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 GismoPower LLCAchim Ginsberg-Klemmt Small Business Solar AOI 4: EERE Solar Energy Technology Office 4) Innovations focused on dual-use, application-, and climate-specific applications (e.g., agrivoltaics, building-integrated solar PV, floating solar PV, vehicle-integrated solar PV)Small businesses need and want a cost-effective option for bringing their PV-EV Charger® system with them when relocating, but most small businesses that are not home-based use leased spaces, essentially shutting them out of the distributed PV market. The portability of the MEGA allows the system to be easily disconnected from the grid, loaded onto a trailer, and re-deployed and permitted at a new location when a business is moved.

GismoPower’s standardized MEGA® rack eliminates soft costs associated with custom design, custom engineering and custom installation. The metal MEGA racks include 9 bifacial PV modules per rack. Because of its lower price point coupled with functional advantages, GismoPower primarily targets small businesses and residential applications, especially commercial small business industrial zones, single-family, detached homes (SFDHs), multi-family homes, and homeowners associations. However, anywhere with a sunny driveway or a parking lot is a good location to deploy a GismoPower MEGA®. Since the frames are portable and on wheels, they can be stored in a garage, storage shed or hanger during dangerous weather conditions. No dedicated single-use real estate area is needed. Portability and the integration of three functional components sets the MEGA apart from permanent solar carport structures, ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays and classic rooftop solar installations.
While GismoPower’s ultimate goal for the MEGA® is to offer a portable, grid-tied, UL-listed, and permit-free electricity generating household appliance, GismoPower has the initial goal to reach the beachhead market as a transportable solar carport, permitted and interconnected to the electric grid through the established permitting procedures for fixed solar carports. Permitting and interconnecting the MEGA with the electric grid is in sight with the help of EEDAS Structural Engineering Inc. who is in the process of finalizing signed and sealed engineering plans supporting maximum sustained wind speeds up to 130mph.

GismoPower's patent is the rack on wheels itself. We look forward to considering partnerships with either newfangled components to improve the UL-listed system, or utilizing our MEGA deployment method for DES, VPP or other technology with focus on delivering powerful, portable, affordable solar for either residential or commercial applications.


Phone: 941 284 0057

Address: 3364 Tanglewood Drive, Sarasota, FL, 34239, United States
 OxiCool Development CenterGary Ezekian Small Business Cross-Cutting  The OxiCool Development Center is a new approach to building out and scaling up solutions in the ClimateTech & HardTech space. Leveraging our modern facility in the greater Philadelphia area with the latest in fabrication equipment and an experienced team of engineers & technicians, OxiCool engages in flexible partnerships with early-stage startups and lab researchers to collaboratively mature their technologies. Our team is well suited to work closely with domain specialists and support the TRL4 to TRL7 maturation sweet spot. We are open to a spectrum of creative arrangements that take advantage of our capabilities and infrastructure, including joint grant applications, licensing, work for equity, and build to print work packages.


Phone: 2154622665

Address: 508 Lapp Road, Malvern, PA, 19355, United States
 Via Science, Inc (VIA)Colin Gounden Small Business Cross-Cutting  Summary: Via Science, Inc. (“VIA”) is a small business with a mission to make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable through Web3 and blockchain-controlled data privacy.


Mission: Make communities cleaner, safer, and more equitable

45 FTEs
Members of the VIA leadership team have worked together for 5 to 25 years with two successful exits
Large percentage of PhDs and graduates from Harvard, MIT, and other top universities

Web3 Technology:
10 issued patents related to data privacy and federated data analysis
Cybersecurity accreditation to TOP SECRET level with U.S. DoD
Scale testing with a major U.S. intelligence agency


Collective good from collective action
National Security: Humanitarian aid and secure logistics through integration of building, electric vehicle, and workflow data across multiple secure systems
Improved Health: Reduced respiratory illnesses due to increased adoption of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time verification of energy demand at building and tenant level, and fuel source verification for electric vehicles
Community-Led Resilience: Increased grid flexibility of clean energy in neighborhoods through real-time incentives to balance renewable supply, and V2B and V2G charging


