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 Aquantis Inc.Henry SwalesChief Engineer Small Business TA1 & TA2Born in the wind and raised in the water, Aquantis was formed in 2011 to develop and commercialize marine current turbines. Aquantis is built on the founders’ three-decade legacy of successful wind power technology development, manufacturing and building power projects around the world. The Aquantis team comprises technology and business professionals working in partnership with U.S. National Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy, ARPA-E, NOAA, U.S. Navy, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Aquantis turbines are a breakthrough in marine renewable energy technology. The turbines operate at high efficiency, generating clean, predictable utility-scale electricity. The turbines integrate proven power generating technology with advanced control systems and a low-cost floating platform. Surface entry and access to all systems enables safe operation and maintenance. The Aquantis breakthrough with proprietary turbine technology yields attractive lifecycle cost-of-energy through: high power-to-weight ratio, low cost deployment, and ease of operation and maintenance.


Phone: 8058014765

Address: 101 E. Victoria St., Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, United States
 DRG Technical SolutionsPenny HumphreysSr. Business Research Business Analyst Small Business General  DRG is a full-service engineering and research firm, focused on the electric utility and infrastructure, inclusive of but not limited to, transmission and distribution planning, grid automation, reliability, and resiliency.
- Electric Power System Research
- Electric Distribution Engineering Design
- Electrical Substation Design
- Electric Grid Automation
- Advanced sensing and fault detection for Electric Power systems
- Situational awareness for Electric Power systems
- HPC high-performance computing Electric Power supply
- Electrical protection and controls
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Electric Power systems
- Renewable generation pv, wind, hydro, nuclear, energy storage, Electric vehicle charging stations
- Electrical Power Quality and Monitoring


Phone: 423-261-4488

Address: 6070 Poplar Avenue, Suite 750, Memphis, TN, 38119, United States
 Rutgers UniversityOnur BilgenAssociate Professor Academic Marine and Hydrokinetic Topic Area 1 and 2We are interested in teaming with HKT companies and NJ/NY/DE government agencies to apply to this program.

Our team members are funded by the ARPA-E SHARKS program for development of hydrokinetic turbines. We have novel concepts, modeling and experimental capabilities. In recent past, our team has been funded by the ARPA-E ATLANTIS program for development of offshore wind turbines.

We are highly experienced in developing proposals for DOE, ARPA-E, and programs from these agencies.


Phone: +1 (848) 445 5869

Address: 98 Brett Road, Piscataway, NJ, 08854, United States
 Rutgers UniversityOnur Bilgen  Academic Marine and Hydrokinetic Topic Area 1 and 2At Rutgers, we have proposed novel distributed ducted hydrokinetic turbines for both tidal and riverine applications. In addition, we have developed modeling and design optimization software for floating offshore wind turbines. We have an internal funding for developing an offshore wind turbine test facility.

I am interested in partnering with academic institutions and businesses to develop a proposal for this solicitation. I am the lead-PI of an ARPA-E ATLANTIS project, and the Rutgers-PI for an ARPA-E SHARKS project.


Phone: +1 (848) 445 5869

Address: 98 Brett Road, Piscataway, NY, 10024, United States
 Atrevida Science Inc.Claudia Maldonado  Small Business General  The Department of Energy and International Energy Agency have identified a need for innovative blade designs with adaptive features and are suggested by as part of the roadmap for wind energy technology. Atrevida has been exploring the design of an adaptive blade design that can support wind energy conversion. This technology also supports other forms of energy conversion, such as hydropower, tidal, and wave power. The technique is an out-of-plane transformation, in which the Twist Angle Distribution (TAD) adapts. This enables control of the local angle of attack along the length of the blade. This innovation is being developed into a working blade design.


