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 Howard University Center of Excellence in Housing and Urban Research & Policy (CHURP)Rodney D. Green, Ph.D.Associate Director & Professor Academic Topic 2The Howard University Center of Excellence in Housing and Urban Research and Policy (CHURP) seeks to achieve an equitable and inclusionary society in which currently under-served populations come to be properly served and inequities in housing,environment, health, education, economic well-being, and community development, are overcome through policy implementation. Rodney D. Green has served as Professor of Urban Economics at Howard University since 1977 and, since 1995, as Founder and Executive Director of the Howard University Center for Urban Progress, a unit designed to strengthen the University’s urban research, program evaluation, community service, and community development agenda at local, federal, and international levels. He also recently served as Chair of the Howard University Department of Economics for seven years, and co-Principal Investigator of the Ford Foundation-supported Howard University Center on Race and Wealth. He has authored or co-authored three scholarly books (including a study of racial and economic segregation in public housing) and over 50 journal articles (including his recent seminal article on police accountability and civilian oversight in Prince George’s County, Maryland). He has served as Principal Investigator in over 70 externally funded projects with a value of over $40 million with an emphasis on community and economic development, racial inequalities, and youth development. Dr. Green has been the lead evaluator of HOPE VI CSSP programs for the District of Columbia, as well as for HOPE VI CSSP programs in Virginia and Florida, and currently leads the research partnership with CASA in Action for the Byrne grant in Langley Park, MD. He extensive experience in developing metrics for program evaluation and conducting dynamic program evaluation. Dr. Green received his undergraduate degree in politics and economics at Yale University (1970) and his M.A. (1976) and Ph.D. (1980) degrees in economics at the American University.


Phone: 240-440-4506

Address: 1328 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009, United States
 EvCSC Innovations Inc - CHARGiQUiTYAndrew KemalCo-founder/CEO Small Business Vehicles Topic 1CHARGiQUiTY is a solution designed to address the widespread concerns of "range anxiety" and "charge uncertainty" that current and potential Electric Vehicle (EV) owners face. These concerns stem from the slow and costly expansion of public EV charging infrastructure.

CHARGiQUiTY aims to make EV charging stations widely accessible by empowering and incentivizing everyday people to share their home charging stations. This approach supplements the existing public charging network, effectively increasing the number of charging options available to EV drivers. By doing so, CHARGiQUiTY alleviates the fear of running out of charge and the uncertainty of finding a charging station, thereby promoting the broader adoption of electric vehicles.

Our solution revolutionizes EV charging by leveraging a unique two-pronged approach:
1. Universal Home Charger Compatibility: Our patented device seamlessly integrates with any brand of home charger, enabling secure control through existing charger finder apps that EV drivers already use. This eliminates the need for apps to have multiple charger brand connections and simplifies the charging control process.
2. Open API for Shared Charging Network: Our open API empowers any charger finder app to access our network of devices, fostering a thriving shared charging economy. EV drivers not only find chargers easily but can also become charging providers, unlocking a new level of convenience and sustainability.

We offer subsidized charge adapter devices to home charger owners, enabling them to monetize access to their chargers through charge share fees. These fees are facilitated by our adapter and API, which seamlessly connects with existing charger finder apps. This creates a win-win situation: EV drivers gain convenient access to a vast network of home chargers, while charger owners earn additional income from their existing infrastructure.


Phone: 8589253890

Address: 6176 Charing St, San Diego, CA, 92117, United States
 Fresh Coast Climate SolutionsPaul GruberProgram & Engagement Lead Small Business Strategic Programs  Fresh Coast Climate Solutions is a consulting firm working with clients in Michigan, the US, and abroad to implement innovative, equitable, and sustainable climate solutions that achieve bold and transformative impacts. We provide technical, program design and implementation, and strategic services in climate, cleantech, ESG, supply chain, water, and biodiversity to a variety of organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations.