Web3 technologies to verify, integrate, analyze private data:
Verify: Real-time and anonymous verification of valuable data (e.g., clean energy)
Integrate: Connect data sources currently decentralized, and / or inaccessible due to privacy
Analyze: Enable experts and third parties to analyze and act on data securely and confidently

Differentiation: Cybersecurity, Cost, Real-Time, Anonymity, Flexibility
Cybersecurity: The only blockchain and Web3 platform with a U.S. Department of Defense TOP SECRET level accreditation, ideal for critical infrastructure (i.e., energy) customers
Cost: Web3 tech stack enables cost-effective coordination of volumes of decentralized assets
Real-Time: Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) provide real-time verification of energy to enable real-time compensation
Anonymity: ZKPs provide anonymous verification of energy consumption / generation
Flexibility: Smart contracts enable programmable flexibility of timing, thresholds, and incentives for energy


Phone: 617-431-8398

Address: 49R Day Street, Somerville, MA, 02144, United States
 LabStart Innovations Inc.Troy Daley Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Helping National Labs incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in technology commercialization programsLabStart's mission is two-fold: 1) to commercialize technologies out of our national labs that address our climate crisis and 2) to build pathways to climate tech entrepreneurship for underrepresented people. We completed a successful pilot with an entrepreneur, Aaron Fitzgerald, commercializing an NREL technology for carbon utilization company and forming his company, Mars Materials. Aaron successfully raised capital and recently became a Breakthrough Energy Fellow.

LabStart is looking to help National Labs by recruiting qualified, diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs, providing entrepreneurship and commercialization training, and by being a liaison between the entrepreneurs and the National Labs' licensing office. We prepare these entrepreneurs to be the best candidates for licensing and commercializing climate technologies from the US National Labs.


Phone: 3102914755

Address: 66 Franklin St Ste 300, Oakland, CA, 94607, United States
 Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMIAndre Sharon Non-Profit Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial)  The Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI is an established performer of applied R&D contracts for industry and government, with expertise in in developing and deploying custom turnkey industrial automation solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, materials, consumer products, construction, photonics, energy and biotechnology. Founded in 1995 and based on the Boston University campus, CMI has a worked with several government agencies, including: DOE, DoD, Massachusetts DOER, NSF and NYSERDA, as well as numerous companies including startups all the way to the largest multi-nationals. Examples industrial projects include a fully automated factory for plant-based pharmaceuticals production, a specialty rolling mill to produce bulk metallic glass substrates, metrology equipment for the production of fuel cells, and a laser-based gantry robotic system that images and modifies glass façades on high-rise buildings.

Area of Technical Expertise
1. High-speed manufacturing techniques for processes such as forming, stamping, molding, sealing, joining, coating, and roll-to-roll processing
2. Best practices for material and component handling
3. Additive and automated manufacturing/assembly processes
4. Technologies for in-line diagnostics and quality control/quality assurance
5. Sensors and other technologies to reduce manufacturing defects in high-throughput production
6. Mechanical design
7. Product development
8. Hardware and software prototyping and testing
9. Industrial automation
10. Design for manufacture (DFM)
11. Distributed energy resources (DER) integration and value stacking
12. Field testing, monitoring, and evaluation
13. Flexible building load modeling and prediction
14. Multi-objective control optimization
Website: 2.


Phone: 617 353-8776

Address: 15 Saint Mary's Street, Brookline, MA, 02446, United States
 Torrent EnergyRichard Jarvis Small Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Decentralized Clean Hydrogen for Vehicles, Power Generation, Ammonia, wo/ CO2 emissionsTorrent Energy, a proven, deployed technology to produce clean energy, green hydrogen. Torrent Energy plasma-based production systems are fully developed, deployed, and in operation today. Torrent has developed hydrogen production technology that can deliver clean hydrogen to today’s users, at a price competitive with “dirty” suppliers, without the need to build out supply infrastructure or wait for the future transportation market to develop. There are many technologies coming online to deliver green hydrogen, but these will take decades to develop, overcome tech limitations and deliver the global energy demand at scale. The crux of this transition is how to meet the global growing energy demand while technologies, infrastructure and regulations mature.