Phone: 512-791-2695

Address: 8941 Galway Ter, Clarence Center, NY, 14032, United States
 MinestoJohannes Hüffmeier  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic Tidal Energy DeveloperImagine that you are standing on a beach, flying a kite across the wind. You feel the strong force from the kite strings. As you fly the kite sideways, you notice that it flies faster – way faster than the wind itself is blowing.
Flying a kite across the flow is the same principle behind Minesto’s patented and award-winning ocean technology. Except – instead of flying on a beach, we fly in the ocean, as water is nearly a thousand times denser than air so the energy is much more concentrated. Our subsea kite is designed to fly across the main flow direction, achieving a relative speed many times the current speed. This speed enhancement reduces the size of the kite and rotor required to collect the energy compared with a fixed turbine. As such, it is affordable to install, operate, and maintain.
Our innovation is the only known technology to operate cost-effectively at low-flow sites, generating electricity in stream flows as low as 1.2 m/s.
A Minesto’s power plant weighs up to 15 times less per MW than competing technologies.
Small, cost-efficient vessels and equipment are used for installation, service, and maintenance. The simple recovery concept enables service and maintenance on shore.
Our ocean energy kites operate completely submerged below the water surface, with minimal environmental impact.
Our Track Record: Minesto’s technology has been undergoing extensive development and ocean testing since 2013. First electricity to grid in 2019 (first generation), First electricity to grid in 2020 (second generation), First electricity to grid with Dragon Class 2022 (third generation, first product), PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Faroese utility customer SEV in place
Operation, Service and Maintenance concept demonstrated and verified, including transport, onshore handling, towing, installation, recovery, and maintenance.
We would like to be part of consortia to provide scale up sites for our Dragon Class Technology. We would like to collaborate with communities and commercial actors to

Minesto is a marine energy technology developer, founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Swedish aerospace manufacturer Saab. Since then, Minesto has successfully developed its unique ocean energy technology. The company has operations in Sweden, Wales, the Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland and Taiwan, with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Minesto shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Sthlm.


Phone: +46705806244

Address: J A Wettergrensgata 14, Gothenburg, 41230, Sweden
 FluxMagic, Inc.Jonathan Bird  Small Business Power take-offMagnetic geared generators that provide non-contact torque-speed change. Increased efficiency and low mantenance costs (no gear lubrication). Look for companies interested in testing out the new technology.


Phone: 7044211864

Address: 2828 S Corbett Ave, Suite 214C, PORTLAND, OR, 97201, United States
 Creek Tides Energy & Power IncScot Cummings  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic On site generation of renewable energy from moving waterA recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) benchmark for the use of Hydrokinetic Energy Extraction (HEE) compared to small hydropower, coal, natural gas and nuclear power was completed. The aim was to determine the environmental impact in the use of this technology. The published study concluded that the technology is a “benign” or non-harmful form of renewable hydropower. A Gorlov system was the proxy used to represent a HEE system. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria air emissions were quantified and compared over the life cycle of each of the systems. Life cycle air emissions were used in combination with TRACI to compare the systems. The Gorlov system was found to have the lowest life cycle impact with a system lifetime comparison, and did compare closely with small hydropower.

Creek Tides has a mission to harness energy from moving water for sustainable living. To achieve this, we’ve designed a simple low cost turbine that contains a series of reactive rotating blades, to minimize friction forces in flowing water, and enable highly efficient harnessing of HEE for powering a generator. Providing an innovative solution for reliable, clean, and renewable energy 24/7 to customers on remote offline microgrids, to those on utility grid networks. A design where maintenance costs are minimal, making this form of onsite renewable, easy to adopt, since its affordable and convenient.
Although we’re a small business, we’re looking for partners that are aligned to our mission and are flexible enough to work with a small company that’s on a pathway to deploy, replicate and scale its technology.
Please reach out to: As partner’s, let’s see how we can make a difference together!


