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 Rockwind VPRichard N Johnson  Small Business Wind technical assistance partnerships - wind energyMy company, Rockwind VP, has rebuilt and modernized 3 midsized wind turbines in Illinois used in Distributed Energy Net-metering applications where payback is less than 10 years - using my 40-year career in materials and manufacturing research to demonstrate advanced rebuilding and condition monitoring tools. My company’s rebuilt three mid-sized wind turbines (two 600 kw and one 250 kw machines) used the latest military aerospace technology, much developed by my past research teams at Northwestern University and IIT. One turbine has been running now for 8 years in a distributed energy net-metering application.

I have a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from University oof Wisconsin and 40 years of materials, manufacturing and wind turbine R&D. I have run research departments at Northwestern University, IIT Research, Borg Warner Central Research and Northern Illinois College of Engineering before starting my small company in 2013 to recycle and install mid-sized wind turbines formerly used by utilities. I decided that my prior research programs were very important to the national need to recycle/reuse wind turbines. I have used technologies like gearing and bearing superfinishing, computerized (IOT) control systems, Stall strips, micro-grids, and have done the complete wind analysis and siting for these turbines as well as overseeing installation and permitting/zoning and getting utility permission for net-metering application of these turbines.

My knowledge of this area is unique in all of the US and if you are going to determine feasibility and potentially look to install wind turbines on-site, I have that complete knowledge base. I am not aware of anyone else in the US with this knowledge. I would really like to see hundreds of more installations like these in the US to promote greenhouse gas reduction while actually becoming a good financial investment with less than 10 year payback and almost all of the work done in US companies with US labor. I would agree to not try to bid on any of these potential installations.


Phone: 6308816664

Address: 15W755 SHEPARD LN, BURR RIDGE, IL, 60527, United States
 MZI ConsultingKhariell Pinkney  Small Business Solar  Professional Services - primarily project management
Website: N/A


Phone: 7735568122

Address: 4312 W Adams St, Chicago, IL, 60624, United States
 Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceKatie Nicholson  Non-Profit Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG)  At MEEA, we leverage our expertise to be the Midwest’s leading resource for our members, allies, policymakers and the broader sector to promote energy efficiency as the essential pathway to achieve a clean, affordable, equitable and sustainable future.

We see energy efficiency as the least cost foundation of the clean energy economy, creating immediate energy savings, providing career pathways, reducing emissions, improving new and existing buildings and boosting Midwest business and industries. MEEA develops connections and engagement opportunities for a diverse group of organizations to collaboratively create practical solutions. MEEA serves as a technical resource and promotes program and policy best practices and highlight emerging technologies, all to maximize energy savings, reduce costs, improve resiliency and lower energy burden.


Phone: 3127847259

Address: 20 N. Wacker, Suite 1301, Chicago, IL, 60606-2806, United States
 Agricultural Utilization Research InstituteShannon Schlecht  Non-Profit Bioenergy Topic Area 1: Regional Onsite Energy Technical Assistance PartnershipsThe Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) is a technical assistance provider serving clients in the Upper Midwest and beyond. To support industrial decarbonization, AURI is well-equipped to partner in the areas of low carbon fuels, feedstocks and energy sources. Types of assistance include:
• Business development assistance
• Product formulation and scale-up
• Engineering assistance
• Technical, marketing and economic feasibility analysis
• Due diligence of new technologies and processes
• Professional referrals and strategic networking
• Support outreach through the AURI Connects Event Platform

AURI operates and maintains multiple laboratories:
• The analytical laboratory provides quality analytical and compositional data for agricultural feedstocks. Capabilities include chromatography, spectroscopy, wet chemical analysis, and physical characterization.
• The biobased products laboratory is focused on 1-10 kg scale processing of agricultural feedstocks. Processes are developed and demonstrated through fractionation, chemical conversion and purification. Capabilities include chemical processing of straw, stover and other biomass materials; extraction and characterization of oils and high-value components from oilseed meal and other feedstocks; transesterification and esterification reactions for demonstration of biodiesel processing; small-scale fermentation and digestion processes for production of fuels; and distillation and evaporation for process development.
• The coproducts utilization laboratory is used for the development of new uses for plant and animal coproducts that present environmental and economic opportunities. Specific capabilities include grinding, milling, size reduction, blending, pelleting, drying, product characterization and particle size analysis.
• AURI’s microbiology lab is used for the research and analysis of industrial products and to support projects that have the potential to introduce agricultural commodities as ingredients for industrial products. Capabilities include microbiological analysis and gas analysis.