Torrent has the solution, as we leverage the largest, most developed supply of energy today, liquid and gas hydrocarbons, clean or dirty, new or recycled, and efficiently convert them to a green (or turquoise) supply of hydrogen fuel. Torrents’ technology is a proprietary plasma reactor and separation chamber, not a plasma torch. We are not burning the feedstock, we are breaking the bonds at the atomic level, then separating the elements, as pure H2 and Carbon Black are produced, with no hazardous by-products, no CO2 or Greenhouse Gas emissions, and applied carbon sequestration as a solid at no additional cost.

Torrent is preparing for commercialization and is looking to team with labs and individuals with skills in building equipment to the standards of: ASME, Hydrogen Equipment Certification Guide from the H2 Safety Panel, prepared by PNN Lab operated by Battelle for D.O.E., contract DC-AE05-76RL01830, Hydrogen equipment building guidelines 2011/2016 Edition of National Fire Protection Association 2 (Quincy, MA) (NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technologies Code), and since we will also have natural gas feedstock, then installation standards from NFPA 54 & ANSI Z-223 for Fuel Gas will be implemented (The Orange Book).


Phone: 2399192664

Address: 1629 W 135th St, Gardena, CA, 90249, United States
 Pacific Science and Engineering GroupMary Ngo Small Business Cross-Cutting  Pacific Science & Engineering (PSE) exists to create science-driven human-machine interfaces that allow humans to safely and effectively operate high consequence and high complexity systems.


Phone: 18585351661

Address: 9180 Brown Deer Rd, San Diego, CA, 92121, United States
 Ideal EnergyEric Johnson Small Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Specific Partnerships – Renewable Hydrogen; PEM Electrolysis; H2 Fueling Stations; Solar + PEM IntegrationIdeal Energy is a Veteran-Owned, Iowa-based solar energy company renowned for delivering innovative and advanced clean energy solutions to the Midwest and beyond. Founded in 2009, Ideal Energy is Iowa’s pioneering solar company.

Since its founding, Ideal Energy has been a trailblazer, with a long list of firsts in the Midwest solar industry. These include the first solar net-zero manufacturer in Iowa, the first commercial-scale solar + battery energy storage system in Iowa, the state’s first use of solar in conjunction with batteries for demand charge reduction, and numerous projects that were the largest in Iowa at the time.

These projects have earned Ideal Energy industry recognition and numerous awards, including:

• Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors list – 2022
• 1,000 Friends of Iowa Best Development Award – 2016 (twice), 2017, 2021 (twice)
• Iowa Environmental Council Business Innovation award – 2019
• Solar Builder Magazine Project of the Year Award – 2016

The Ideal Energy team offers industry-leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for scalable solar and energy storage projects, as well as realtime system performance monitoring, operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts, and the highest quality of construction and customer service available in the solar industry today.

Ideal Energy’s research and development (R&D) capabilities make the company a thought leader in the renewable energy industry, with innovations in solar design, battery energy storage, and renewable hydrogen techno-economic analyses, resource mapping, and value chain development.

Ideal Energy is currently providing technical assistance to the Mid-Continent Clean Hydrogen Hub (MCH2) and its private sector Teaming Partners in Iowa. In addition, Ideal Energy is developing renewable hydrogen-powered transportation projects in Iowa.

Ideal Energy has worked under DOE funding awards in the past, notably on a research project and white paper assessing the prospects of a renewable hydrogen economy in Iowa.

Ideal Energy is a verified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).


Phone: (800) 634 4454

Address: 602 N 6th Street, Fairfield, IA, 52556, United States
 Fortress Government Solutions, LLCTobias Whitney Large Business Strategic Programs  Fortress offerings support the maturing of third-party risk management programs to enable more informed, risk-based decision making.

Fortress Platform provides a single platform able to ingest vendors and products associated with all assets and systems with compliance modules, security & compliance ratings, automated findings lifecycle management, and the ability to view critical supplier security information stored in our supplier central library. As a result, we simplify compliance and quickly scale your risk management program with instant access to security assessments for over 40,000 vendors.