Phone: +1 8439090668

Address: 750 Palmgreen Lane, Walterboro, SC, 29488, United States
 SABELLA SAJerome LE MOIGNE  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic  Sabella is one of the world leaders in the tidal turbine industry and designs, develops and integrates a range of modular tidal turbines to meet the different requirements of installation sites. Those turbines are seabed mounted and horizontal axis.
Sabella's strategy is based on 3 pillars: the supply of electricity to Non-Interconnected Zones, the deployment of tidal farms connected to the electrical grid and finally the production of green hydrogen from the electricity generated by the tidal turbines.
We have currently a tidal turbine of 1MW operating off Ushant island (France) and providing up to 49% of the electricity demand. This demonstrator is pursuing its 3 sea trial campaign, having now validated its latest technology improvements such as power smoothing for electricity injection on an isolated grid. This demonstrator is TRL8.
We have as well under production 2 turbines, 250kW each, that will be installed beginning of 2024 in the Gulf of Morbihan. They are embedding technology improvements coming from GE/Alstom IP acquisition.
Indeed, Sabella acquired in 2021 all GE/Alstom assets and IP on tidal turbines (more than $100M investment, 2 at sea prototypes generating more than 1.6GWh of electricity, 81 patents). Combining Sabella legacy on robust and simple design, to the performance of pitched blades from GE/Alstom, Sabella has now one of the most competitive turbine.
USA have a huge potential for tidal energy, mostly in Alaska and we want to partner with US companies/academics to develop a pilot project for demonstrating a sustainable model based on an energetic mix + energy storage.
SABELLA is an OEM but we are investing as well in SPVs such as Morbihan Hydro Energy. In such case, we are bringing expertise in site characterization, environmental studies, consenting process, installation and commissioning and operations. We can bring our expertise on the complete value chain but local partners will have definitely more value on some steps such as environmental studies or consenting process for a US project. Open to present our company and discuss on potential collaboration


Phone: +33769068945

Address: 7 rue Felix Le Dantec, QUIMPER, 29000, France
 Kearns & WestZach Barr  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic Public Outreach and EngagementKearns & West is a collaboration and strategic communications firm founded in 1984. Our high-stakes projects include work at the local, regional, and national levels, covering the essential sectors of climate change, energy, water, marine resources, land use and natural resources, community and regional planning, transportation, technology, and equity and inclusion. We understand the special requirements of working with stakeholders to achieve an organization’s goals. Importantly, our commitment to positive, mutually beneficial results has helped us maintain long-term relationships with the people and organizations we assist.

Finding and developing domestic energy, addressing changing community and public values, and meeting future needs with aging and innovative infrastructure can create conflict-all of which alters the expectations of stakeholders. Kearns & West’s expertise includes:

• Managing and facilitating stakeholder collaborative and public involvement processes.
• Strategic planning for energy projects, including wave and tidal energy, offshore wind, renewable energy, and oil and gas.
• Supporting regional and national policy formation and planning processes, including regulatory processes for energy projects and stakeholder engagement for NEPA processes.
• Conduct local community and local stakeholder engagement as part of integrated system planning for the renewable energy transition.
• Communicating energy development initiatives and science to the public.

From hydropower and other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to oil and natural gas, Kearns & West brings decades of experience working with energy stakeholders to develop durable, reliable solutions that achieve lower cost and lower impact outcomes which also address the environmental, social and cultural needs of communities and stakeholders.

We possess a working understanding and knowledge of process management, permitting and licensing, and outreach and engagement in the marine energy space. Direct experience includes the following projects:

• The Marine Energy Environmental Toolkit for Permitting and Licensing
• The Environmental Compliance Cost Assessment (ECCA) Project
• PG&E WaveConnect Projects
• Verdant Roosevelt Island Tidal Project
• Admiralty Inlet Tidal Project


Phone: 415-697-0576

Address: 233 Sansome Street Ste. 400, San Francisco, CA, 94104, United States
 California State University, SacramentoJames Mearns, PE  Academic General Hydro GenerationExpert in areas of Transmission and Distribution grid integration, microgrid development, hydro machine design including pumped storage. PI for two unit, 160 MVA, 450-meter head Pumped Storage Hydro plant in middle east (2018), PI for energy storage system design for Stehekin, WA microgrid with student design team (2021). 45 years industry experience, 8 years in academia, employed full time as consultant to Northern California Power Agency (JPA for 16 municipalities) for Integrated Resource Planning, Wildfire Mitigation Plans, NERC Compliance, staff electrical training. Senior Power Engineering Project student lecturer and lab instructor. Registered Professional Engineer, California License E-12028.


