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 RWL Systems LLCJohn Lyden Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Renewable Power Generation Technology with integral Carbon CapturePower generation 24/7 from organic waste material with zero emissions, plus substantial heat and water recovery for site processes. Carbon capture is integral to process, and verification of sequestration is integral to the use of materials produced. System design uses only existing commercial equipment and proven industrial processes within their specified operational modes. Power is produced at a very low per kWh cost net due to the marketability of the renewable materials produced.

Single module output is 6.2 MW gross; net available power for "Other Loads" is 3 MW. Project is scalable to 30 MW gross/15 MW net restricted only by waste fuel availability. System can parallel utility or other renewable power sources; or can operate in permanent island mode where it needs no external utility support for continuous operation. Our website is in redesign, and does not show or further describe this system.

Demonstration site is planned for Ocala FL location operating on waste wood, where the available 3.2 MW will be utilized to produce over 6 million gallons of D-975 renewable diesel fuel. This is continuous 3 phase AC power output at medium voltage and can be applied to any industrial or commercial loads.


Phone: 7708271918

Address: P.O. Box 266, Sautee, GA, 30571, United States
 PennTAP (unit of Penn State University)Tanna M. Pugh Academic Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Technical AssistanceFormed in 1965, PennTAP is one of the nation’s first technical assistance programs and remains a credible and valuable resource to help Pennsylvania companies compete and grow. PennTAP helps Pennsylvania organizations and companies improve their competitiveness by providing technical assistance, training, education, and one-on-one consultation to resolve specific business needs
For 20 years PennTAP has been awarded many grants by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). PennTAP Technical Advisors provide information and education to Pennsylvania manufacturers, school districts, community colleges, municipalities, government building operators, Penn State students, and resource partners regarding energy efficiency, building retuning, energy management systems, pollution prevention, and sustainability.
PennTAP serves the entire state of Pennsylvania through a network of geographically dispersed Technical Advisors who are required to be leaders in their fields and provide cutting edge services through their professional expertise. Staff maintain required certifications such as CEM, CWEP, CEA, REP and must hold technical degrees in areas such as Engineering and Environmental Resource Management.
Advisors provide an unbiased assessment looking at opportunities for energy reduction through evaluations of manufacturing processes, equipment, and facilities. Essential elements of an assessment are to educate the facility ownership and management by introducing the benefits of sustainability, energy efficiency (E2) and pollution prevention (P2) practices. These engagements will also promote energy management systems (ISO 50001) and energy efficiency as cost effective business practices.


Phone: 814-865-0427

Address: 200 Innovation Blvd, Suite 115, University Park, PA, 16802, United States
 Arizona State University Industrial Assessment CenterPat Phelan Academic Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO)  As a DOE-funded Industrial Assessment Center, we provide energy efficiency audits to qualified manufacturers, commercial buildings, and water treatment facilities. To date we have conducted more than 500 such audits. We have a related program funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that provides similar energy efficiency audits for agricultural producers and rural small businesses.

We have a strong interest in collaborating with other organizations on energy efficiency, including audits and related research and education.


Phone: 4809651625

Address: School for Engineering of Matter, Transport & Energy, 501 E Tyler Mall ECG303, Tempe, AZ, 85287-6106, United States
 esai llcDr. Nandini Mouli Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Industrial Advanced TechnologiesBackground: eSai LLC is a leading provider of clima-tech/clean energy technology and professional services, including Distributed Energy Resources, energy efficiency, demand flexibility and grid-edge technologies. eSai provides utility, Government, Industrial and Commercial customers with comprehensive solutions to clean energy management and carbon footprint reduction. We distinguish ourselves with unique capabilities to educate and recruit clients leading to design, develop, construct and manage their clean energy projects. For example, in the hard-to-tackle industrial sector, eSai employs Six Sigma stage-gated processes to lean and green the manufacturing steps where-in the energy consumption is excessive. Also, eSai’s highly experienced/trained staff can offer solutions to use ISO 5000, Superior Energy Performance (DoE-SEP), Climate-Council’s Leadership Program (CCLP™) or Six Sigma Black Belt methodologies to tailor-make solutions to fit the clients’ needs. eSai was founded in 2011 in Maryland and since then has contributed to over 60 MW of greener power through its services in the design and engineering of CHP, microgrid and other distributed energy services also. For the above reasons, eSai received the “Manufacturing Champion of Maryland’ award in 2022 by the Regional Manufacturing Institute, “Woman-owned Small Business of the Year” award by the MD-SBA in 2018 and the “Innovative Small Business of the Year” award by the Greater Baltimore Business Council in 2016, among others. eSai is an 8(a) and Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) as certified by the US-SBA and a Maryland Small Business participating in the Small Business Reserve Program.