Fortress provides technology assessment for regulatory-driven businesses to illuminate the vulnerabilities that come bundled within mission-critical systems, whether that is software or hardware. These assessments allow clients to understand the inherent product risk, vulnerability risk, patching risk, product security controls, and obsolescence risk prior to procurement. We do this through providing File Integrity Assurance and product governance.

Fortress is the only company that provides an operationalized, holistic solution to connect vendor, asset, and software data to secure critical infrastructure from cybersecurity and operational risk.


We begin with visibility and end with security, leaving you confident in the integrity of the technology running your critical operations. Moreover, our approach aligns with the February 2021 Executive Order 14017, America’s Supply Chains, and can support supply chain security guidance related to agencies’ procurement practices.

Our approach focuses on:

Identification/Validation - Determine criticality and cyber maturity of suppliers to quickly prioritize assessments and focus in on actionable risk.

Detection - Leverage trained analysts and AI driven tools to obtain detailed vendor assessments to help identify threats, vulnerabilities, and other weaknesses that could impact critical systems.

Mitigation - Continuously monitor breaches, vulnerabilities, and other indicators of compromise.

Remediation - Leverage out-of-the-box/COTS procedures for resolving issues and validating evidence of remediation.


Phone: 4075736800

Address: 1 South Orange Avenue, Ste 360, Orlando, FL, 32801, United States
 Progress LLPPerry Goldberg Small Business Office of Technology Transitions (OTT)  I'm an intellectual property attorney (Harvard Law '93) and entrepreneur (Wharton '90). I consider myself a professional problem-solver and have novel licensing structures that would be very useful for this Lab Call. I would be thrilled to collaborate as a sub-awardee with one of the Labs.


Phone: (818) 518-7866

Address: 12121 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 810, Los Angeles, CA, 90025, United States
 ClimastryJake Stevens Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Sustainability-linked project financing with Manufacturer Carbon CreditsClimastry gets manufacturers paid for decarbonizing. We do this by commoditizing net-zero projects for listing on the voluntary carbon market (VCM). We invented the only statistically significant method of estimating emissions from manufacturing operations: piece-rate emissions factors, through funding from the UKRI. This allows SMMs to safely access sustainability-linked debt capital markets. Our pilot cohort companies are the first to exercise this market mechanism.

We recently discovered our role as an Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO) when talking to partners looking to scale R&D innovations with manufacturing partners and not having a capacity to support a deployment.

The Climastry platform assesses and presents decarbonization and detoxification solution pathways to engineers which occasionally includes partners we've identified. There is a strong interest from the R&D community in these credits to fund deployment but supporting early stage entrepreneurs is much more nuanced than providing capital alone.

- Emissions Baselining
- Sustainability Management
- Project-level net-zero initiative mapping
- Piece-rate emissions factor manufacturing process assignment
- Emissions factor building

- Process engineering AI
- Landscape architecture AI

- Entrepreneur ecosystem partners
- Sustainability partners - those looking to scale sustainable technology within manufacturers
- Economists/ securities experts
- Process/manufacturing engineers


Phone: 8723339837

Address: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States
 Washington Maritime BlueCassidy Fisher Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Ecosystem building & Facilitating Collaboration for the Blue-Green EconomiesWashington Maritime Blue seeks to continue our work executing equity-focused, climate-targeted, Blue-Green Economic innovation and development which is supported by the strong decarbonization and climate management policies set by Washington State, Oregon, and local jurisdictions. Maritime Blue defines the Blue Economy as the maritime sector and shoreside activities related to ports, shipping, trade, the movement of goods, vessels, marine energy, and shoreside industry operated in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and profitable. As such, we define the combined Blue-Green Economies as the intersection of the Blue Economy and the Renewable (“Green”) Energy sectors. Maritime Blue will build on its existing, comprehensive project development process that advances new Blue-Green concepts and technologies through market identification, planning and tech development, joint innovation projects (JIPs), commercialization, and–ultimately–market advancement and supply chain scale-up, while building the critical workforce to support these economies as they mature. Through stakeholder convening and matchmaking, Maritime Blue facilitates cross-sector collaboration across the entire Blue-Green ecosystems, including in our membership of more than 130 organizations. The PNW is a nation-leading region in the maritime industry. This, combined with accessibility to low cost renewable energy, makes the PNW uniquely situated to further lead decarbonization of the maritime sector and heavy duty transportation, support sustainable ocean use and energy, and ensure equitable benefits and opportunity for coastal communities disproportionally impacted by climate change. Maritime Blue will continue to support this place-based work, engaging with local communities, industry, academia, and public agencies to accelerate the pathway to decarbonization. In this way, communities disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change are able to partner on projects and share in the benefits.


