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Question 1: Do we need to provide a budget breakdown with the concept paper (due March 5th) or just give the total amount requested?
Answer 1:

Concept Papers should not provide a budget breakdown. The total funding amount requested should be included in the concept paper, but is not required.

Budget information and breakdown will be required with the Full Application in the form of an SF-424A - Budget Information and a PMC 123.1 - Budget Justification (See pg. 19-20 of the FOA). Furthermore, applicants must have submitted a Concept Paper by the required due date, passed the Concept Paper initial compliance review, and received DOE feedback to be eligible to submit a Full Application. 

Question 2: On page 8-10, the FOA provides examples of previous/current collaborative activities (see below). Are these examples meant to provide the proposing team with potential areas in which to propose implementation through further exploration, integration or enhancement of these current undertakings OR are the examples meant to provide the proposing team with areas of focus that are no longer needed or wanted by DOE in the context of this FOA because they are already being undertaken in Indonesia.
Answer 2:

Those are examples of previous/current collaborative activities.  If an example in question is describing work in Indonesia, proposed work of similar scope must show how it builds upon and does not duplicate this project.  If an example project is not in Indonesia, proposed work of similar scope is acceptable under this FOA.

Question 3: We have done significant work in this space, globally and across South East Asia. Could we propose to do a shorter piece of work for a period of 3 months, instead of the 3 years?
Answer 3:

As stated in the FOA, Section II, Award Information, the expected period of performance is up to 3 years.  Applicants are encouraged to submit a Concept Paper for their project proposal. DOE will provide feedback on the proposal within six business days of the Concept Paper due date.


Question 4: Can a National Laboratory be a lead applicant for this FOA?
Answer 4:

Answer: As stated in Section III. A. and C. of the FOA regarding Eligibility Information, "All types of domestic entities, including DOE/NNSA National Laboratory Contractors, are eligible to apply." 

Question 5: Part 1: Can construction / site modifications required to conduct the project/trial be funded, e.g. Modification of sites to accept new technology energy equipment (not the equipment)? Part 2: Can consumables required to conduct the trial be included in the funding? Background: Part of the trial and learning is to develop / determine sufficient fuel supply costs and logistics for alternate energy products such as our fuel cells. Current , low volume distribution networks are higher priced than is what is needed to create large scale adoption of the technology. Can the funds be used to offset the difference between target large scale fuel cost and current estimated costs? Part 3: If equipment is contributed to the project at discounts to normal sales prices, can discount be counted as cost share?
Answer 5:

Part 1:  As stated in the FOA, Section I.B, DOE will support analysis, facilitation and technical assistance efforts in Indonesia. DOE does not intend to provide funding for equipment for possible demonstration projects under this FOA; such investments should be supported through public private partnerships. Site modifications and constructions are not intended to be funded by the FOA. However, analysis and technical assistance aimed at removing barriers to deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects are encouraged. As an example, a project aimed at providing technical assistance to a potential deployment project is acceptable under this FOA. Construction costs are to be excluded from the proposed project budget.

Part 2: Fuel costs associated with demonstration activities are to be excluded from the proposed project budget. Fuel costs are not appropriate or allowable under this FOA and cannot be reimbursed or counted as Federal or Cost Share.  However a financial plan developed to offset fuel costs is an example of a project that would be encouraged by this FOA. Furthermore, allowable costs are actual costs incurred for the project. The proposed budget is an estimate of costs to be incurred on the project. Projected costs cannot be used to offset an incurred cost. If the actual costs are more or less than what was estimated, then a budget modification may occur once the award is in place. 

Part 3: No. Discount amounts must be excluded from project costs. As stated in answer #1, DOE does not intend to provide funding for equipment for possible demonstration projects under this FOA; such investments should be supported through public private partnerships. Equipment costs are discouraged by this FOA as primary objective of this FOA is to leverage U.S. technical expertise to assist Indonesia in increasing its use of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. In addition, as stated in Section III.B, cost sharing is encouraged, but not required under this FOA. 

