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 Utah State UniversityTim BerkAssistant Professor Academic Advanced Turbine Components  We have aerodynamic testing capabilities in our 2x2 ft wind tunnel with wind speeds up to 45 m/s (100 mph). Existing equipment and capabilities include three-component load cells for force measurements and (high-speed) PIV (particle image velocimetry) capabilities for flow measurements as well as high-speed videography for blade deformation measurements.


Phone: 4357971182

Address: 4130 Old Main Hl, Logan, UT, 84322-4130, United States
 Sandia National LaboratoriesDavid ManiaciPrincipal Member of Technical Staff Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) System Validation and Risk Reduction Aerodynamic Model Validation• Areas of expertise in System Validation and Risk Reduction, Plant Performance, and Plant Reliability
• High fidelity computational modeling of wind turbine systems, wind farms, and multiple farm interaction on high-performance computing resources.
• Experimental field testing of wind turbines, including inflow, loads, and wake measurements.
• Coordination of aerodynamic model development and benchmark-quality wind tunnel experiments for model validation.


Phone: 505-844-4663

Address: 1515 Eubank Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87123, United States
 Oak Ridge National LaboratoryFilipe BrandaoPostdoctoral Research Associate Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Advanced Turbine Components  My interests and experiences lie on development and application of high-fidelity CFD models to various applications


Phone: 6124431369

Address: 1 Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN, 37830, United States
 Atrevida Science Inc.Claudia MaldonadoFounder/CEO Small Business Advanced Turbine Components Modeling Tools for Expanded Wind Energy Deployment and ProductionWe often say, ‘Let the wind do its job.’
Because we're striving to improve the wind industry, which benefits everyone. Atrevida Science Inc. is a diverse team of experts--business developers, data scientists, researchers, & industry professionals. Together, we're dedicated to developing innovative solutions to improve efficiency & sustainability of wind energy production.
Our ultimate vision is providing a tool that underpins developing new blade designs. We use our digital twin work to build positive interactions with customers. What we find successful isn't approaching customers saying we have all the answers. We come with questions. We learn from them. We find out…is our problem space & your need – are they overlapping?
Atrevida has worked with & been funded by NSF, DoD (USAF), & DoE on microgrid design & wind energy & aerodynamics topics, pushing technological boundaries in the space of topology, optimization, control, & data science for wind energy.
Previous projects include:
• teaming with the Systems Realization Laboratory at the University at Buffalo & University of North Carolina at Charlotte
• securing multiple Phase I & II projects leading the development of patented Active Morphing Blades (AMB), a twist-morphing adaptive aerostructure technology, flexible materials development, topology optimization, & aerodynamic performance evaluation & optimization.
The company has a history of collaboration with other teams as a cohort of
• Cleantech Open (NE Regional Finalist)
• Venture for ClimateTech
• VentureWell ASPIRE
• MassChallenge (also Blue Tech Sprint)
• Solar Prize Round 5 Software Track (semi-finalist).
Presently, the company's research & commercialization efforts focus on bringing data science into AMB development, enabling data-driven modelling efforts to correlate aerodynamic performance to the AMB axis of control. Atrevida is interested in the development of design & controls systems enabled by modern advancements in data-driven approaches, with respect to the AMB technology. The interests of the company are assisting wind energy by increasing degrees of control, allowing for gains in fatigue load reduction, vibration mitigation, & improvements to wind capture. For wind energy, this means overall reduction of cost of energy through reduced maintenance & downtime, increased power generation, & extending life cycle, but also has broad application to other aerodynamics topics such as drag reduction & fuel efficiency.