AURI provides services to the following industries: agricultural processors (food, feed and ingredient processors) biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels), biomass to energy and nutrient recovery (renewable natural gas, anaerobic digestion, gasification) and valorization of byproducts through various applications.


Phone: 218-281-7600

Address: 510 County Road 71, Suite 120, Crookston, MN, 56716, United States
 Aims Community CollegeDavid Sordi  Academic Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO)  Acted as Global Environmental Manager in industry for 25 years Scope of work included company-wide effort to lower energy use and greenhouse emissions to meet company standards. Now serving as full-time instructor in Industrial Technology at Aims Community College. Former Certified Energy Manager.


Phone: 603-941-0132

Address: 5401 West 20th Street, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States
 University of HoustonXingpeng Li  Academic SmartGrid 1R&D: Microgrid Design, optimal sizing, and energy management at different time scales for different types of microgrids including community microgrids and commertial microgrids. Battery modeling and grid integration. Battery degradation modeling and quantification. Optimal sitting/selection of EV charging stations. Home/building energy management; electricity price prediction; solar/wind power forecasting. Impact of EVs on the power grid. Power system operations and planning, day-ahead scheduling, real-time dispatching, frequency regulation, contingency analysis, grid ancillary service, optimization, machine learning, inertia estimation, inertia-constrained grid operations, electricity pricing in wholesale power energy markets, electric network congestion analysis, cost-benefit analysis, operation and planning of hydrogen-embedded power systems, modeling and simulation, software development, novel experience combining deep learning and optimization methods, and extensive experience with various power system software including commercial software that we own multiple licenses. For more of our publications, check:


Phone: 713-743-9881

Address: 4226 Martin Luther King Boulevard N317, Houston, TX, 77204, United States
 GreenTech Energy LLCJames Khreibani  Small Business Cross-Cutting Topic Area 1We are a small industrial company that specializes in providing green solutions. Experience has been gained in energy efficiency and green technology having designed and executed numerous power and industrial site improvements. Our process for determining improvement is varied depending on the project and the specific process conditions. However, most of our projects start with a full review of the facility design basis, before monitoring and recording the actual operational performance, determining the energy requirements that are needed and/or wasted and then recommending the most efficient and clean solution to mitigate the energy shortfall and CO2 produced.

We have expertise in delivering energy projects on a range of industries including refinery, chemical, water, concrete, marine power, along with, renewable diesel, CHP, gas, coal, carbon capture (Aberthaw B, UK) nuclear and biomass power plants. We have developed several tailored solutions in low-carbon concrete, ground source heat pumps, small-scale carbon capture, CCUS metering system, polymer recycling and biomass conversion.

We are here to support organizations that are working towards carbon neutrality.


Phone: 7864739051

Address: 801 North Venetian Dr, Unit 902, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, United States
 Association of Energy EngineersColin Spady  Non-Profit Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) Industrial Energy Efficiency Training and Certification ProgramsThe Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is a non profit professional association with over 18,000 members around the world. Our vision is "Leading the global energy community to meet the challenges of a clean and sustainable future".

AEE has been providing energy efficiency training and certification programs since 1981. Our Certified Energy Manager certification is accredited to ISO 17024 and recognized by the DOE Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines. Two AEE certification programs, the CEM and CIEP (Certified Industrial Efficiency Professional), will provide technical training in support of the On-Site TAP.

The CEM is one of the most globally respected certifications in the field of energy efficiency and energy management. Gain industry and peer recognition, bring value to your organization and propel your career forward.

A Certified Energy Manager is an individual who optimizes the energy performance of a facility, building, or industrial plant. The CEM is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process, and building infrastructure, analyzing the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective approach. CEM’s are often team leaders and help to develop and implement their organizations’ energy management strategies. CEM’s have gained increased recognition within the energy industry and by companies looking to strengthen their competitive position by having responsible energy strategies and sustainable operational practices.