Phone: 703-772-4053

Address: 1301 Lutz Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, United States
 Blue Mountain Electric Company, LLCJill M MicheauManager Small Business Bioenergy 3 - Planning & DemonstrationBlue Mountain Electric Company (BMEC) is a shovel-ready Distributed Energy Resource (DER) that will demonstrate and deploy at least 1 MW capacity of high-power DC charging stations for fleets of light and medium-heavy duty electric vehicles at two commercial and one public site, all located in a rural community, at the edge of the public grid, where electric service is typically less reliable.
Because BMEC is a renewable, 3 megawatt, 24/7 DER and DC hub microgrid, these chargers will not require power from the grid (PG&E). BMEC will provide local, equitable access to clean energy and ensure that the rural, wildfire-vulnerable community will receive the resiliency, health, low-cost and zero-emission benefits associated with the California transportation sector’s transition to zero-emission vehicles.
This project will demonstrate efficient high-capacity DC charging for fleets or private vehicles, while also adding megawatt-scale capacity to the local grid. Because BMEC is a DER with DC Hub microgrid capability, we will generate clean electricity 24/7 and can operate without drawing power from the grid, it supports fast DC charging uninterrupted by outages. We believe this will be the first megawatt-scale fast DC charging system powered by biomass (waste wood) in the US.
The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, responsible for one-third of all emissions. Transportation of forest products from the stand to processing facilities can represent more than 50% of all fossil carbon emissions related to forest management and accounts for 70 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Providing EV charging infrastructure designed and located to accommodate forestry operations will expedite the transition of forestry equipment from diesel to electric.

BMEC will become the blueprint for bioenergy plants powering scalable EV infrastructure in California; whether located near rural forest communities or landfills, we believe that there exists tremendous fuel, demand, and potential to accelerate and scale EV electrification, while adding capacity to the grid, reducing local air pollution, and sequestering carbon.


Phone: 209-400-1326

Address: PO Box 30032, Walnut Creek, CA, 95223, United States
 SWTCH Energy IncStacey SiqueiraSenior Bid & Strategic Engagement Manager Small Business Joint Office of Energy and Transportation EV Charging Management, EV Charging Management Software, EVSE Software, Load Management, Equitable Charging, Multifamily EV Charging, EVSE turnkey solutions, White label EV charging networksSWTCH Energy Inc. is one of North America’s fastest growing providers of Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) certified EV charging solutions, managing an expanding network of 15,000+ EV chargers across a diverse portfolio of property types. SWTCH makes it possible to deploy EV charging at any mixed-use property regardless of local grid constraints, from apartments and condos to workplaces and malls. We help building owners and operators deploy EV charging that optimizes energy usage and revenue at scale using existing grid infrastructure. SWTCH was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs, investors, and energy professionals with a vision of enabling communities to realize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of widespread EV adoption. Since then, its EV charging and energy management solutions have been installed in thousands of multi-use building deployments, 50 percent of which are classified as low-to-moderate income. By leveraging the latest technology available, SWTCH is making EV charging possible for all.
At SWTCH, we’re continually raising the bar on the efficacy of integrating EV chargers seamlessly into the existing electrical infrastructure of all types of buildings – from retrofit apartments to large commercial properties – through our collaborations with strategic partnerships across government, utility, and energy technology space. We also partner with highly qualified local electricians and contractors across North America to provide seamless and efficient EV charging turnkey services.
SWTCH’s EV charging solutions are vendor neutral – its software integrates with all leading charger manufacturers to overcome charge protocol and accessibility challenges that impact scale across multiple properties. The SWTCH platform has integrated with over 80% of global EV charging hardware manufacturers including ABB, Autel, EVBox, Lite-ON, Delta Electronics, Zerova, Efacec, Siemens, Tritium, and Wallbox via OCPP protocols.
SWTCH has led several research and development projects (R&D) in advancing EV charging technologies by optimizing the coordination between energy resources to create a more resilient power grid, promoting sustainable cities. This includes vehicle-to-grid (V2G), distributed energy resource (DER) aggregation,


Phone: 4084836298

Address: 444 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA, 02143, United States
 San Francisco-Marin Food BankMichael PerrySenior Director of Operations Non-Profit Vehicles Electric Vehicle InfrastructureThe San Francisco-Marin Food Bank has a fleet of 20 vehicles - both heavy-duty and medium-duty - and we have begun a five-year process of transitioning to all-electric vehicles to reduce our carbon impact. We are interested in coordinating on EV Infrastructure and related funding opportunities with other agencies and nonprofits in the City of San Francisco.