Phone: 512-791-2695

Address: 505 Ellicott St., Suite A236, Buffalo, NY, 14203, United States
 CrossLink CompositesConnie JacksonCTO Small Business Advanced Turbine Components Advanced ManufacturingWe apply our proprietary technology to make the world’s first and only high-performance low-cost carbon fiber, serving automotive, wind energy, civil infrastructure, marine, aerospace and transportation markets. We also pultrude composite products and produce oxidized PAN fiber (OPF). We don’t have standardized products but rather we work with large-volume customers to tailor products to their specific applications. Our revolutionary, patent-pending processes enable the lowest cost carbon fiber products available in today's market. Our technology also reduces by two thirds the carbon fiber manufacturing emission levels.
We frequently work with grant recipients to produce specific carbon fiber, OPF or composite products for their research projects. We have received multiple NSF SBIR and DoE grants ourselves and are familiar with federal grants and associated requirements.
Our founder and CTO Connie Jackson is an industry veteran with senior level experience running CF and pultrusion operations. Previously she ran operations for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility.


Phone: 8656726716

Address: 1540 RIGGS CHAPEL ROAD, HARRIMAN, TN, 37748, United States
 Vorcat, inc.Jacob KrispiniCEO Small Business Advanced Turbine Components  The company developed a patented, innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology called Vorcat that provides wind industry engineers with a powerful technology for optimal virtual site design and operation of wind arrays. The industry recognizes that improved Wind Turbine (WT) farm design and operation requires accurate knowledge of the turbulent wake evolution and blockage generated by interference of multiple wakes with the surroundings. However, the main difficulty facing current simulation tools, including traditional CFD methods when applied to WTs, is accurate simulations of the complex turbulent wakes that are produced by the rotors and then interact with surrounding solid structures including the tower itself, the ground or water beneath the rotors, and the ensuing complex interaction of all the wakes in the wind farm. Our research efforts seeks to, (i) extend the software capabilities to future wind turbines, specifically the largest ones, through the construction of respective rotor models for all operational Reynolds numbers and, (ii) advance this knowledge through ML techniques that utilize Vorcat simulations, experimental data, and existing human understanding of this domain. Our new technology will be used in all phases of wind turbines design and wind farm development – from design, to siting, to design, to operation and control – thereby minimizing energy cost and optimizing operations. To date, DOE has invested a total of $2.8M In various phases of our software development.


Phone: 8189660906

Address: 5341 Calatrana Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 91364, United States
 Thornton TomasettiEmily KunkelVice President – Applied Science Large Business Plant Performance  Thornton Tomasetti has worked on many projects across the US and UK in the wind energy sector.
• Thornton Tomasetti, in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the University of Maine, evaluated the use of the FAST code for the simulation of a 1/50th scale model of the NREL reference turbine supported on a tension leg platform (TLP). The project identified potential improvements in FAST for application to floating wind turbine systems.
• For EO.N, issues arose at Robin Rigg , Scotland’s first offshore wind farm, with the transition pieces grouted connections failing. To support the investigation and remedy for this issue we conducted finite element analysis in order to establish how different connection failure modes will affect the overall dynamic response of monopile turbines to identify possible continuous monitoring schemes that could be employed for the purposes of integrity assurance. This included analysis of sea bed scour and resulting impact on the stability of the turbine structure.
• A study to evaluate and compare the API and IEC standards for offshore wind turbine support structures was carried out for NREL. The study evaluated the levels of structural reliability produced for common structures designed following the requirements of either standard. The results of this study were to provide all stakeholders with specific guidance for the design of offshore wind turbine support structures in U.S. waters.
• Completion of a concept development study aimed at assessing the state of the practice in offshore wind systems, and developing new support structures to expand their range of applicability, given deeper water and harsher environmental conditions (Confidential client).
• Offshore farm foundation assessment for GE Wind Energy.
• Assessing new technologies and requirements for building larger wind systems in deeper water locations and at greater distances from shore (working with NREL).
• Development of software (WEP-View) for the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) – a tool to determine the electricity and revenue generation potential for offshore wind farms.
• We developed a tool for the UK Health & Safety Executive enable risk assessments to be undertaken for onshore wind farms. This software has been used for clients to understand the risk (e.g., blade failure, ice throw etc.) when wind farms are located in close proximity to occupied buildings, power lines and pipelines.


Phone: 3125962072

Address: Thornton Tomasetti, 600 W. Fulton, Suite 705, Chicago, IL, 60661, United States