CIEP credential holders are industrial energy professionals ensure that industrial plants and manufacturing facilities are operated and maintained to the highest performance while using the lowest amount of energy possible. Using proven energy management systems and audit processes, such as ISO50001 and ISO50002 they help identify inefficiencies and define energy strategies for reducing costs. As technical experts, they understand the varied equipment and systems used throughout industry and can leverage this knowledge to improve overall systems performance.


Phone: 7704475083, x239

Address: 3168 Mercer University Dr, Atlanta, GA, 30341-5630, United States
 Beech Hill ResearchAmanda Dwelley  Small Business Weatherization and Intergovernmental Equity, EJ and Justice40 requirements; Data collection, measurement and evaluationClean energy and energy efficiency program design and evaluation research
Want to help:
- Consider, involve and prioritize Disadvantaged Communities in planning and project development to achieve 40% benefits goal
- Set up data collection, tracking, evaluation and reporting to understand "benefits flow" to residents, contractors workers and communities

12 years leading energy efficiency and clean energy program research for utilities and state agencies to improve:
- access, participation and uptake among residential and commercial customers,
- community-based programs and partnerships,
- contractor processes.

Last 3 years focused on energy equity and environmental justice at state and national level including:
- Data and screening tools to identify Disadvantaged Communities (technical lead for New York State definition + facilitated NY Climate Justice Working Group)
- Energy equity benefits metrics, data and tracking needs
- Legislation and policy needed to incorporate EJ and Equity into state decision-making

Small & women-owned business
Experience in and with urban and rural communities - Stakeholder engagement around equity/EJ ranging from NYC to rural Maine
National experience - Prior clients in WA, OR, CA, AZ, CO, MN, MI, IL, IA, GA, NC, MD, NY, RI, MA, ME


Phone: 8024482992

Address: 38 Limerock St, Camden, ME, 04843-2113, United States
 National Center for Appropriate TechnologyStacie Peterson, PhD  Non-Profit Cross-Cutting  NCAT developed and manages technical assistance programs such as the AgriSolar Clearinghouse, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Clearinghouse, National Energy Assistance Referral Service (NEAR), ATTRA (USDA), Soil for Water, and local energy programs, such as the Montana Resource Efficiency Program. The national organization includes a team of engineers that are experts in energy engineering, energy conservation, solar, and, and agrivoltaics.


Phone: 14065336658

Address: 3040 Continental Drive, Butte, MT, 59701, United States
 NU Engineering LLCSantosh Dhakal  Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI)  NU Engineering LLC (NUE) is a consulting engineering firm serving the distributed energy markets. We have been involved in over 2,000 solar PV installation projects both roof top as well as ground mount systems for residential and commercial projects. NUE partners with different firms for feasibility study, design phase and commissioning of various renewable energy projects.

NUE has a capability for site selection, design and analysis and permitting of small and medium scale solar PV projects. We are working with innovators and established manufacturers of residential, commercial, and industrial battery storage systems, hydrogen generation and fuel cells and EV charging stations. NUE is currently working towards developing a commercial EV charging station fully supported by deployment of renewable energy integration of solar, wind, battery storage and hydrogen generation. This projects will also work as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

NUE can play a critical role in project development, site selection, environmental study, engineering design and permitting. NUE can also help in analyzing the output, cost-benefit, and payback period of projects by integrating various RE devices and simulation using HOMER RETScreen, and other proprietary software.


Phone: (240) 416-9835

Address: 10665 Stanhaven place, White Plains, MD, 20695, United States
 Kanin Energy, Inc.Randy Rutherford  Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Waste Heat to Power, Waste Heat RecoveryKanin Energy is an integrated project developer of industrial waste heat to power projects.

Our capabilities include in-house expertise in the technical design, costing, interconnection, sale of power and financing associated with waste heat to power projects at industrial sites. Our technical expertise includes thermal waste resource identification and technical/economic analysis for early stage feasibility, but also incorporates all aspects of project management, commercial and regulatory experience to decarbonize heavy industry using waste heat to power. Kanin is especially adept in interconnection and commercial aspects of the monetization of clean power generated from WHP systems, and we incorporate detailed economic modeling into early stage design.