Phone: 3602184743

Address: 1900 W Nickerson St, STE 301, Seattle, WA, 98119, United States
 Accenture Federal ServicesBethy Flaherty Large Business Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) Market Needs Assessment, Matchmaking, Steamlining Laboratory Processes, Increasing External PartnershipsAccenture LLP is a global professional and technology services company with 720,000 employees across 120+ countries. Accenture Federal Services LLC is a US-based subsidiary of Accenture LLP with 10,000 employees. We work with 60+ federal agency clients including the Department of Energy and multiple National Labs and Environmental Management Sites.

Accenture excels at delivering Federal IT modernization from need identification through implementation and beyond. Our capabilities include: market needs assessments, rapid prototyping to test and scale innovation, transforming network infrastructure, deploying commercial software products, and more.

We bring energy industry experience across both government and the private sector and are well positioned to help bridge gaps related to technology commercialization. We are eager to support and enable a Labs team by providing access to our thought leaders, cross-industry partners, and modernization frameworks.

Learn more about our offerings and organizational structure here:


Phone: 571-414-3610

Address: 800 N. Glebe Road, Suite 300, Arlington, VA, 22203, United States
 Activate Global, IncKarin Lion Non-Profit Cross-Cutting  Founded in 2015, Activate empowers scientists to reinvent the world by launching startups to address climate change and other global challenges. Working between government, philanthropy, universities, and the private sector, Activate transforms scientists into high-impact entrepreneurs through the Activate Fellowship, a two-year immersive experience that provides funding and fosters the resources, knowledge, networks, investors, and partnerships that fellows need to succeed. Activate is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and does not charge any fee nor equity for fellows to participate. Activate’s entrepreneurial fellowship model originated at Cyclotron Road, a division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and founding Activate partner. Activate supports fellows in communities across the U.S.: Activate Berkeley, Activate Boston, Activate New York, and Activate Anywhere. Learn more at

We partner with research lab institutions, including national labs like LBNL, Brookhaven, and DOD's Lincoln Lab, to match Activate Fellows with lab facilities where they can continue to develop their technology while also building their company with our entrepreneurial support. We have a strong track record of supporting early-stage hard-tech entrepreneurs. Since 2015, we have supported 142 fellows nationwide to form 106 science-based companies that have generated over 300 patents, raised more than $1.1 billion in follow-on funding, and created more than 1,200 U.S. jobs. We are open to working with all national labs to support the commercialization of lab-funded research through the Activate Fellowship, particularly our Activate Anywhere program.


Phone: 7035850628

Address: 2600 10th Street, Suite 300, Berkeley, CA, 94710, United States
 Embedded Planet, Inc.Matt Hoover Small Business SmartGrid Energy and System MonitoringEmbedded Planet, Inc. is a leading solution provider for customers who need to connect their products or applications. The epConnect family of products allows customers to implement an IoT solution while reducing risks in development and shortening the design cycle to get to production quickly. epConnect products include wireless epSensors, and epGateways. All products can be customized to fit specific application requirements which include software, hardware, mechanical and complete product design. epConnect products help customers quickly develop their solutions and integrate to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Embedded Planet has been working with Argonne Labs since 2013 on RAMM and a number of different monitoring solutions. See