Question 6: How can I sign up to receive automatic notifications for any FOA amendments?
Answer 6:


Amendments to this announcement will be posted on the EERE eXCHANGE web site and the system.  However, you will only receive an email when an amendment or an announcement is posted on these sites if you register for email notifications for this FOA in  DOE recommends that you register as soon after the release of the FOA as possible to ensure you receive timely notice of any amendments or other announcements. However, please note that applications will not be accepted through

Question 7: Part 1: In the section on page 17 of the Amended (2/27) FOA where Concept Paper contents and page limits, the Cover Page and the Concept Paper Narrative are listed separate (see below), but the 3-page limit for the Concept Paper Narrative states that this includes the Cover Page. Can you please clarify whether the Concept Paper page limit is 3 pages, including the cover page (i.e. two pages for narrative text and tables plus the Cover Sheet), or if the Concept Paper page limit is 4 pages (i.e. the Cover Page, plus up to 3 pages of narrative)? Part 2: Also on page 17 of the Amended FOA, where the FOA describes the elements that must be addressed within the Concept Paper, it states “Finally, the Concept Paper should address each of the Merit Review Criteria for Concept Papers listed in Section V, A.2.” Section V, A.2., however, lists the Review Criteria for the Full Application. The Review Criteria for the Concept paper appear to be listed in Section V, A.1. Can you please clarify this?
Answer 7:


Part 1:

As stated in the FOA on page 17, “The Concept Paper must not exceed 3 pages, including cover page, charts, graphs, maps, and photographs…” To clarify, the Cover Page is to be included in the 3 page maximum requirement.



Part  2:

Thank you for pointing this out. To clarify, the Concept Paper should address each of the Merit Review Criteria listed in Section V, A.1 - Concept Paper.


Question 8: How can I access the full announcement from the website?
Answer 8:

When viewing the Synopsis for this Funding Opportunity Announcement on, please reference the Section named "Link to Full Announcement." The following link is available under this Section: This link will direct to the home page of the EERE eXCHANGE website to access the full announcement for Funding Opportunity No. DE-FOA-0000620.

Question 9: Is it possible to receive an extension on the submission deadlines listed on the FOA?
Answer 9:

An extension request for an individual applicant cannot be granted under any circumstances. However, the due dates for Concept Papers and Full Applications for ALL applicants were extended with the FOA Amendment 001. For the revised due dates, please see Section IV.B. Concept Papers - Content and Form, Section IV.E.1. Concept Paper Due Date, Section IV. C. Full Application - Content and Form, and Section IV.E.2. Full Application Due Date.


Question 10: I would like to have the chance to talk about the grant, can I get a phone number?
Answer 10:

All questions and answers related to the FOA must be publicly available. All questions must be submitted to the following email address: The response will be posted on the EERE eXCHANGE website: To view the Q&A, select the applicable FOA from the drop down menu.  Please be advised that proprietary or personally identifiable information (PII) will be removed from questions prior to posting on the EERE eXCHANGE website.  Applicants are encouraged to submit a Concept Paper for their proposed project.  DOE will provide feedback on the proposal within six business days of the Concept Paper due date. 

Question 11: What does the FOA mean when it refers to “current targeted markets”?
Answer 11:

The “Current Targeted Markets” refer to the market proposed in your Concept Papers.  The applicant should demonstrate knowledge pertaining to how the proposed plan and approach is appropriate for the market(s) included in the proposal.  As stated in the FOA, Section V – Application Review Information, A. Concept Papers, Criterion 1: Overall Concept, Bullet Number 3, which reads: “Degree to which the applicant demonstrates an understanding of the current market environment and the extent to which the proposed project is responsive to that environment.

Question 12: Can you confirm that you’ll be able to find that our CCR number is registered in, fedconnect and
Answer 12:

We will be able to confirm your registration in the pertinent systems if you are chosen to submit an application.

Question 13: Realizing that we missed the concept paper due date, would you please let me know if any of the schedule items on the FOA change so that we could submit an application for the award?
Answer 13:

 The FOA concept paper due date was March 19, 2012, 5pm ET and will not change.  Without submitting a Concept Paper, you are not eligible to submit an application to FOA0000620.  Please check for Funding Opportunity Announcements related to the programs you are interested in.  You may also sign up for notifications in  You will then be notified if something in your area of interest becomes available at a later date. 

Question 14: On the PMC 123.1 Detailed Budget Justification Instructions and Summary Sheet under the Summary of Budget Category Cost Proposed it says "Note: The values in this summary table are from entries made in each budget category sheet" I was wondering if it was possible to clarify what the budget category sheet was and where I can find it.
Answer 14:

 A budget category sheet is each specific category listed at the bottom of the PMC123.1.  Click on the tabs located at the bottom of the PMC123.1, such as:  a. Personnel, b. Fringe, c. Travel, etc.  As you populate each cost category tab with details , it will automatically populate those cost categories on the Summary of Budget Costs Proposed tab.

Question 15: Would it be possible to have a phone call or meeting to discuss the feedback from the Concept Papers to meet DOE’s requirements?
Answer 15:

All questions and answers must go through this FOA mailbox and be publicly available.  The purpose of the formal FOA mailbox, is so all applicants see each question and answer and no one applicant is given an advantage over another. Please remember that receiving a “Discourage” comment does not prohibit anyone from submitting a full application. 