Phone: 916-709-5830

Address: 6000 J Street, Riverside Hall Room 3018, Sacramento, CA, 95819, United States
 Via Science, Inc. (VIA)Colin Gounden  Small Business General  Summary: Via Science, Inc. (“VIA”) is a small business with a mission to make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable through Web3 and blockchain-controlled data privacy.


Mission: Make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable

45 FTEs
Members of the VIA leadership team have worked together for 5 to 25 years with two successful exits
Large percentage of PhDs and graduates from Harvard, MIT, and other top universities

Web3 Technology:
10 issued patents related to data privacy and federated data analysis
Cybersecurity accreditation to TOP SECRET level with U.S. DoD
Scale testing with a major U.S. intelligence agency


Collective good from collective action
National Security: Humanitarian aid and secure logistics through integration of building, electric vehicle, and workflow data across multiple secure systems
Improved Health: Reduced respiratory illnesses due to increased adoption of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time verification of energy demand at building and tenant level, and fuel source verification for electric vehicles
Community-Led Resilience: Increased grid flexibility of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time incentives to balance renewable supply, and V2B and V2G charging


Web3 technologies to verify, integrate, analyze private data:
Verify: Real-time and anonymous verification of valuable data (e.g., clean energy)
Integrate: Connect data sources currently decentralized, and / or inaccessible due to privacy
Analyze: Enable experts and third parties to analyze and act on data securely and confidently

Differentiation: Cybersecurity, Cost, Real-Time, Anonymity, Flexibility
Cybersecurity: The only blockchain and Web3 platform with a U.S. Department of Defense TOP SECRET level accreditation, ideal for critical infrastructure (i.e., energy) customers
Cost: Web3 tech stack enables cost-effective coordination of volumes of decentralized assets
Real-Time: Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) provide real-time verification of energy to enable real-time compensation
Anonymity: ZKPs provide anonymous verification of energy consumption / generation
Flexibility: Smart contracts enable programmable flexibility of timing, thresholds, and incentives for energy


Phone: 617-431-8398

Address: 49R Day St, Somerville, MA, 02144, United States
 Social and Environmental Research InstituteThomas Webler  Academic General Public participation, community acceptance, social scienceWe are interdisciplinary scholars of risk, environment, and society with a history of working with communities on controversial decisions.
We can: Assess concerns of local community; coordinate dialogue among community, developers, and experts; support collaborative risk characterization; build civic capacity to engage with developers and regulatory officials; and conduct basic ethnographic inquiry (interviews, focus groups, Q method, surveys).
We promote a model of collaborative decision making advanced by the National Research Council called the analytic-deliberative process. This includes publics, experts, stakeholders, and officials in a collaborative effort to characterize risk, make a decision, and implement the decision with follow-up evaluation. Evidence shows that this approach reduces public outrage, stakeholder lawsuits, and improves the quality of decision making.
We have also developed the VCAPS model - a form of dialog mapping - that helps a community construct an understanding of the pros and cons of a project along with strategies to minimize risk.


Phone: 413-387-9717

Address: 111 Zerah Fiske Road, Shelburne Falls, MA, 01370, United States
 University of Alaska FairbanksBen Loeffler  Academic Marine and Hydrokinetic  UAF has operated the Tanana River Test Site (TRTS) for 10 years. TRTS is a road accessible and fully permitted riverine test site capable of deploying hydrokinetic turbines up to 3m diameter in velocities up to 2.5 m/s. UAF has worked with turbine technology developers at various TRL stages to field test and develop novel hydrokinetic systems.

UAF routinely performs resource and performance assessments, consistent with IEC 114. Capable of deploying ADCP, ADV, single beam and multibeam instruments in any Alaska waters.

UAF is a member of the Pacific Marine Energy Center with University of Washington and Oregon State University.