Phone: 2162454171

Address: 31225 Bainbridge Road, Suite N, Solon, OH, 44139, United States
 Berkeley LaboratoryBin Wang Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Cross-Cutting Medium and Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Load Operations and Deployment Modeling ToolHEVI-LOAD projects the number, type, and location of chargers, and the related electric grid supply requirements to support the new charging stations for MD/HD vehicles. Bin Wang, the head developer for HEVI-LOAD, is currently leading engagement with Western state utility stakeholders to expand the application of the HEVI-LOAD tool beyond its original application for the State of California. HEVI-LOAD can be applied to other states seeking to make large scale investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Phone: 5104867250

Address: 1 Cyclotron Rd, Berkelkey, CA, 94780, United States
 Basic Power, Inc.Stephen Washington Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Power Quality & Energy EfficiencyBasic Power, Inc. is power quality service and solutions company conducting diagnostic PQ audits to identify issues in the utility supplied power and a facility's electrical load. We believe that by optimizing power quality we can maximize energy efficiency and protect investments in the application of energy conservation measures.

Our in-house electrical engineers work with utility grade meters to source PQ and energy consumption data in the field which is then emulated in our regenerative inductive/capacitive Load Center to allow for the customization of PQ solutions.

We are a Certified UL508A Panel Shop located in Baltimore, MD in a SBA HUBzone where we design and manufacture passive shunt filters, dynamic reactive power capacitor banks and surge protection devices. We also provide a custom manufacturing service for electrical products.

We are interested in SBIR/STTR opportunities for R&D and commercialization of PQ technologies that further our nation's electrification goals by mitigating harmonics from non-linear devices, inverter driven technologies, power electronics, LED lamp drivers and variable frequencies drives which are now abundant in all electrical systems to the detriment of the grid. We are interested in providing reactive power compensation at source to help reduce amperage and expand system capacity where large inductive loads are present or where reactive power is not supplied from solar inverters.

Though our professional experience has been in the industrial and commercial sector, we believe that the residential sector is now in need of PQ solutions to help improve grid capacity as we burden it with additional loads from EVSE and all electric homes and bi-directional power.

We are currently compiling a white paper on the Effects of Power Quality on the Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators which will be published Q2 2023.

We have identified several prototypes of interest which are listed on National Research Lab websites and in addition are preparing our own submission for a SBIR Phase I grant.

We have not selected a research lab partner yet and would like to join this call to get a feel for the opportunity.


Phone: 5704609352

Address: 1101 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD, 21223, United States
 CES Energy StorageRunee Harris Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Long Duration Energy StorageIntroducing CES Liquid Air Energy Storage
• A near-term, off-the-shelf, scalable, cost-effective liquid air energy storage technology solution.
o Proprietary technology
 Third-Party Validation (Siemens Energy )
o Repurposes legacy air separation technology with a proven track record in the industrial gas market space.
 e.g. used to manufacture LNG from pipeline natural gas.
o High end-to-end (RTE) efficiency.
 Greater than 86% (Aspen-Hysis Simulation Model)
 Third-party validation
o Blue Chip Strategic Partners
 Siemens
 Air Products/Rotoflow

• Addresses priority needs for energy storage.
o Grid Stability
o Dispatchable Peaking Power free from Environmental Burdens
o Hedges risks of over-production or curtailment of renewables.

• Asset Optimization
o Increases MW hours of energy production for sale over existing power purchase agreements or in high-value day-ahead markets.
 Supported by predictive analytics to maximize revenue and minimize risk.
o Can be used to recharge Lithium-Ion battery arrays co-located with CCGT power plants with carbon-free, fuel cost-free power.
o Can provide a fuel cost-free energy input for hydrogen production.

• Minimal installed technology footprint.

• Unique Teaming Opportunity (Siemens Energy, CES Energy Storage)

The Teaming Opportunity

Based on a non-binding expression of interest from an asset owner, Siemens Energy will invest the “sweat equity” necessary to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a host project, or projects, pairing CES LAES technology with renewable generation, or with conventional CCGT base-load generation.

This effort will require close coordination with the project host, a national lab’s technical staff, and CES engineers.