Phone: (415) 815-6682

Address: 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94901, United States
 TurnOnGreen Inc.Shan WangMarketing Director Small Business Vehicles  TurnOnGreen design and manufacture level 2 EV charging stations and works to distribute and commercialize a series of high-powered level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. We also work with regional installation partners to offer turnkey solutions to customers.


Phone: 5108240145

Address: 1421 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA, 95035, United States
 Grand Summit GroupPeter CiullaPrincipal Small Business Integrated Strategies  Grand Summit Group is a registered small business providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and technical feasibility assessment and development of renewable energy and other cleantech technologies. These services help evaluate the fit of specific technologies to proposed applications, assess their overall efficacy and risk, and also provide expertise to further develop and commercialize these technologies. The company principal is Peter Ciulla, who has over 20 years of experience developing and scaling renewable energy technology. He also has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, San Diego.


Phone: 8182370788

Address: 2029 Verdugo Blvd, #820, Montrose, CA, 91020, United States
 ChargeSafeJohn ConsiglioCOO Small Business Joint Office of Energy and Transportation E-Mirco MobilityWe're ChargeSafe - The world’s first fire-safe, modular indoor-outdoor, secure charging station designed to support the growing e-micro mobility industry in urban environments.

E-bike trend has resulted in a surge of battery fires which has unfortunately been responsible for 400+ building fires, and 30+ deaths in NYC alone (last 3 yrs) and is a growing problem in other cities like LA, CHI, SEA where we anticipate similar results. “We have reached a point of crisis in NYC, with ion batteries now a top cause of all fires in NYC” - FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh. This issue isn’t going away as the US e-bike sales have nearly quadrupled since 2019 with around 1.1 units sold in 2022 and are expected to continue on this trajectory.

For delivery app companies which rely heavily on E-bikes this is a growing threat to their business. They are faced with negative public perception, delayed deliveries, limited operating territory, and competing for riders as they employ these drivers. Analogously, E-bike Fleet operators such as WHIZZ and JOCO face similar issues as well as FDNY fines and shutdowns and rising insurance costs.

We have identified these businesses as our initial target customers as they have an immediate need to address this problem and they have indicated an ability to invest in solutions.

Current e-bike charging solutions consist of home-built wooden cabinets, open metal shelving or adapted industrial cabinets. None of these are fireproof, theft proof, easily deployable or approved by FDNY or DOB.

From a business POV, we sell charging units to business or property owners, the owner enrolls riders to access chargers for a fee, Rider accesses their charging locker using a keycard or smartphone, and then the rider charges their battery in a safe location anytime.

From a technical POV, it is a 300lbs, free-standing, fire and electrical safe charging station with a double wall steel construction, fire barrier material, side by side battery architecture with sealed fire stopping lids. It allows for 1200cm2 Deflagration Venting, filtered off-gas vents, and ventilated charge cubbies along with aspirating smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and smoke & temperature shunt trip power shutoffs to ensure optimal safety and reliability. A battery fire that would otherwise burn down a multistory building, endangering the lives of occupants, will be contained and the Fire Department will be automatically notified.


Phone: 8453725049

Address: 19 Marianna Drive, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, 11971, United States
 muGrid AnalyticsTravis Simpkins, PhDCTO Small Business Integrated Strategies Vehicle charging, battery storage, and facility load optimization and controlmuGrid Analytics closes the gap between predicted design performance and delivered operational performance for EV charging & microgrids. With our Redcloud Energy Management System, we offer customized, predictive control for grid-connected microgrids and solar+storage that delivers on design performance estimates and expected return on investment. We support projects throughout their lifecycle, from feasibility, preliminary design, and investment-grade financial modeling to automated operations, monitoring, and performance verification.

muGrid Analytics is an SBA-certified woman-owned small business.