Phone: 303-246-7312

Address: 4200 San Jacinto St., Houston, TX, 77004, United States
 Advanced Environmental Engineering (AE^2)Chet Hovey  Small Business Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) Environmental Assessment and PlanningI am the founder of Advanced Environmental Engineering specializes in multidisciplinary environmental and civil engineering projects. As a small, privately held business, our primary commitment is to get the work done right, on time, with minimal overhead. Our team brings a diverse background knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions supporting environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Our project portfolio disciplines include:
• Renewable Energy Source Evaluation
•Circular Economies
•Environmentally Sustainable Operations
•Water Resources - Hydraulic design and improvements, SWPPP, Infrastructure
•Corporate Development - Business and Feasibility Plans
•Technology Investigations and Pilot Programs
•Air Permitting
•Construction Management, including siting and design
•Environmental Assessments and Evaluations
•Modification and upgrades of existing systems

We have a proven history of funding acquisition to assist the needs of clients for over the last 20 years. Our goal is to develop long lasting partnerships aimed at improving sustainability across the private and public sectors.

We are here to help support you and your projects.

Chet Hovey, P.E.


Phone: 801-918-5107

Address: 789 East 80 North, Kaysville, UT, 84037, United States
 Shenandoah Energy ServicesEdward Kelly  Individual Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) Energy Analysis and Renewable integration PACESolar, Demand reduction, Energy Efficiency, Building design


Phone: 5403332083

Address: 470 HICKORY LN, Woodstock, VA, 22664, United States
 Robert Bosch LLCMartin Hering  Large Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Topic Area 2: Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support Center (TASC)Robert Bosch LLC (Bosch) is a technology solutions provider for the efficient conversion of hydrogen (and other renewable and conventional gases) into power, heat and mobility uses. Specific areas of focus include stationary solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), end consumer appliances (water heaters and boilers) and proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell mobility applications. Bosch is also a technology solutions provider to enable the production of hydrogen specifically in the area of electrolysis.

Bosch can play a key role in supporting screenings of onsite technologies and conducting advanced technical analysis for manufacturers and other large energy users, especially focusing on stationary fuel cells and hydrogen applications with subject matter expertise. As a large industrial energy user, Bosch can also provide feedback and know-how in optimizing energy usage and decarbonization.


Phone: 248-876-6084

Address: 38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, MI, 48331, United States
 DE Solutions, Inc.Keith Davidson  Small Business Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) Topic 2 - Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support CenterMr. Davidson is President of DE Solutions, Inc., a consulting and engineering firm serving the distributed energy markets. Mr. Davidson has more than 25 years of experience in energy and environmental technology development, project management, product development and commercialization, feasibility studies, application engineering, economic analysis and market development.
Mr. Davidson was formerly President of Energy Nexus Group and a senior vice president at Onsite Energy Corp., where he had regional responsibility for energy services and oversaw the consulting practice. Prior to Onsite, Mr. Davidson was a Director at the Gas Research Institute (GRI), where he led programs directed at electric power generation, combined heat and power (CHP), gas cooling, natural gas vehicles and industrial process improvements.
Keith received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla and his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.
Keith has techincal knowledge of advanced generation, thermal driven cooling, energy storage, emission control technologies and microgrids. He has served as a proposal reviewer for DOE's Advanced Manufacturing Office and the California Energy Commission Energy Innovations Small Grant Program.


Phone: 6198907598

Address: 1794 Kyle Ct, Nipomo, CA, 93444, United States
 Artic Solar, Inc..William Guiney  Small Business Solar Advanced Solar Thermal Technologies for Industrial Process HeatAdvanced high temperature Solar Thermal applications. Steam and Hot Water boiler integration for manufacturing and food & beverage industries. Agricultural applications, wastewater solutions, evaporation, desalination, clean water, Dehydration and hot air applications. Co-founders have over 40-years in the solar industry, manufacture the "King" non-tracking 2.7 m2 solar thermal collector for temperatures from 80F to 400F in Jacksonville, FL. Very low O&M costs with no moving parts. We provide design, collector layout, piping and sizing designs for a world class Solar Industrial Process Heating System. Certified Veteran Owned Small Business.


