave, Cambridge, MA, 02138, United States
 Lehigh UniversityKevin Major  Academic Carbon Capture  Lehigh faculty and staff have expertise in diverse areas in CCUS including:
Synthesis of porous materials for direct CO2 capture. Studying/modelling geochemistry for subsurface storage of CO2 and other gases. Advanced materials development for handling CO2 and other gases. Conceptual and pilot development and testing of integrated processes for capturing and converting CO2 to carbon-rich fuels. Data-driven gas leak detection. Development and pilot scale testing of carbon capture concepts using sorbents and solvents, and subsurface CO2 sequestration and utilization for geothermal heat mining.


Phone: 610-758-6677

Address: 27 Memorial Dr W, Bethlehem, PA, 18015, United States