Areas of technical expertise: Business development, Education, Feasibility Studies, CHP design and project development, Heat Recovery, Industrial Cooling, Industrial Heat Pumps, Thermal Energy Engineering, Energy assessments.

eSai LLC is interested in partnering with a DoE’s National Laboratory or Regional Onsite Energy TAP to connect Mid Atlantic States clients interested in exploring CHP and other on-site generation technologies including geothermal to this program, educating the same clients DoE’s transferable building technologies and programs such as ISO 50001 and MEASUR tools, etc. on top of providing ASHRAE level II and III energy assessments as an optional addition to our standard technical assistance assessments.
Website: www.eSai.Technology

Email: Nandini@eSai.Technology

Phone: 4436917664

Address: 12309 HIGHGROVE COURT, REISTERSTOWN, MD, 21136-5669, United States
 Xendee CorporationMichael Stadler Individual SmartGrid Microgrid Planning and Control, Distributed Energy ResourcesXendee is an informed decision-making tool built on well-established scientific models of Microgrid and DER technologies, while improving their basic usage. The Xendee team has extensive experience in the development and deployment of cyber-secure mission critical enterprise-grade software solutions for applications where human life and safety are concerned. The Xendee platform creates a single user platform around these tools and makes it easier to use by adding technology databases and streamlining the Microgrid design and implementation process from conceptual design to implementation of the resources or Microgrid as well as control of DERs and Microgrids. Xendee combines power flow capabilities with economic modelling and has been used by communities (and remote locations), US DoD, US DOE, Universities, National Research Labs, and private companies for research and commercial projects. Xendee is easy to modify and most recently hydro kinetic and small reactor technologies have been added to Xendee in collaboration with the US DOE.


Phone: 5103758459

Address: 7855 Fay Ave Suite 100, La Jolla, CA, 92037, United States
 Texas A&M UniversityDr. Irfan A. Khan Academic Renewable Energy Integration (REI) 1Well-versed in
(a) design and control of power electronic converters for grid integration of renewable and battery-based-energy sources,
(b) developing autonomous control algorithms for optimizing utilization and support grid peak loading and emergencies,
(c) impact analysis of integrated battery-based distributed generators to improve overall grid performance,
(d) machine learning-based predictive maintenance, and cybersecurity concerns of energy systems,
(e) design and control of high-power EV chargers for fast and superfast charging of conventional electric vehicles,
(f) translation of design requirement of off-road vehicles into efficient wideband gap devices based EV charger designs,
(g) impact analysis of integrating off-road and on-road vehicle chargers to weak and strong grids, and
(h) transportation Energy Analysis for optimal EV infrastructure planning in the rural disadvantaged communities.


Phone: 409-740-4549

Address: Powell Marine Engineering Complex (Bldg. 3027), Galveston, TX, 77554, United States
 REpowering SchoolsRemy Pangle Non-Profit Office of Clean Energy Demonstration (OCED) renewable energy educationREpowering Schools is a 501c3 organization working with educators and the renewable energy industry and in coordination with national and state government projects to support programming and opportunities to engage and train a diverse and sustained renewable energy workforce.

We support, recognize, and connect the renewable energy industry with K12 schools, educators, and colleges and universities seeking to boost STEM learning and introduce new job opportunities to students to build a diverse and sustained workforce. By educating students and their communities about renewable energy we strive to increase the pool of qualified labor and inform citizens to make educated energy decisions.

The Wind for Schools project (WfS) was created in 2006 by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The intent was to create a program that would teach future generations of wind energy workers, supporting the rapidly growing wind industry. Due to its success, in 2016 the DOE funded the development of a sustainable program an effort to expand private sector engagement in workforce development through a non-profit organization.

The robust wind industry growth and the broad range of skills, talents, and interests provide an enormous opportunity for the future U.S. workforce, but also a challenge to the wind industry to attract and train sufficient talent to meet the growing needs. The Wind for Schools project was initiated in 2005 to meet this challenge.