Phone: 9074745402

Address: 1764 Tanana Loop Suite 400, Fairbanks, AK, 99775, United States
 State of New HampshireAlbi Fioravante  Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) General Tidal EnergySiting available for tidal energy projects & studies. The State of NH owns property and structures suitable for tidal energy project deployment with a Mean current speed of 1.4-2.6 m/s, and a power density of 800-1000 w/m2 in the Portsmouth area.


Phone: 16032717920

Address: 64 South St., Concord, NH, 03301, United States
 Tidal Energy CorpChris Lee  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic Tidal Energy Site DeveloperTidal Energy Corp has a FERC Preliminary Permit for the 137 square mile area with 30ft/10m tides named the Turnagain Arm Tidal Electricity Generation project (TATEG - P#15109).

The Turnagain Arm site sits between the city of Anchorage, served by the Chugach Electric Association and the Kenai Peninsula, served by the Homer Electric Association.

TEC is also proposing a concurrent green hydrogen production pilot to the project.

Preliminary estimates of retrievable tidal power in the site range from a low end of 500,000+ MWh/yr to a high end of 3,500,000+ MWh/yr.

Tidal Energy Corp is partnering with several National Labs to apply for DOE TEAMER funds for preliminary site work, as well as applying for a grant from the Alaska Energy Authority REF 15 to perform the following tasks:

1. Desktop biological and environmental analysis along with the likely regulatory and permitting pathway for the site with Dr. Copping of Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL).

2. Refined computer modeling of site water speeds with Dr. Yang of PNNL.

3. Open water testing of water speed with Dr. Kilcher of National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and Ben Loeffler, PE, of UAF/Alaska Center for Energy and Power.

4. Technoeconomic Analysis of the TATEG Pilots and Scaling with Dr. Baca of NREL of likely tidal turbine solutions for marine energy in
Cook Inlet.

5. Technoeconomic Analysis of Marine Energy to Green Hydrogen production with downstream and offtatker implications with the Idaho National Lab,
the team currently doing four nuclear to green hydrogen pilots.

6. Expert Regulatory and Permitting consulting with 48 North Consulting via applied for Alaska Energy Authority grant.

7. Bathymetric Survey, with high accuracy mapping of the site and water depths along with sea floor composition data collection with TerraSond via
applied for Alaska Energy Authority grant.

8. Close work with all qualified global tidal turbine companies to explore which of their current and near term turbines will work best at different hot
spots within the site based on the data generated by the studies above. It is likely that two different tidal turbine systems will be chosen, one from the surface based turbine developers, and one from the sea floor based turbine solutions.

TEC is seeking partners from all pertinent sectors interested in joining this scalable tidal energy site development project.


Phone: 5048758223

Address: 821 N St., Suite 207, Anchorage, AK, 99501, United States
 CrgenPaul Greyshock  Individual Marine and Hydrokinetic Marine energy: tidal, river current, wave/wind generatorsDeveloper has invented, engineered, tested and patented a Sub-Surface Counter Rotation Current
Generator ([CRG] Patent No. 8461711) that captures the kinetic energy in currents and waves and
converts it into mechanical energy to produce clean electricity for production of hydrogen. CRG
utilizes two turbine/generators interior and exterior of each other that rotate opposite of each
other - producing a neutral output torque - that prevents twisting and yawing of unit, which
allows anchoring of CRG. The turbine/generators are positive buoyant allowing units to be towed
to site and ballasted to working depth, resulting in simple low-cost deployment and
service. The six-foot 13 KW unit has been undergoing open water current testing in the
Columbia River Gorge at North Bonneville for the last two years that’s resulted in no
environmental incidents nor mechanical failures.

The Columbia Gorge is an ideal location to open water test the free energy of the river with 24/7
current speeds from 3 ~ 6.5 knots (3 ~ 5.5 m/s) with river depths of 40 to 60 feet for the
production electricity or green hydrogen. Ideally located close to both I 84 and State
Route 14 transportation routes in Oregon/Washington.

