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DE-FOA-0000827: Research and Development for Hydrogen Storage

With this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the Department of Energy (DOE) is accepting new applications aimed at research and development (R&D) for the continued development of advanced hydrogen storage systems and novel hydrogen storage materials supported through the Hydrogen Storage program. The goal is to enable the widespread commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and specifically to provide adequate hydrogen storage for onboard vehicle applications that meet the DOE hydrogen storage targets, as well as enabling early market applications such as materials handling equipment and portable power applications. Full commercialization of fuel cell systems using hydrogen will require advances in hydrogen storage technologies. Developing systems to enable lightweight, compact, and inexpensive hydrogen storage will help make hydrogen fuel cell systems competitive in a wide range of portable and stationary applications, and enable longer driving ranges for a wider variety of transportation applications. The FOA includes the following topics:

  • Topic Area 1: Reducing the cost of compressed hydrogen storage systems
  • Topic Area 2: Improved materials for fiber composites and balance of plant components
  • Topic Area 3: New hydrogen storage materials discovery

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  • Full Text: DE-FOA-0000827 (Last Updated: 10/28/2013 05:31 PM ET)

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