Phone: 4143397970

Address: 1057 Ellis Road N #17, Jacksonville, FL, 32254, United States
 Green System Consulting LLCGhanshyam Gaudani  Small Business Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO)  Green System Consulting provides energy engineering and system optimization services for Commercial and Industrial Infrastructure . With strong focus on optimizing operations and reducing operating costs that is backed by the real site performance data, we make operation changes and capital projects happen.

We propose custom solutions to each site based on it’s uniqueness. We understand the systems operates at each site meets specific needs of the infrastructure and not one off the shelf solutions fits all. Our solutions are prepared to best serve the client’s needs with particular constraints in mind. Our combined over 40 years of commercial and industrial experience with more than 700 site visits makes us unique in differentiating the solutions that are practical and achievable. Our exposure to strategic and tactical areas of infrastructure changes makes us suitable as one stop shop for engagement from thoughts process to successful project implementation.

Our services include:

Commercial Energy Audits: ASHRAE level I, II and III

Industrial Energy Audits: Focus Studies, System studies, Comprehensive plant studies
Electrification and Decarbonization Study

Process improvement studies

Equipment purchase decision making

Metering Installation and Studies: Temporary and Permanent measurement of Power, Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Pulse and other various parameters for

Gases and Liquids

Mechanical and Electrical systems

Smart metering of Gas and Electric meters

Wired and Wireless solutions

Energy efficient controls of the compressed air system, chilled water system, boiler system and other building and manufacturing processes

Owner’s Representative

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

BERDO Compliance (Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance)

Commissioning, Retro-commissioning and Monitoring based commissioning

Peer Review

Energy Modelling

Inspection Services

Utility programs support

Project Management


Phone: 4016365846

Address: -, North Kingstown, RI, 02852, United States
 Launch AlaskaRob Roys  Individual Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Topic 1Launch Alaska is Alaska’s first deployment accelerator dedicated to accelerating
the energy transition by connecting companies and organizations with technologies that
decarbonize and electrify critical systems. Launch Alaska's unique position at the nexus of
entrepreneurship, industry, policy, and finance enables them to increase the velocity of the
development of projects by compressing the time, proximity and focus needed to forge
partnerships, identify projects, and deploy solutions with tangible results. They bring deep
experience collaborating with community members and leaders, local and state governments,
and universities and research institutions to help identify Alaska’s most pressing issues and
source technologies to address the identified needs. By working with both technology providers
and project developers, the Launch Alaska team has facilitated the development of more than a
dozen projects and the deployment of technology across energy, transportation, and industry,
amassing broad expertise in the many challenges of project development. Launch Alaska’s expertise provides this project with experience to assess project feasibility, technology readiness, economic viability, and to make informed project decisions in a systematic and efficient manner.


Phone: 9073068909

Address: 721 Depot Dr, Anchorage, AK, 99501, United States
 Kohler Co.Ben Crawford  Large Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells  Provider of turnkey hydrogen fuel-cell-based power systems capable of emergency and prime power for various applications.


Phone: 920-917-3889

Address: 444 Highland Drive, Kohler, WI, 53044, United States
 Creek Tides Energy & Power IncScot Cummings  Small Business Office of Clean Energy Demonstration (OCED) On site generation of renewable energy from moving waterA recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) benchmark for the use of Hydrokinetic Energy Extraction (HEE) compared to small hydropower, coal, natural gas and nuclear power was completed. The aim was to determine the environmental impact in the use of this technology. The published study concluded that the technology is a “benign” or non-harmful form of renewable hydropower. A Gorlov system was the proxy used to represent a HEE system. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria air emissions were quantified and compared over the life cycle of each of the systems. Life cycle air emissions were used in combination with TRACI to compare the systems. The Gorlov system was found to have the lowest life cycle impact with a system lifetime comparison, and did compare closely with small hydropower.