Phone: 6175013287

Address: 8989 S Murphy Gulch Rd, Littleton, CO, 80127, United States
 Columbia UniversityNicolo DainaResearch Scientist Academic Joint Office of Energy and Transportation All three topic areasNicolò Daina studies the behavior of users in integrated transportation and energy systems. As transportation is increasingly electrified, understanding the travel and charging choices of electric vehicle drivers and users of shared electric mobility (e-mobility) systems is crucial for the planning and operation of mobility and charging services. Ultimately, quantitative models of users’ behavior enable the estimation of local and regional demand impinging on transportation and electricity networks and the development of approaches to manage the demand so that such networks can operate efficiently.

Modelling individual choice behavior when interacting with complex technological systems is a challenging task that requires mathematical approaches able to draw insights from both theories of choice behavior and from heterogeneous data sources. Dr. Daina uses data science approaches and econometric techniques to empirically model the behavior of users of integrated transportation end energy systems under different theoretical frameworks. To estimate such models, Dr. Daina uses data from IoT devices (e.g. charging point and vehicles data loggers) embedded in operational systems and technological trials and users’ survey data. To anticipate potential users’ behavior in new and emerging transportation and energy services, Dr. Daina designs and deploys choice experiments that enable to elicit data on users’ preferences in hypothetical settings, before novel transportation and smart energy technologies, services or policies are even deployed.

By developing realistic behavioral models and embedding them in systems’ simulation and optimization, Dr Daina’s research aims to exploit the flexibility and the cooperation of end users in both planning and operations of integrated transportation and energy systems as they transition to net-zero.


Phone: 212-854-3413

Address: 500 West 120th Street,, 610 SW Mudd, Mail Code: 4709, New York, NY, 10025, United States
 GridBridge an ERMCO ComapnyMatt KnottProduct Manager Small Business SmartGrid Topic 2 - Expanding E-Mobility Solutions through Electrified Micro, Light and Medium-Duty FleetsGridBridge has a 10+ year history providing lectric utility customers with innovative power delivery solutions at the substation and downstream. By leveraging advanced technical resources, over 50 years of reliability, and an experienced team of utility business professionals, electrical engineers, and PhDs, GridBridge combines hardware, software, and data management to help utility partners succeed.

With the continued growth of solar PV, battery energy storage, and EV charging infrastructure, the larger the role DC plays in power delivery. As this role increases, utilities are looking to advanced power electronics as part of the strategic roadmap towards cutting emissions on the path of achieving net zero goals.

As a result, GridBridge developed “first of its kind” technology to deliver AC and DC service to the distribution grid, bringing power to homes and public EV charging simultaneously. This opens the door to a new paradigm of flexible, vendor-agnostic DC Fast Charging options that efficiently integrate battery energy storage to reduce grid capacity constraints – shortening project approval times and lowering peak demand costs.

Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, GridBridge conducts R&D activities at its Advanced Technology Center. The GridBridge team delivers solutions at scale with support from parent company ERMCO, which houses an advanced manufacturing campus and components manufacturing arm in Tennessee.

We seek partners to help define and deploy a system delivering distributed DC-based fleet electrification.


Phone: 6176788184

Address: 7001 Pinecrest Rd, Raleigh, NC, 27613, United States
 EVBOLTJaved IqbalDirector Small Business Vehicles EVSEA Texas-based company involved in manufacturing, marketing, and operating electric vehicle chargers. We have ready availability of chargers ranging from 7.5kW to 240 kW (both Levels 2 and 3). EVBOLT is in the process of setting up its first US based EVSE manufacturing facility in Q1 of 2025. EVBOLT currently serve charging needs of hospitality industry, car dealerships, gas statoins, and apartment complexes. We regularly participate in NEVI program in different states and are learning in the process.


Phone: 8329387110

Address: 13450 Fr 529 Rd, houston, TX, 77041, United States
 TDP Data Systems LLCJim BeddowsCEO Small Business Integrated Strategies Data-driven consortia conceptualization, formation & executionTDP uses the combination of AI, Machine Learning (ML), Human Intelligence and Big Data assessing over 400 data bases/sets (and growing) to de-risk and compress decision-making by 80% or more with greater optionality, to include for teaming and consortia building, for faster, larger impact. TDP has been working with Industry since 2016, Academia since 2018, the Federal Government since 2021, and economic developers since 2022.


