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EERE Funding Opportunity Announcements

DE-FOA-0001703: Innovative Pathways

NEW DUE DATE:  A modification 000004 to the FOA was issued February 14, 2017, changing the Full Application due date to 3 PM ET February 22, 2017. Please see the full Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Mod 000004 document in the "FOA DOCUMENTS" section below for complete application requirements.

Application file formats update: The Full Application Technical Volume and SF-424 Application now may be submitted in .PDF, .DOCX, or .DOC file formats.

FAQs and presentation slides from the Informational Webinars providing an overview of this FOA are available for download from the "FOA DOCUMENTS" section below. 


To continue its work bolstering U.S. innovation and competitiveness in an evolving energy sector, the Technology-to-Market Program (Tech-to-Market) within the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is releasing this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

Tech-to-Market pilots and evaluates innovative, cross-cutting programs that eliminate common barriers preventing market exploration of clean energy technologies. Tech-to-Market works across two interrelated areas to achieve this mission: (1) Technical Community & Industry Collaboration, and (2) Lowering Barriers to Resource Access.

The Tech-to-Market Innovative Pathways FOA is seeking to surface new testable and scalable ways (mechanisms, approaches, models, and/or platforms) to address both areas above (Topics 1 and 2, respectively). This Funding Opportunity will fund implementation of innovative cross-cutting mechanisms that could alleviate some of the common structural challenges facing promising new energy technologies on the pathway to market. The two highlighted areas of interest for this FOA are (1) New models for Industry-startup partnerships under Topic 1, and (2) New investment models under Topic 2. However, Tech-to-Market will consider for funding any proposals that address the two Topics.

EERE’s intent is to pilot and evaluate new mechanisms, and position those that are successful for adoption by the private sector. These mechanisms are intended to augment existing Tech-to-Market efforts currently supported. This Funding Opportunity is not intended to fund individual technology solutions directly. Rather, it will fund approaches that address common barriers across the larger energy ecosystem and help create more efficient pathways to market for clean energy technologies. Overcoming these common barriers will help bolster U.S. leadership in energy innovation, capturing the associated economic benefits and ensuring affordable and reliable American energy.

Please see the full FOA document in the "FOA DOCUMENTS" section below for complete application requirements. NOTE:  The Full Application due date has been moved back to 3 PM ET February 22, 2017.


  • DE-FOA-0001703 Innovative Pathways Mod 000004 full document (updated 2/14/2017 with new due date of 2/22/2017) (Last Updated: 2/14/2017 04:54 PM ET)
  • FOA FAQs (Last Updated: 2/21/2017 06:10 PM ET)
  • First Pre-Application Webinar (Last Updated: 1/4/2017 04:06 PM ET)
  • FOA Applicant Webinar Transcript January 4 2017 (Last Updated: 1/24/2017 11:11 AM ET)
  • Innovative Pathways FOA Pre-Application Second Webinar (Last Updated: 2/10/2017 03:05 PM ET)
  • FOA Applicant Webinar Transcript February 10 2017 (Last Updated: 2/16/2017 04:44 PM ET)
  • FOA Teaming Partner List (Last Updated: 2/15/2017 04:23 PM ET)

Required Application Documents

Pursuant to the FOA, Applicants are required to submit the "Required Application Documents" with their Application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered.

View Required Application Documents

Full Application

  • Summary Slide Template (Last Updated: 12/8/2016 05:37 PM ET)
  • SF424 Application for Federal Assistance (Last Updated: 2/7/2017 06:42 PM ET)

Contact Information

Submission Deadlines

  • Full Application Submission Deadline: 2/22/2017 3:00 PM ET
  • View Full Application Reviewer Comments Period: 3/15/2017 5:00 AM ET – 3/20/2017 5:00 PM ET