The primary goals of the Wind for Schools project are to:

Improve wind energy workforce development through wind-focused deployment and educational activities

Introduce teachers and students to wind energy

Engage rural America by showcasing local wind installations and providing information about how wind energy provides economic development benefits to host communities

Inspire students to pursue careers in wind energy and equip them with skills to provide the wind industry with highly qualified candidates

Today, the WfS program is operating in 12 states and, through REpowering Schools, is broadening to include solar energy and expanding its successful program through efforts in additional states. Currently, universities across the country host classroom studies, conduct field assessments, support renewable energy focused teacher and student training, and support the consideration of small wind and solar installations at educational institutions.


Phone: 5403839248

Address: 1401 Technology Dr, Suite 120, MSC 4905, Harrisonburg, VA, 22807, United States
 IUPUIAli Razban Academic Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Energy ManagementEnergy efficiency management for manufacturing systems based using predictive control, machine learning based control, IIOT, real time and intelligent control.


Phone: 3172748458

Address: 723 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN, 46202-5191, United States
 Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, University of MinnesostaJon Vanyo Academic Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) Topic 1: Regional Onsite Energy TAPsThe Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) works with industrial manufacturing facilities on energy efficiency, pollution prevention, waste reduction and water conservation types of projects. The program also has experience working with municipal wastewater treatment plant and pond systems on energy efficiency and nutrient optimization projects.

MnTAP’s core focus involves providing no-cost technical assistance through site assessments with industrial manufacturing clients to identify energy efficiency and waste reduction strategies to help businesses to become more sustainable, efficient, and cost effective. This is most often achieved through low and no-cost operational changes.

MnTAP is interested in partnering with a Regional Onsite Energy TAP to connect Minnesota business clients interested in exploring renewable energy to this program, and/or to provide renewable energy assessments as an optional addition to our standard technical assistance assessments.

MnTAP also has a very successful intern program, generally hiring 15-20 junior and senior level engineering and science students to complete efficiency and sustainability projects with Minnesota businesses for three months over the summer. Each student is mentored by a MnTAP engineer or researcher and provided the guidance and conditions they need to identify solutions and drive project implementation. The intern program would be a great tool for in-depth exploration and implementation of renewable energy technologies through this partnership.


Phone: 612-624-4683

Address: 200 Oak St. SE Suite 350-1, Minneapolis, MN, 55414, United States
 Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDavid Blum Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO)  Background: Within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division works closely with industry, government and policy makers to inform and develop building technology and urban systems that increase energy efficiency, save money, reduce carbon emissions, and improve health and safety for building occupants.

Interest: Modeling and simulation of district energy networks and their components to support the design and operation of networks that provide efficient, economic, and equitable heating and cooling to buildings. Of particular interest are district heating and cooling networks and related components that integrate renewable or waste heat sources and storage, such as geothermal.

Capabilities: Dynamic modeling of coupled thermal, fluid, control, and electrical physical systems using the Modelica language and Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard. Our group leads development of the Modelica Buildings Library, an open-source library of 2000+ component models for building and district energy system simulation. Controls design and evaluation for heating and cooling networks in buildings and districts to provide grid flexible resilient operation.


Phone: (510) 486-4741

Address: One Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720, United States
 ELM SolarMyles Murray Small Business Solar Solar Thermal & Hybrid TechnologyELM Solar is the US manufacturer and distributor of Naked Energy's Award winning Virtu solar collectors.

In addition to being the highest energy density solar collectors available, our collectors are able to achieve the high temperatures required for many industrial processes. Our evacuated tube collectors can reliably produce heat up to 180F even in low-light conditions. High energy densities are achieved by incorporating an optimized tilt angle with mirror augmentation resulting in 20-30% enhanced annual output.

For lower temperature thermal needs, ELM Solar also produces Virtu PVT, a hybrid PV-Thermal collector. This enables industrial operations to maximize production of both heat and power at the same time.

Our products are used in potable water preheat systems, space heating and hydronic systems and in industrial processing that requires thermal energy.