Phone: 3104675407

Address: 1618 Sand Hill Road, Ste 203, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, United States
 Flux ElectricsGregg HansenFounder Small Business Vehicles Topics 1 & 2Flux Electrics operates a complete and advanced shared use platform for electric vehicles.

Flux offers an entire end-to-end solution including:

Fleet acquisition, onboarding, management and insurance.
Customer acquisition and marketing
Complete Software platform including booking, mobile and browser apps and billing
EV charger integration and curation.

Flux is currently testing on-demand telematics and integration.

Flux can offer a complete shared use platform on a white label or turnkey operation.

We have a charger management solution in development, and would be very interested developing advanced shared use solutions incorporating vehicles and chargers.

Flux currently operates a fleet of electric vehicles and is preparing a new fleet of on-demand Evs.


Phone: (737) 377-3589

Address: 701 Brazos Street, Suite 500, Austin, TX, 78701, United States
 EV Charging for All Coalition (EVCAC)Vanessa WarheitNational Lead Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Topic 1, Equitable Access to EV ChargingEVCAC is the only organization focused on equitable EV charging advocacy. We provide partnership development, communications, and technical expertise for equitable deployment of EV infrastructure, with a special focus on building codes and policies for multi-family housing (MFH) and workplace charging.

Founded in 2020, we have already made a significant impact. In California, we successfully pushed the state to increase EV charging code requirements for new MFH from essentially zero to 100% access , resulting in charging access for 50,000 new MFH households every year. (Harvard Progressive Policy Review: We also introduced a technical solution resulting in the first code to ensure the same low-cost, regulated utility rates, resilience benefits, and inclusion in the burgeoning green economy of vehicle-to-grid (V2X) integration enjoyed by single-family residents.

To expand our success nationwide, EVCAC created the national EV Building Codes Toolkit (, which is now included in the Joint Office of Energy & Transportation’s white paper on Community Charging. We provide technical assistance to states (e.g. AZ, CA, CO, MN, NM, NY) and convene the national EV Codes Working Group to secure equitable EV provisions in the IECC and ASHRAE national model building codes. We also advise think tanks, nonprofits and cities on best practices for equitable EV charging policy.

EVCAC is a fiscally-sponsored non profit project of Acterra.


Phone: 415-225-4435

Address: 747 Elm St, El Cerrito, CA, 94530, United States
 Plug In AmericaJoel LevinExecutive Director Non-Profit Strategic Programs  Plug In America is a nonprofit organization that advances clean electric vehicles (EVs). Since 2008, we have educated and advocated for EV consumers. With deep expertise in the EV space, Plug In America is a one-stop shop for partner organizations to accelerate EV adoption through consumer education, dealer training, engaging events, and more


Phone: 213-925-1364

Address: 1270 S Alfred St., #351268, Los Angeles, CA, 90035, United States
 PowerPumpBen YahiaBusiness Developer Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) EVSE Supply, EV Charging Management Software, EVSE Software, White Label EV Charging StationsAt PowerPump, we're committed to shaping the future of sustainable transportation with our premium EV charging stations. We specialize in manufacturing Level 2, Level 3, and mobile DC fast chargers. Serving a diverse clientele in both residential and commercial sectors, including HOAs, businesses, schools, municipalities, and fleet operators, PowerPump offers tailored solutions to integrate EV infrastructure seamlessly.

Our Level 2 Chargers are perfect for residential, workplace, and public charging environments, providing convenient overnight charging for homeowners and extended sessions for employees, customers, and visitors. With intuitive interfaces and customizable features, our chargers blend seamlessly into any setting.

PowerPump DC fast charging stations come with a modular design, allowing for easy scalability from a smaller to a larger setup without the expense or time required to swap out the entire unit. Designed for EV drivers on the move, our Level 3 Chargers deliver rapid charging capabilities, ideal for quick battery replenishment during long journeys. Positioned at high-traffic locations like highways, shopping centers, and transportation hubs, these chargers ensure ultra-fast charging speeds to minimize downtime and maximize convenience.