Phone: 2035316086

Address: 547 Haystack Drive, Zion Grove, PA, 17985, United States
 dataArrows Inc.Issa Ramaji Small Business Buildings Technology Specific PartnershipsBackground
Our digital twinning platform, TwinUp, enables facility managers and owners to remotely monitor and control their buildings. Digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical system in which the system's characteristics, environment, real-time status, and historical information are captured.
Recent developments in IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have created immense opportunities to implement novel digital twins in the building industry. IoT has made collecting building operation data more convenient and cost-effective. Highly accessible real-time data has opened many doors to optimizing the operation of building systems for high efficiency and safety and lowering operation and maintenance costs. However, new technologies need to be developed to facilitate the execution of digital twins in various use cases. TwinUp addresses this need for the building industry by providing a technology-agnostic digital twinning platform that can serve various use cases.

TwinUp's cloud-based nature allows users to manage their buildings 24/7 in any web browser via phones or computers. It assesses building conditions in real-time and sends alerts if anomalies are detected. TwinUp's interface with building automation systems enables managers to respond quickly to issues and optimizes their building system without being present in the building. It also visualizes information in a 3D environment called Building Information Model (BIM). TwinUp's insights and anomaly detection algorithms are use-case oriented and can be customized for a use case's needs. Its technology-agnostic nature enables it to input data from various sources and existing equipment and devices. dataArrows offers its BACnet gateway with native integration with TwinUp to facilitate accessing data in building automation systems.

We would like to participate in projects and technologies for monitoring, controlling, and optimization of building systems. We are interested in providing our digital twin platform in such projects to be used to:
1. Input information from BIM and visualize data in a BIM environment
2. Collect, organize, and integrate information from IoT devices and integrating them with BIM data
3. Input information from BMS/BAS systems through BACnet interface
4. Predicting building conditions and energy performance using Machine Learning (ML) techniques
5. Remote control of BAS/BMS systems


Phone: 8144412495

Address: 30 Addy Dr, Bristol, RI, 02809, United States
 Sol DonumClift Briscoe Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Energy Storage for Electrification and DecarbonizationBackground: We are former DoD and Intelligence Community engineers who founded Sol Donum (Latin for Sun Gift) to develop products to power critical circuits, improve generator efficiency and reduce wear, improve electrical network fault tolerance, connect distributed energy resources, reduce the overall cost of consumed electricity through demand side device management, and allow for electricity resilience and self-sufficiency.

Capabilities: We design and manufacture all-in-one energy storage hardware, software and systems that provide smart power to an electrical network from 2.5kVA - 125kVA and 5kWh - 10MWh utilizing lithium-ion, supercapacitor and lead-acid storage and energy harvesting technologies.

Our engineering team also provides advisory, assessment, training and design services to match our customer’s needs for behind-the-meter, off-grid electrification and decarbonization applications.

Interest: We are interested in technology exchange and commercialization for renewable energy integration, power conversion, and smart grid/microgrid control.


Phone: 7032837485

Address: 300 Rucker Place, ALEXANDRIA, VA, 22301, United States
 mHUBAllison Winstel Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Hardtech Entrepreneurship, Innovation and CommercializationmHUB is a leading independent hardtech and manufacturing innovation center that exists to convene the entrepreneurial ecosystem around physical product innovation to ensure that the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, grow and thrive. The mHUB community includes over 428 active and alumni startups and small businesses supported by a deep talent pool of product designers and developers, entrepreneurs, engineers and manufacturers, corporate leaders, industry experts, mentors and investors. mHUB provides a hyper-resourced environment to entrepreneurs with the goal of commercializing new hardtech innovation that will lead to new businesses, intellectual property, investment, revenue and job creation. Since launching in 2017, the mHUB community has generated more than $721M in revenue, launched more than 1,398 products, hired more than 3,987 employees, and raised over $1B in capital.

mHUB has supported numerous climate and energy tech startups with business incubation programming, prototyping equipment and services, access to industry, and capital investment. mHUB is positioned to accelerate the commercialization of energy technologies and has a strong track record of partnering with national labs to do so. mHUB also leads the Clean Tech Economy Coalition, a coalition of 19 organizations committed to making Illinois a national leader in energy infrastructure (producing products and services that advance energy transmission, distribution, storage, and management capabilities) across the world, and advancing efficient clean energy use through a modernized grid.