Phone: 4694450824

Address: 2701 E Tx 121 bldg 7 st. 700, Lewisville, TX, 75057, United States
 Egg Geo LLCNicholas Fry Small Business Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO) Industrial and Commercial Geothermal and Heat Pump ApplicationsBackground: Egg Geo first began in the mechanical contracting industry in the late 1980s with aquifer exploitation for HVAC applications. This design niche has grown into expertise in district energy systems, including combined heat and power, ambient temperature loops, open- and closed-loop geothermal, and other hybrid energy system applications. The company now employs in-house drilling and well-specification experts, pairing them with energy system designers and analysts, policy professionals, and environmental geoscientists to provide bespoke geothermal consulting solutions. Clients benefit from our ability to plan and technically oversee complex energy delivery projects though our multidisciplinary approach.

Areas of technical expertise: Geothermal Energy Networks, District Design, Well Design, Hydronics, Heat Recovery, Education, Feasibility Studies, Owner's Representation, Industrial Cooling, Industrial Heat Pump Process Design, Thermal Energy Engineering

Capabilities: Egg Geo has been in the geothermal heating and cooling industry for more than 35 years. We provide engineering, training, and owner's advocacy services to clients seeking decarbonization of their operations. Our clientele span the globe. The work abroad allows us to bring cutting edge thermal energy network technology and design methods to bear on the North American marketplace.

Teaming Partners: Interested stakeholders, ESG representatives, municipalities, communities, labor representatives, campuses, building owners, social welfare organizations, state agencies, regional governments, industrial heat users, industrial cooling users, among others


Phone: (727) 573-4656

Address: 2860 Scherer Dr., St. Petersburg, FL, 33716, United States
 e-Roll CorporationGary Brant Small Business Solar Solar Power Plantse-Roll Corporation is developing a turn-key system for large scale Solar Power Plants, from 250 Mw to 1 Gw. Our PV Array technologies, in combination with advanced battery storage systems, will allow remote and rural communities to become energy independent, while maintaining a zero-carbon footprint. In particular, our Mission is to assist underserved communities, including Indigenous Peoples, who are both paying high utility rates, as well as having no stakeholder interest in the operation of their local energy provider(s).


Phone: 310-279-5127

Address: 9440 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 301, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210, United States
 Helpanswers Charitable Foundation Inc.Mark Johnson Non-Profit Renewable Energy Integration (REI)  Summary: We seek to help grow innovative industrial, commercial, small business, university, clean energy, and energy security organizations to serve, analyze, report, and qualify for DOE and labs. This is done through our team at the Helpanswers Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit NAICS code 541990 that provides professional, scientific, and technical services; and the Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering Master of Engineering Management faculty, staff and graduate engineering students. Northwestern has well-established working collaborations and relationships with DOE National Laboratories and Facilities.

Our unique capabilities in Engineering Technical Assistance lie in helping recipients design, vet, verify, audit, measure, prove, double-check, and model ideal technologies and tools to solve energy and climate challenges.


Phone: 2392876960

Address: 1116 Forest Lakes Boulevard, Naples, FL, 34105, United States
 Astro TechnologiesMorgan Chan Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) BESS-Experience in development and deployment of high density battery pack and testing.
-Battery pack and robotics assembly facilities is currently under construction in greater Los Angeles area.
-Battery pack manufacturing facility is currently focusing on LFP high density battery for robotics and portable battery backup applications.


Phone: 6268232700

Address: 680 east colorado blvd, pasadena, CA, 91101, United States
 Sail D. White Enterprises, Inc.Don White Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) On-demand Onsite EnergyEnable electrical and mechanical interface. Career in Commercial Nuclear Power Generation and several years in electrical distribution (including storm restorations). Interest in exportable power from mobility vehicle systems requiring articulated mechanical features.
Website: associated with:


Phone: 479-970-4451

Address: 1212 S. Muskogee Ave., Russellville, AR, 72801, United States
 University of VirginiaCindy Chang Academic Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial)  Energy efficiency management for manufacturing systems based on adaptive control, machine learning based control, or distributed control


Phone: 14342433456

Address: 122 Engineers Way, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, 22904-4195, United States
 Hazen Research, Inc.Thomas A. Kodenkandath Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial)  We have developed a new manufacturing method for Li- battery cathodes and working on a new manufacturing method for Directly Reduced Iron (DRI) using renewable hydrogen. Both these process currently use electricity, but eventually we want to demonstrate them using solar energy. We are also working on several energy intensive processes for mineral beatification, extractive metallurgy, and environmental technologies. We would like to have options to achieve our clean energy objectives for these projects


Phone: 3032794501

Address: 4601 Indiana Street, Golden, CO, 80403, United States