In addition to our fixed charging infrastructure, PowerPump offers mobile charging solutions to meet the evolving needs of the EV market. Our mobile charging units enable on-demand charging services, delivering the convenience of charging directly to your location or providing assistance during road emergencies.

As a leading provider of smart charging management systems, PowerPump empowers drivers, hosts, and fleets to effortlessly monitor, configure, and maintain charging infrastructure. Our platform enables efficient management of multiple charge stations and locations through a single interface, with features like dynamic load management, off-peak hour scheduling, and reservation options for EV drivers, ensuring seamless and optimized operation of EV charging networks.

With our comprehensive lineup of Level 2, Level 3 (DC fast), and mobile EV chargers, PowerPump is dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and efficient charging experiences to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.


Phone: 786-236-0676

Address: 11447 NW 34 Street, Doral, FL, 33178, United States
 Electric Era TechnologiesKyle RoweDirector of Government Partnerships Small Business Vehicles Topic 1, Turnkey EVSE, EV Charging, Battery Energy Storage SystemsElectric Era Technologies, Inc. is at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) charging innovation, with a commitment to enhancing the EV infrastructure landscape. Our patented "above the grid" technology, combined with our advanced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), enables rapid deployment of Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations even in grid-constrained areas. This unique approach significantly reduces demand charges and ensures high uptime, delivering reliable and efficient charging solutions. Electric Era's capabilities include the design, installation, and management of EV charging stations, supported by our innovative PowerNode-OS.

Our interest in the DOE Joint Office's Communities Taking Charge Accelerator program is driven by our dedication to promoting sustainable transportation. By collaborating with communities, we aim to address the challenges of EV adoption and contribute to a cleaner, more resilient energy system.

With a proven track record of financial stability and project success, we are eager to bring our expertise to the Communities Taking Charge Accelerator program. We look forward to partnering with other stakeholders to expand access to EV charging and to help shape the future of transportation.


Phone: 206-965-5258

Address: 3847 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98134, United States
 University of Texas at ArlingtonLiwei ZhouAssistant Professor Academic Vehicles Topic 1, 2 and 3My lab focuses on the research of EV charger design and manufacturing, on-board and off-board charger optimization and integration, power electronics, advanced control technologies for power converters, grid-connected converters, and renewable energy.

(1) Developed EV DC charger prototype with manufacturing, achieved more than 99% efficiency at rated power.

(2) Developed the EV charger grid integration technologies with the grid service based on IEEE 1547 for more friendly EV charger grid connection.

(3) Developed the distributed EV chargers grid connection strategies for better accessibility of the EV chargers.


Phone: 817-272-3764

Address: 416 Yates Street Nedderman Hall, Room 525, Arlington, TX, 76010, United States
 Ohio State UniversityMatilde D'ArpinoResearch Assistant Professor Academic Joint Office of Energy and Transportation  • Cost benefit analysis and Optimization of control strategies of complex systems including microgrid-based charging station systems in competitive market, including electric bill and grid services optimization. Several objectives, such as increase revenue, reduce emissions, increase NPV, improve efficiency.
• Design and control of energy storage integrated in microgrid and power systems, lifetime analysis, economic analysis, grid ancillary services and demand response.


Phone: 3802069157

Address: 930 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH, 43212, United States
 Sandia National LaboratoriesAndrea MammoliTechnical Staff Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Vehicles Topic 1 and 3Widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) will present unique challenges for both the electric grid and the transportation system. Sandia conducts research to provide solutions for the most critical problems in accelerating electrified transportation. This includes how mass electric vehicle adoption interacts with the power grid, transportation networks, EV charging network organizations, and EV owners, and provides these stakeholders with tools to mitigate or solve existing challenges and prepare for the future.