Phone: 3127725761

Address: 965 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60642, United States
 Shift Energy Holdings, Inc.Rodney Alves Small Business Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Waste-to-RenewablesShift Energy is a California based company with a international profile. The company’s core objective is to design, develop, finance, build and operate environmental infrastructure projects that replace landfills with biorefineries, i.e. renewable fuels production facilities using biomass and various forms of municipal waste as feedstock, significantly reducing methane gas emissions. The strategic plan is to integrate commercially proven technologies in a proprietary design that maximizes the production of sustainable transportation fuels through a new, advanced waste management standard for the industry, proving that “Zero Waste” is possible.

The versatility of Shift Energy’s biorefineries allows taking the full municipal waste stream produced and converting it into multiple renewable products. Fundamentally, our biorefineries will produce renewable, ultra-low sulfur, drop-in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that comply with international ASTM standards, in addition to producing byproducts such as Green Hydrogen. Shift Energy’s technology design can be adapted at each location according to the local feedstock composition and availability, thus offering a solution to eliminate landfills that can be deployed across the globe.

Shift Energy’s first biorefinery, to be built in Maceio, Brazil, will process 2,000 tons/day of municipal waste and biomass to produce over 100 million liters of SAF per year. Significant excess electricity, renewable chemicals, and construction materials will be produced as byproducts. By design, the avoidance of emissions will generate carbon credits. With an initial focus on Latin America, our pipeline of projects includes a second project in Brazil, another in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a third in Colorado, all in early stage of development, all with similar size or larger than the Maceio biorefinery.

As an entrepreneur in the renewable energy field, I am very familiar with the need to continue to invest in environmentally friendly, clean technologies which are key contributors to the economy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the health of communities around the world. We are interested in participating and assisting in advancing the market pathway for the technology solutions developed by U.S. labs, using our pipeline of projects as a platform to deploy these technologies.


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 iCatalysts LLCThomas Jensen Small Business Cross-Cutting Matchmaking; Technology Specific Partnerships: External PartnershipsHighly connected company with relationships with hundreds of corporations, experts, investors, and accelerators. Manage national clean energy matchmaking and partnering platform -- - funded by the State of California. Several national labs are members. We have relationships with over 400 potential external partners. We have more than 800 commercialization experts in our networks. We have existing contracts with NREL, the States of California, and New York and several universities. We have trained many lab innovators as part of the Energy i-Corps program and through other programs.


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 Hydrogen Technologies, LLCDean Moretton Small Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hydrogen Oxygen burnersMaterials stability and longevity in oxy-hydrogen fired burner.
Minimizing oxygen concentration in oxy-hydrogen fired burner.
Quality of combustion water in oxy-hydrogen burner.
Stability of oxy-hydrogen fired flame at various combustion rates and impact of combustion harmonics.
Emission contaminants relative to purity of oxygen and hydrogen fuels.


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 SaveEnergyColorado | Northern Colorado Clean CitiesDiego Lopez Non-Profit Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Minority owned business focused on the decarbonization of energy and transportationSave Energy Colorado is a strategic partner of Northern Colorado Clean Cities (NCCC), a 501(c)3 organization sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program. As part of the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program, Clean Cities advances the nation’s economic, environmental, and energy security by supporting local actions to reduce the use of imported petroleum in transportation. Clean Cities provides tools and resources for voluntary, community centered programs to reduce consumption of petroleum-based fuels.

Created in 1996, the City of Fort Collins, Larimer County, City of Greeley, Weld County, Rocky Mountain National Park, various municipalities and several area businesses signed a memorandum of understanding and formed the Weld/Larimer/Rocky Mountain National Park Clean Cities Coalition. In 2001, the name was changed to Northern Colorado Clean Cities (NCCC), and the organization transformed from a City of Fort Collins Natural Resources Department project to an incorporated, stand-alone non-profit.

And in 2019 the nonprofit expanded into Save Energy Colorado to focus on the nexus of transportation and energy.


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Address: 430 N College Ave #425, Fort Collins, CO 80524, Fort Collins, CO, 80522, United States
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