CRG advantages: 1) Allows turbine/generator units to be anchored/tethered reducing cost in
manufacturing, installation and service. 2) Can nest in tandem (pancaked) front to rear
producing additional power. 3) Units can be manufactured at competitive cost to levelized cost
of electricity. 4) Technology is the same from one to five meters in diameter. 5) The timely and
costly R&D process is established. CRG generators are far below the cost of competition.
Developer is fully capable of demonstrating prototype innovation technology.
Website: na


Phone: 261384882435

Address: 610 Cascade Dr, North Bonneville, WA, 98639, United States
 PCCI, Inc.Tom Hudon  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic  Background: PCCI offers a multi-discipline staff includes experienced chemical, civil, mechanical, ocean and structural engineers supported by accounting, administrative, environmental, logistics and construction managers. We have past experience designing and installing foundations for ocean current and tidal energy developers, conducting environmental studies for the permitting of current energy installations, and supporting BOEM and DOE offshore renewable energy development projects.

Interest: Foundation and mooring design, marine and ocean engineering oversight, installation planning and execution

Capabilities: Civil, mechanical, and ocean engineering, naval architecture, environmental planning, ocean installation planning and safety oversight.


Phone: 1-703-229-1110

Address: 300 North Lee Street, Suite 201, Alexandria, VA, 22314-2640, United States
 North Carolina State UniversityChristopher Vermillion  Academic Marine and Hydrokinetic  I have led several small- and large-scale projects focusing on the design, control, and site selection of energy-harvesting kites and other tethered systems, both underwater and airborne. These efforts have involved the development of open-source dynamic models, design and analysis of closed-loop kite control systems, and water channel-based, pool-based, and open-water validation at multiple scales. Specifically, my team has developed one of the most comprehensive open-source, Simulink-based model for tethered energy-harvesting systems available to-date. We have also developed flight control systems for energy-harvesting kites (which have been validated via open-water tow testing), along with optimal and adaptive control strategies for maximizing power output in the presence of a time-varying environment. Our team has developed several customized experimental test setups, including water channel-based testing at the most basic level, pool-scale tow testing at an intermediate level, and a customized open-water tow testing system. We recently completed an open-water testing campaign in which we completed over 40 hours of successful closed-loop energy-harvesting flight of a scaled kite system. In addition to the aforementioned activities, I have recently worked with researchers within the UNC system to fuse resource assessment and device design capabilities to create a combined site selection, plant design, and control system design framework for optimizing a portfolio of ocean energy-harvesting devices.


Phone: 7346781153

Address: 1840 Entrepreneur Dr., Raleigh, NC, 27695, United States
 Continuous Solutions LLCNyah Zarate  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic  Developer of highly power dense rotating electric machines. SBIR/STTR contracts with DoD developing power dense motor for shipboard propulsion, power converters for multiple use cases, complete drive train for a UUV application, SRM torque ripple mitigation, and more.

We use a data driven process to determine the viability of a machine project – using state of the art tools such as Finite Element Analysis, our own Genetic Algorithm Multi-Objective Optimization Machine Design methods, and Simulink/MATLAB modeling.


Phone: 9712807008

Address: 2828 S Corbett Ave, Portland, OR, 97201, United States
 UNC CharlotteDr. Saffeer M. Khan, P.E.  Academic General Power and EnergyArea of Technical Expertise: Power & Energy Conditioning, Energy Infrastructure, Systems Management, Environment & Construction, Precision Manufacturing, and Workforce Development

Brief Description of Capabilities: Techno-economic and scale up studies, modeling and simulation, embedded electronics, flexible grid-edge power conversion and open-source control solutions, real-time digital simulation modeling, energy storage, large structure design, materials characterization and development, performance monitoring, computational infrastructure for advanced modeling and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and precision measurements.

Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte provides opportunities for researchers to collaborate across disciplines and implement projects on critical power, energy and environmental issues. We specialize in building collaborations with businesses, consulting firms, corporations, and municipal agencies through applied services projects related to energy, sustainability, pollution prevention and the environment. Delivering customized client assistance with comprehensive investigative projects, grant collaborations, project management, educational outreach, feasibility analysis, verification, focus groups and surveys, conferences, training and other services, these projects help the agencies or businesses with needed assistance including access to university faculty expertise, student experiential learning and laboratory resources.