The major research areas include:
•EV charging infrastructure design and siting, including communications standards and cybersecurity;
•Impact of EV adoption on grid resiliency, including blue-sky impacts and disaster response;
•Energy and transportation justice implications of widespread EV adoption; and
•Grid impacts analysis of EV integration, including EV charging load profile estimation based on realistic transportation models


Phone: 800-765-1678

Address: 7011 East Avenue, Livermore, CA, 94550, United States
 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)Rachel AlandTransportation Director Non-Profit Vehicles Expanding Community E-Mobility AccessThe American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is a research and advocacy organization that develops policies to reduce energy waste and combat climate change. For over four decades, ACEEE has led the charge in shaping a resilient, equitable, and sustainable energy future. Since our founding, ACEEE has helped lead major policy shifts that are cumulatively responsible for reducing U.S. energy consumption by nearly 30% and we have so much more to do.

ACEEE's Transportation Program seeks to foster innovative technologies, policies, and programs to reduce transportation-related energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We advocate a balanced and equitable set of measures to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and enhance overall transportation system efficiency including stronger Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, federal and state incentives for green vehicles, and policies to encourage multimodal passenger travel.

Electric vehicles (EVs) provide a good example of our work. To make EVs accessible to everyone, including low-income households and marginalized communities, the program launched a working group in 2019. The group helps equity-minded utilities better understand how to engage stakeholders, site EV charging stations, increase EV adoption, and measure success of such efforts.


Phone: 202-507-4021

Address: 529 14th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20045, United States
 Chargerzilla, IncSajith Kumar, PMP, MBA, BS-EngineeringFounder & CEO Small Business Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Topic 1 & 3Chargerzilla is an innovative AI-powered Community-Centric EV Charging location search and booking platform designed to address the challenges of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Our platform enables home and commercial property owners to rent out their EV charging facilities, while also providing EV owners with the ability to book charging sessions conveniently. Additionally, Chargerzilla aggregates data about public (L2) and fast chargers from all EV charging networks, including Tesla Superchargers.

Based on a community-based peer-to-peer EV charger sharing model that is successful worldwide, our mission is aligned with federal government priorities to increase the accessibility and reliability of EV charging stations, thereby accelerating EV adoption, support decarbonization, and safeguarding the environment. By facilitating the efficient utilization of existing charging infrastructure and empowering property owners to contribute to the EV charging ecosystem, Chargerzilla aims to play a crucial role in advancing sustainable transportation solutions nationwide.

Chargerzilla offers several benefits:
Increased Accessibility: Chargerzilla provides access to a wide network of EV charging stations which helps alleviate range anxiety and ensures EV owners can find reliable charging options wherever they go. With more than 250,000 EV owners utilizing our search platform and growing 400% growth on property owners sharing their charging facilities, we have proven our model that benefits communities.

Additional Income: For property owners, Chargerzilla offers the opportunity to generate additional income by renting out their charging facilities when not in use. Homeowners can earn up to $40,000, and businesses can generate up to $110,000 a year, providing a lucrative revenue stream from existing infrastructure.

Convenience: The platform streamlines the process of finding and booking EV charging sessions, making it convenient for EV owners to plan their charging needs ahead of time. This convenience is especially beneficial for commuters, who rely on daily charging for their EVs.

Chargerzilla has established partnerships with clean cities councils and received support and funding from reputable organizations like Techstars – J.P. Morgan and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.


Phone: (202) 681-6381

Address: 8 The Green, Ste 204, Dover, DE, 19901, United States
 National League of CitiesJames BrooksDiirector, Infrastructure Solutions Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Expanding charging accessNLC is a 100-year-old membership organization that serves the municipal government elected and professional leadership in capacity building through research, training, educational programming and technical assistance. We are in the midst of a 3-year local-state-federal partnership project to support workforce pathways for employment in the growing field of the electrification of mobility with a special focus on electric vehicle community charging. Cities and towns are the fundamental actors for permitting and land use decisions relative to EV charging that is widely and equitably accessible. NLC reaches deeply into the municipal sector, we have subject matter experts on staff and within our orbit and we have considerable expertise in project management. A recent publication from NLC illustrates one method useful for sharing promising practices. "Bring Electric Vehicle Charging to Your Community: Put Federal & Private Partnerships to Work" was released in 2023.


Phone: 2026263163

Address: 660 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC, 20001, United States
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