Creek Tides has a mission to harness energy from moving water for sustainable living. To achieve this, we’ve designed a simple low cost turbine that contains a series of reactive rotating blades, to minimize friction forces in flowing water, and enable highly efficient harnessing of HEE for powering a generator. Providing an innovative solution for reliable, clean, and renewable energy 24/7 to customers on remote offline microgrids, to those on utility grid networks. A design where maintenance costs are minimal, making this form of onsite renewable, easy to adopt, since its affordable and convenient.
Although we’re a small business, we’re looking for partners that are aligned to our mission and are flexible enough to work with a small company that’s on a pathway to deploy, replicate and scale its technology.
Please reach out to: As partner’s, let’s see how we can make a difference together!


Phone: +1 8439090668

Address: 750 Palmgreen Lane, Walterboro, SC, 29488, United States
 Vertiv CorporationGregory Ratcliff  Large Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Large National OEM to Data Centers and TelecomVertiv, as a US-based OEM and industry service provider, keeps 750,000 telecom and data centers operating. The power requirements for telecom and data centers on the US Grid will exceed 100 billion kWh in the next 36 months (source: LBL). Vertiv is seeking academic and industry partners to build an ecosystem that could supply the needs of campus-centric data center communities (often competitors of each other) with an infrastructure of renewable energy. These ecosystems could be leveraged for other uses, including backup storage, transportation, and industrial processes. Due to their competitive nature, these campus-centric systems do not naturally collaborate when seeking local energy sources but compete for resources.

Why data center dense 'zones'? These areas have well-understood future power profiles that are virtually immutable. The consistent and long-term load and growth profile can show a path to commercialization that is not seen in other sectors that vary widely.


Phone: 6143068132

Address: #2100, 505 North Cleveland Avenue, Westerville, OH, 43082, United States
 SRI InternationalRoland Stephen, Executive Director  Non-Profit Cross-Cutting  The Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy (CISP) at SRI International collaborates with organizations, regions, and countries to accelerate the long-term economic and social impact of investments in technology, innovation, and a skilled technical workforce. Having completed multiple program evaluations for the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Deployment program and the Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) program within DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), CISP is well-positioned to provide on-going analytical support to an Onsite Energy Technical Analysis and Support Center (TASC) as part of the new Onsite Energy Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs) initiative. SRI is very familiar with the regional TAPs model that has been core to the CHP Deployment program, as well as the centralized support provided to those TAPs.

CISP’s specific capabilities include support for TAP-specific and program-wide data management, assessment, and evaluation, (collection, analysis, visualization, publication) with an eye toward continuous improvement. SRI capabilities also include proprietary techniques for the granular analysis of workforce skills and the discovery of skills gaps and workforce pipeline opportunities in the energy sector.

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with a rich history of supporting government and industry. We create and deliver world-changing solutions for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future.


Phone: 703 247 8552

Address: 1100 Wilson Blvd #2800, Arlington, VA, 22209, United States
 Great Lakes Hydrogen LLCAlice Fuchs  Individual Hydrogen and Fuel Cells  Acedemics in wind and solar, site assessments. Hydrogen electrolysis onsite production Autogas applications. Plant manager for CNG, LPG and Gaseous hydrogen bus/transit facility. Design concepts. Proposal reviews, construction (repair faclities code compliance). Safety, AHJ interaction.
Website: I don't use a website


Phone: 810-543-2824

Address: PO Box 1018, Mancelona, MI, 49659, United States
 Center for EcoTechnologyAshley Muspratt  Non-Profit Buildings Energy efficiency and electrification measuresCET is a nearly 50 year-old environmental nonprofit based in Massachusetts with activities in about a dozen states. We have broad expertise providing energy and waste technical assistance to our customers.

CET is contracted by utilities to design and administer energy efficiency and decarbonization programs for the commercial and residential sectors. CET's building scientists, energy consultants, and engineers have decades of experience conducting onsite assessments and educating and advising customers on their options. We provide high-touch support to customers, identifying and arranging contractors, accessing incentives, and conducting post-installation quality control and assurance checks. CET also provides technical training to weatherization contractors.


Phone: 413-589-7350

Address: 320 Riverside Dr, Florence, MA, 01062, United States
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