Question 16: Can a non-domestic entity receive a sub-award under this FOA? Can an entity that was not originally included on an approved concept be added to a project team?
Answer 16:

The answer to both questions is Yes.

Question 17: We are preparing a full response and would like to receive clarity on a few items related to the FOA and our initial concept paper. Would it be possible to discuss over the phone or would emailed questions be preferable?
Answer 17:

All questions and answers related to the FOA must be publicly available. All questions must be submitted to the following email address: The response will be posted on the EERE eXCHANGE website:

Question 18: We received feedback on our concept paper and would like to resubmit a concept paper for review. Can you have the new concept paper reviewed? Or must we go directly to the full application process?
Answer 18: The deadline for receiving Concept Papers was March 19, 2012, so no new Concept Papers will be accepted.  If you would like to submit an application, the deadline for Applications is May 3, 2012, 5pm ET.
Question 19: How do we set up our proposed budget, and how will DOE make payments for this grant and on what kind of time frame. Does the DOE pay in a yearly lump sum or quarterly or monthly, based on proposed budget?
Answer 19:

Please use the SF424A Budget Information form and the PMC 123.1 Budget Justification form located in FOA0000620 in eXCHANGE; Documents Required, to set up your budget.  Payments are made through U.S. Treasury’s Automated Standard Application for Payments system (ASAP).  Your payment method will be determined during negotiations, if you are the selected awardee. One of the following payment methods will be used: advance payment, reimbursement or reimbursement with approval required.  Based on the payment method that is selected for the awardee, payments would be made as costs are incurred or advances are required.

Question 20: Could you please tell me to whom the Contracting Officer’s authorization letter for the subject FOA should be addressed?
Answer 20:

For DOE National Laboratory Contractors and other Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Contractors to participate, please have the cognizant Contracting Officer for the laboratory provide written authorization addressed to the DOE Contracting Officer for the subject FOA.  The DOE Contracting Officer for 'DE-FOA-0000620 - Accelerating the Deployment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies in Indonesia' is Melissa Jacobi.

Question 21: We cannot participate in the Indonesia Renewable Energy listed below due to the initial deadline, but am trying to determine the process in finding future releases as this is not listed on FBO or the DOE sites I monitor?
Answer 21:

Please check for Funding Opportunity Announcements related to the programs you are interested in.  You may also sign up for notifications in  You will then be notified if something in your area of interest becomes available at a later date. 

Question 22: The FOA wording indicates ‘DOE expects the performance period for the award issued under this FOA to be up to 3 years.’ Would DOE be willing to consider shorter performance periods, assuming this is adequately justified and aligns with proposed work?
Answer 22:

Yes, this is acceptable. The period of performance for your proposal may be less than 3 years but is not to exceed  3 years.

Question 23: 1. Is “profit” allowed as a component of the consulting rates? We understand it is not generally allowed in FOA applications. 2. Does USDOE expect to make one award from this FOA, or is more than one award now anticipated?
Answer 23:

1: Profit is not allowed as a component of the consulting rates in FOA applications.

 2: Under this FOA0000620, DOE expects to make one award. 

Question 24: Question 1: Regarding page 48 Appendix D-Budget Justification, Personnel Section-- Please clarify how the pay rate is determined and if there is a maximum rate for day/hour allowable under contract? Question 2: . In the absence of approved indirect rates, can offerors propose their discounted commercial or other rates? Question 3: Are discounts of commercial rates allowable as cost share? Question 4: Of the multiple listed requirements, in the FOA, how does DOE prioritize them? Question 5: What is DOE’s recommendation regarding a full time office in Indonesia? Question 6: What other agencies have been formally informed about this FOA? Are any other agencies formally involved in the review process or contract implementation? Question 7: On page 9 of the FOA, there is a statement that “DOE intends to be substantially involved in directing the work performed…..(and)….”substantially involved in the final selection of activities proposed…." To what level of specificity should the proposal be written, and should multiple potential activities be presented in order for DOE to later prioritize? Question 8: What is DOE’s availability to participate in key events and assist with other relationship management activities?
Answer 24:

Answer 1: .  Costs must be allowable in accordance with the applicable DOE Federal Regulations 10 CFR Part 600. For each kind of recipient, there is a set of Federal principles for determining allowable costs. Allowability of costs shall be determined in accordance with the cost principles applicable to the entity incurring the costs. As referenced in the 10 CFR 600, please refer to the applicable cost principles for your entity type.  The pay rate should conform to established policy of the institution, be comparable to that paid for similar work in that locale, is commensurate with the work to be performed, and is reasonable.
Answer 2:  As referenced in the FOA Appendix D- Budget Justification In the absence of a Federally approved indirect rate, a rate proposal must be included with the application. Please submit an indirect rate proposal indicating the basis for computation of rates, including the types of benefits to be provided, the rates used, and the cost base for each rate. 
Answer 3:  Discounts of commercial rates or discounts of any kind are unallowable as cost share.
Answer 4: DOE does not prioritize the required documents.  All required documents must to be submitted by the specified FOA deadline for consideration of an award.
Answer 5: DOE does not have a recommendation regarding a full time office in Indonesia.
Answer 6: DOE has not formally informed any other agency about this FOA and all information about the FOA is made publicly available through FedConnect or eXCHANGE. The identity of participants conducting the merit review of applications is not public information. DOE is the agency that will negotiate, process and implement the Financial Assistance action for this FOA.
Answer 7: Your proposal should be written as specific as possible and list all potential activities.  DOE  intends to be substantially involved in the final selection of activities proposed by the successful Awardee prior to implementation.
Answer 8: DOE will be involved in varying degrees to facilitate active collaboration and coordination among the Indonesian government and various federal agencies involved in the renewable energy as appropriate within the scope of the successful application. All specifics will be negotiated with the successful Applicant prior to award. 

Question 25: Are there any limitations on foreign entities that can participate in the application process in a role of a prime recipient? In a role of a sub-recipient?
Answer 25:

A foreign entity cannot participate in the application process in the role as the Prime recipient. Applicants under this funding opportunity must be a domestic entity. DOE defines a domestic entity as one that is incorporated or formed under the laws of a State within the United States; DOE generally recognizes it as a domestic entity even if it is partially or wholly owned by a foreign entity.   There are no limits on  how many foreign sub-recipients can participate. Please note, only applicants that submitted a Concept Paper by the due date are eligible to apply. Entities that did not submit a Concept Paper by the due date are not eligible to submit a full application.


Question 26: What is the difference between a subcontractor and a sub recipient? Our contractors will perform more than $100,000 over the entire contract. Do we need to have them do separate financials/budgets or can we simply embed them with our proposal and budget?
Answer 26:

A subcontractor and a sub recipient are the same and may also be referred to as a subawardee in the FOA.  In the FOA, Part C. Full Application – Content and Form, #8. Subaward Budget Files; the FOA states: You must provide a separate budget (i.e., budget for each budget year and a cumulative budget) for each subawardee that is expected to perform work estimated to be more than $100,000 or 50 percent of the total work effort (whichever is less).  Use the SF 424 A Excel for Non Construction Programs or the SF 424 C Excel for Construction Programs.  These forms are found on the DOE Financial Assistance Forms Page at  Save each Subaward budget in a single file titled “Control#_Subawardee_SF424A.xls”.  A budget justification (form PMC 123.1) for the subaward budget is also required. 

Question 27: DOE National Laboratory Contractors are listed as eligible applicants under this FOA. If a DOE FFRDC is the lead applicant in a teaming arrangement, will the industry partner be funded separately through a cooperative agreement with DOE, or through a subcontract with the FFRDC? If the latter, how should the 70% limitation on funds to the FFRDC contractors be documented in the proposal (since the FWP and SF 424 A would indicate 100% funding to the FFRDC)?
Answer 27:

If the DOE FFRDC is the Prime applicant, then the DOE FFRDC would receive funding through their existing M&O contract. The DOE FFRDC would show Contractual costs on their SF 424A and reflect all project costs to be managed by the FFRDC. As a prime applicant/awardee the DOE FFRDC is responsible for managing all funds for their industry partner subrecipients and the associated contracts for them.

Question 28: For the SF 424 Certifications and Assurances document, on the cover page, it says the person for making certifications and assurances must be TYPED in the signature block. What does that mean exactly? The pdf file on the DOE website does not allow one to type in the information so I must fill it in by hand. Is this ok, or must I find a typewriter to actually type in the signature? And do you want the signature actually typed, or do you want a real signature?
Answer 28:

 You required complete application form SF 424 (see link In block 21 of the SF 424 form there is a checkbox that you agree to the certifications and assurances listed on our website and on the Certifications and Assurances document DOE F 1600.5 (see link Therefore, your signature of the SF 424 for and checking the box in Block 21 verifies your agreement to comply with DOE certifications and assurances.  

Question 29: Has a decision been made on this award?
Answer 29:

Successful applicants will be notified of selection by letter for FOA000620 Accelerating the Deployment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies in Indonesia.  Notification of award is estimated to be announced by late July or early August 2012.


Question 30: The original FOA advised that DOE anticipated notifying applicants selected for award by the end of June 2012 and making awards by August 2012.
Answer 30:

DOE will notify applicants of selection of award by the end of July and make awards by the end of September 2012.