EPIC's portfolio of services includes but is not limited to: engineering evaluations, field testing and sampling, laboratory testing, data analysis, literature and internet research services, survey development and implementation, professional reports, materials characterization, infrastructure evaluations, smart grid analysis and evaluations, distribution of power analysis, electromagnetic operational analysis, solar component design and evaluations, machining, environmental impact and assessment, water/air/waste analysis and characterization, ecosystem preservation and restoration, student mentoring, project management, training, and educational outreach.


Phone: 7046875339

Address: 8700 Phillips Road, Charlotte, NC, 28223, United States
 Marquette UniversityAyman EL-Refaie  Academic General  High power density electrical machines/generators and drives

Word class capabilities in the design, analysis and testing of advanced electrical machines and drives. Extensive experience with designing different type of machines and drives for a broad range of power ratings and speeds.


Phone: 4142884471

Address: 1617 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53233, United States
 University of HoustonXingpeng Li  Academic General  Area of Technical Expertise: Power system operation, control and planning, wholesale power energy markets.

Brief Description of Capabilities: R&D: Power system/microgrid operations and planning, day-ahead scheduling, real-time dispatching, frequency regulation, grid ancillary service, optimization, machine learning, electricity pricing in energy markets, electric network congestion analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and analyzing the various impacts of new power plants including tidal/current power plants on power systems.


Phone: 7137439881

Address: 4226 Martin Luther King Boulevard Room N317, Houston, TX, 77204, United States
 Tidal Sails USSuzanne Hemann  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic Tidal Energy Converter DeviceTidal Sails has a demonstration ready tidal energy device (TRL 6). We use submerged horizontally-moving sails to capture the wide cross-section of the tidal flow. We can easily, and cheaply modify for each site - and can produce electricity in currents too slow for conventional tidal turbines.

We are seeking investors and end-users for a demonstration project - we're prepared for development of a project to produce 500kW to 2MW.

Tidal Sails resilient and extremely low weight technology platform is adaptable to most locations, and is protected by a set of patents worldwide. The slow moving sails, (6knots) 15 meter underneath the surface, are considered harmless to fish and sea mammals, and do not interfere with shipping lanes. The autonomous self adjustable & variable pitch Sail Control System assures optimal pitch according to current speed and direction. In strong currents with concurrent high sideways loads, excess power is effectively bled off in order not to compromise the structural integrity of the ropeway system – similar to easing out the main sail to prevent overpowering the sailboat in strong winds. Consequently an efficient peak shaving is also achieved.

Tidal Sails 4th generation, “BeamReach” installation will be installed perpendicular to the current, well beneath shipping lanes. The ropes gets pulled as sails “reach” (sailing terms) across the current, “jibe” about the first station, then “reach” back, “beating” about the opposite station, effectively generating electricity via the two stations with 2 large direct drive generators each.

The BeamReach yields about the same efficiency per swept area as competitors, but is capable of sweeping a much larger cross section of the current, consequently reach rated power already at 3knots. At the same time typical tidal turbines only generate about 10-15% of theirs, at more than 3 times the cost per installed MW. Due to BeamReach aggressive Peak Shaving capability – annual production per MW is also significantly larger.

Additionally, for each knot less required to reach rated power, the extractable natural resource increase by a factor of 7; BeamReach can derive cost level at about 1/40th of competition in 3 knots vice 5-7knots required by typical turbine designs.


Phone: (202) 550-1755

Address: 5213 Admiral Point Dr., Apollo Beach, FL, 33672, United States
 Rockingham Solutions LLCDerek Nadeau  Small Business Marine and Hydrokinetic Water Power and Green EnergyRockingham Solutions provides consulting and expertise in the field of Energy production, Water Power, Hydro-Kinetic Water Power, and carbon capture.
Website: n/a


Phone: 9787693762

Address: PO Box 255, Newcastle, NH, 03854, United States